Monday, 21 November 2011

Let's make Brain

There always comes a time when you are all alone sitting in your room, having nothing to do. In such situation people usually watch one of the movies kept in their collection or watch some old pictures. Looking at them I was laughing as each reminded me of one of the sweet memories. The most amazing thing was that I saw a pic of three of my friend smiling in a normal pose and I started laughing on a joke three of us had made of the fourth. Our brain is amazing, it keeps the track of such large data, calculating in computing terms it would be more than 1 TB. It’s just an estimation of my mind which is weak at remembering things. Brain has also got a very advanced technology, as depending on the mood of the person it automatically tracks the good or bad events done with that person. Hope mark zuckerberg, hires me for thinking such weird things. Weird thinkers like me are the only ones who try to make something different.

I was confused how the brain would be designed. Hey, I too passed 10thstandard but still my biology is very weak and we were also not supposed to study the structure of brain. Let’s make a software working like brain. I just wish it has the capacity to understand the mood of person and function accordingly. At least function properly if I feed him my mood. I would ask the program to run party songs and funny clips if my mood is good. And if it is given bad mood, then shut the system off before I get irritated with those sweet songs played by it and break it off.

Arrrgghhhh, the problem still remains. Every person behaves differently in different moods. But still the major problem is how am I to know, how am I feeling right now. If that was possible I would automatically do the thing I wished the software to do.

Hmmm, who the hell made this brain? Its functionality is amazing. Let’s try for one more time. Let’s make a software which can store all the important data but remind of it only when it is not needed. We would feel just like the same when we answer a question in exam, or try to fill atm card no. in online shopping. Ya, at least it would give me a feeling that I made something similar to brain. Sad news, Mark said just now that it would not be on sale. I would have surely proved him wrong, by downloading it and sharing it on dc++ and fb and twitter and blogs and personal recommendation. But surely if it was free only then anyone else would download it otherwise it would be another flop idea by me.

I hope in near future I come with some idea to popularize my software which is similar to one of the functioning of brain and then my dream would be fulfilled. Naaa, my dream is not to make the software but to sell my software to companies like google and facebook.
Hey, give me suggestion to make one and I would give you 20% share of it. 


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