Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ignoring Signs

We all have heard the joke where the guy who had the hobby of reading signs, was travelling at night and got eager to read the newly installed board at the top of the pole. He climbed up the pole and read the sign “WET PAINT, DON’T TOUCH IT”.

Reading signs especially warning ones are an important task. Ignoring them could be fatally dangerous (traffic signs) but sometimes turn out to be fun for others. Just thought of sharing an experience of my childhood where ignoring signs can turn out to be hilarious.

When I was small, as kids it was a habit to do things prohibited for us. We would play in the mud, eat tiffins in the cycle park imitating to ride the bicycles of our elders and the most fun was plucking flowers from the garden where they had big boards of “Don’t Pluck Flowers.”
There was a friend of us who wished to always take the front lead in the mischief so was the one to be caught the most. He would be caught for bunking classes for we would all run and hide while he would be busy drinking water near the teacher’s cabin just to show off. He would get the scolding from the seniors for breaking the spokes of their cycles while he was paddling it with the lock in it (thanx they never beat him). He would be caught for plucking the flowers for he would keep them in his pocket even if we plucked them.

The day I want to share about is the Annual intra-Sports meet of my school. We were very excited about the events and each one of us were participating in atleast two of the events. First we had the parade and then we moved for the competitions. The seniors were displaying their talent they had been learning in their Karate classes which gave us time to change from formals to pajamas. It wasn’t supposed to make us more comfortable but we were just following the tradition of our seniors. The room where we were supposed to change was filled with seniors and they made fun of us to go and change in the open space only. They were changing and were not letting us in. The sack race was supposed to start in 15 minutes. We all went to the back of the ground which was mostly empty and a part was covered by three sides with construction which and had drinking taps. We were kids and changed it their only. Now, this fella couldn’t take it so easily and thought of doing something innovative. The back of the construction had a small passage which was meant for the drains which was used to pass out the ground water during the raining season. The path was just big enough to let a medium built guy pass through it. The end of the path had a well and the pathway was swampy and hardly had I ever seen anyone going through it. Now this was the place which was covered on two sides by construction and third side by the boundary of the school. The narrow opening which was there to enter was not visible to anybody except us. We were prohibited to go to that area and even had a warning hanging there. The friend of ours asked us not to follow behind and went to change. In less than a minute we heard his cries for help. We ran to the opening and saw him standing just wearing the underwear. We were stunned and it took as 3-4 seconds to understand that there was a chameleon right on the lower end of his track pant which was lying on the ground. He was too scared to move and couldn’t even pick his pant lying infront of him. We ran and called the worker nearby who drove away the demon and took out our friend from the disaster. I remember that till then we were scared like hell for him. What if the creature kills him? We believed it to be poisonous. After we came for the race and stood in the line we were madly laughing on him and telling everyone nearby about this. I don’t know if we were slow because we were laughing or what happened but none of the 5 of us made in the top three of that race. 

I have also opted this post for a contest conducted by colgate, not to ignore warning signs.


  1. Rahul, it was fun reading your school days event here. Indeed school is the place which all miss in the elders days of life, and ironically we try to miss them when we are in them.

    1. That's true, none values the things when we have them, but indeed school is the best one can ever have.