Sunday, 9 June 2013

Five people to add in a chat group.

Having a conversation with a person lets you understand the thinking and nature of a person much better. If the person is available on an app like Wechat it’s the cherry on top of cake.

If given an opportunity to add five persons of my choice on such a list the first would definitely be William Shakespeare. Being a blogger it always interests me about the perception of Shakespeare about his stories. The state of mind he was going through while writing them. Was he also in love while writing Romeo and Juliet? Merchant of Venice may be his friend’s story. I have a totally different perception of Julius Caesar than my English teacher would tell me. Shakespeare would indeed be my first choice.

I would like to have Adolph Hitler as the second one. I may not like his actions but his ideology and discipline is mesmerizing. He is one of the most successful leaders the world has ever seen. I have a strong believe that such a person knows the circumstances of his actions. Still he did things which were not going to be in his favour. I would also like to learn the discipline and the art of influencing people from him.

The third choice will be, Birbal. His wits and the way of responding to a problem satisfying everybody has always influenced me. It’s always good to have such a person in contact because they always help you understand the world better.

The fourth would be Bill Gates. Working hard to become the richest man in the world and then deciding to give it all to others is not a sane thinking. I would like to understand his struggle and things what made him loose the importance of money. He would indeed be fun to talk to when the technicality he would be talking about would be out of the scope of my understanding.

I have been pretty confused for the fifth one. May be a scientist or an astrologist to learn his techniques. May be a star I have been following on every social networking site. But I feel none of them would be available to me all the time on Wechat. They have a busy life and wouldn't reply to me in between a meeting. They wouldn't wish me good morning or goodnight. I may have to wait for hours for their replies and that’s not what chats are for.
Now, I know that need to upgrade my list. The five of them would be my best buddies so we could hangout, make fun of others and do all kinds of mischief anytime and anywhere we want.

This post is also intended to be a part on contest on indiblogger hosted by Wechat.
Wechat is a really interesting app with amazing features.

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  1. Upgrade your post and add the fifth one otherwise you may be out of consideration for prize.
    Very aptly described the your other four choices. Kudos !!!!!!!