Friday, 16 May 2014

Why I became a writer?

Because writing is my passion? Naah, absolutely not. It is not fun at all. One generally gives his best composition when he is in pain. How could it be a passion? It’s not exciting and you need to be all alone everytime. Passion is singing, dancing, painting, playing. Writing is an art but actually it is a way for solace.  It is a passage to run out of your miseries. However it does sometime becomes the bridge to your happiness too.

I write because I want to be famous? Fame is something which no good writer had in mind. If you really want it that bad then go for a musician, dancer or actor. It’s a field in which you get to show your face rather than the name. One might know your name but the way you look will be hardly known to anyone and since when did the name matters?

I write because I want to earn money. Hmmm, that’s a very important factor for most of the writers but it is not my case.

I became a writer because I am a liar. I had hidden my true feelings and emotions in words. It is not just the words or the phrases but me hidden behind it. It’s not as easy to understand it but if you look closely you would find me in each and every para. Every one of them has got me painted plainly. But I know you would never get it. You would never get it because you didn’t understand this one. The emotions I am saying right now is not the real me but it’s something I have been hiding from everyone including me. I know you would not get it but it’s high time that I tried. So let me start with giving you a hint. If you have read my poem that’s the thing I need most.


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