Saturday, 13 December 2014

Taboo - Pre-marital sex

Pre-marital Sex is a big taboo in the Indian society. It’s a crime considered by the society but so was falling in love some time back. But the thing worse than that is, it is considered an achievement in the youngsters to lose virginity earlier. They are immature, excited and thrilled and do anything they feel might be right or daring, without giving a second thought about the consequences.

If we really analyze sex, it’s just a moment of joy for two people. The fun two can get on playing a game of tennis. You are tired and you enjoyed the time. It just needs to be safe and with enough precautions. It don’t brings any changes in the body. It doesn’t matter after a day and no harm done to anything or anybody.  However, the society considers it as a sin. So, pre-marriage sex happens in every part of the country but hiding its existence.

Why is this taboo created in the first place? The women are said to be pure and stay like it. But once she gets married her purity loses and you can treat her like she has no value. This was always there to give control to the male dominated society. The roots have been dug so deep that all the efforts to cut the trunk has been on waste and it regenerates every time. Some might have burnt the base but they are still scared of the society.

Sex is something of choice. If it is wrong then so is holding the hand of the opposite gender. Taking proper precautions I don’t find a difference between the two. Both of the palms are purely naked and in contact with each other. Same is the case while having safe sex. But 99% will not agree with it though they know it’s the truth. They will not because they have shut their brain and accepted that sex is not something to be talked and discussed.

I wish people start thinking than believing the traditions.

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