Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pimples - The chaos

A pimple. A small hard inflamed spot on the skin destroys the whole beauty you had been trying to magnify. People don’t understand the magnitude of trouble and irritation one has to go through while dealing with pimples. Its color differentiates itself from your skin making it visible easily and tough to hide.

One of the very basic problem one has to deal with during pimples is during applying make-up. Girls can’t put foundation, different types of creams or rose because it might just make the pimple bigger. Now applying make-up which is already a tough job has grown just ten times harder. Applying lesser amount and still getting satisfaction is not where a girl can place herself. She then applies some chemicals to put down the pimples temporarily. It brings them down for few hours but pains very hard later. It also brings adverse effect like growing more pimples. But who cares if you are going for a party and you need to get attractions. The worst paradox is that people who don’t think themselves beautiful curse the pimple for bringing more ugliness to their face. They even find a pimple on a very beautiful person adding to her beauty. While a beautiful girl curses the pimple for ruining her face. She wishes if she hadn’t been so fair and beautiful may be it was not visible.

Another problem occurs when you are a teenager and pimples just become a matter of fun. Everyone knows that pimples comes during puberty. Now, if you have pimples you become the center of non-veg jokes. Everyone asks you, what you have been doing these days. It doesn’t matter if the pimples came for first time on your face or it keeps happening. Every time you got one and friends will start pulling your legs. The jokes are sometimes entertaining and sometimes humiliating, depends on how many people the joke was shared with.

The biggest problem is the irritation it causes. It’s hard to get rid of it and takes its own time to leave. Even then it leaves its presence. The only way precaution that can be taken is to keep yourself clean. When I faced the same problem I tried a lot of things. One of the effective and easy solution was “Neem Facewash”. It keeps the face refreshed and clean.

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