Sunday, 22 March 2015


Happiness is a term which is misunderstood by most of us. We search happiness on big bank balances or getting lots of assets. We forget that they give us satisfaction but smile is the reason of small things.

We smile when we randomly meet an old friend in a mall. We haven’t met them for years and had no idea that were in same city for months. Our eyes meet while both are ordering something at the food court. We sit together and discuss the old memories. The group of friends we had and how is everyone doing. We don’t realize how swiftly an hour passes by. When we leave we are still nostalgic and smile just takes control of our lips. The memories keep on modifying the intensity of smile. That’s when we are happy and we mean it.

We are happy when someone praises us. I am a poet and when someone says that my composition is good. I am proud and that can be seen on my face. I stay happy for the rest of day and everything seems fun later. It is just a few words of praises which takes me from the moments of emotionless to a jolly person. It’s strange that a person who has no significance in my life, improvises my rest of the day with no big effort.

I love biking. I have got an avenger and often go on long rides. Sometimes I am accompanied by friends and sometimes it is solo. I love to get lost in nature and enjoying the cool breeze when bike crosses the speed of 60km/hr. The six lane highways outside the city with small rocky hills gives the feeling of a romantic ride of a typical Bollywood film. I wish to remove my helmet, close my eyes, spread my arm in titanic pose and take a deep breath of the fresh air. I haven’t done it yet due to safety purposes but I will surely do it sometime. Every ride I go on, I feel ease and comfort. It make me happy to go to new places and engulf the beauty of nature.

Happiness is loving someone without letting her know about it. She never breaks your heart because you still haven’t gave her that right. You follow her, stalk her and make a list of things she likes. You are happy when your eyes meet for more than 2 seconds. You know she noticed you and that’s good enough for you.

Happiness is eating snacks at a food joint truck and the taste just flows over your tongue. Happiness is when your friend does a stupid mistake and instead of helping me you fall down on floor laughing. Happiness is when you do something your heart wants you to do.

Happiness is when you share a bottle of Coca-Cola with your friends. 


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