Monday, 9 March 2015

Look up

I am an aspiring writer. Have got a small collection of short stories, poems and good ideas. If none in your family has been a part of a profession not being very common then it’s tough for you to convince them. Sadly, asking a favor, even from my close friends is not easy for me. I knew some people in my college who had contacts but I didn't wish to be in debt of their kindness. Worked hard and applied and sent work to various places. Theater scripts, poetry jobs, short story groups and everywhere I could. Most of them never read and replied.

I always kept asking myself, was I good? Of course I was, my very few consistent reader often connect with my stories. Then why is my talent getting wasted or may be no one thinks it of some worth. They all asked to show some published or recognizable work but none of them would give me the start. It’s sad when you have a dream and work hard to fulfill it but it always keeps running at a faster pace. Luckily, I was in an engineering college with computer science branch which meant that even if I fail to achieve my dream I can earn enough to survive.

This dream didn't just arrive all of sudden. I never thought of doing anything else than a safe job for I had never seen one doing it in my family. My friends would read my compositions and would ask me to be a full time writer. That was the first time I got a boost for it. I participated in some of the small competitions and even won them. This was one of the happiest moment of my life. But you don’t earn enough, actually if you are an aspiring writer then you just don’t earn. Money was needed to be able to survive.

After getting rejections from everywhere I had tried my luck, I was dejected and disappointed. I kept on writing something new and different always. But, the time had come to break my spirit. I was almost ready to give my dream when I was called by one of my college senior. He called and told that he read my recent blog post and is very impressed. He asked me if I would like to work on a project him and some his friends are working on. He was an aspiring director and had been working with various deli theater groups. They were making a movie and needed a screenplay writer. They had an interesting idea and needed it to be presented in a more interesting manner just the way they thought. I didn't say a word, just presented my hand to accept me come overboard.

I have been looking up my life as a writer since then. Similarly like - Look Up gives hope to people to own one of theirs. 


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