Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Start a new Life

Almost 99% who are reading it would have just taken out time to remove the stress from hiding behind the laptop screen or resting after the household work. The life follows a routine and you open and close your eyes on the basis of clock. For a person, who love meeting new people, exploring new places, learning something new on every opportunity, this seems to be the very hell.

Friends who live even 5km far from you, can’t meet you because they have to do laundry or some office work on weekends. Every weekday it’s impossible to plan anything except a dinner because someone can’t make before it. The worst part is that everyone complains but have surrendered to this life. We just woo remembering the college/school days.

It had been just 6 months for me to enter the professional life style and it had scared me horrifically. I tried hard to get out of the trap but it was a closed net. You can’t just get out of it. I pushed, fumbled, got up, fought and then gave up. Gave up the idea of going out because my expenses depended on it. It was serving me with basic necessities and I just needed one more element, fun. I gave up because I got the idea that the net is not bad until you can modify it to your requirements. It is expandable and very comfortable, you just need to change your perspective.

I started saving and my roommate often complained about me being miserly. In three months, I had saved enough to add to my previous savings and buy a bike. Now, the confusion still prevailed, go on looks, mileage or comfort. Looks is needed for sure, I need to keep the style. Now mileage dominated a lot because of the long term price factor. I thought long and came to a simple conclusion. I would not buy a bike again so buy a bike which I would love to drive.

I bought a red Avenger. Its name is Raj. Every weekend we go on a ride. Sometime out of the city to a tourist spot or sometimes just on the outskirt highway enjoying the cool breeze. We are often joined by friends but doesn’t matter if we are alone.

How has it helped bring a change in my life? At least Monday and Tuesdays I am happy working at the office. I get to roam around and visit places which is everyone’s wish. It didn’t even bring much cost difference in my living style. The tour cost almost the same as I would spend on going to a restaurant on those days.
Raj and I are the best buddies now and life is beautiful.

A good change is what we all need. Make the change and START A NEW LIFE .


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