Saturday, 13 June 2015

Energize your life

My Cousin was studying in one of the reputed colleges of Hyderabad. I was then working at Bangalore which is an overnight journey from Hyderabad. He usually used to come once a month to Bangalore to roam around and have fun for I being the elder earning brother would take care of the expenses.
One night he called and asked if I would like to see Allu Arjun in person. I don’t know any of the four South Indian dialect but I do love their movies. I watch a lot of them with English subtitles. Allu Arjun was my favourite South Indian star and he knew it very well. They were having their annual cultural festival and Allu Arjun was coming. He being one of the heads of the organizing committee could get me an entry in the fest and also try his best to let me shake hands with Allu Arjun. I booked the tickets to Hyderabad for a night before the fest within 5 minutes after the call.
I also asked him about the other celebrities coming and e told Anushka Manchanda. I knew her to be the singer in few Hindi movie songs but didn’t knew that she had sung in so many South Indian movies as well. For the next few days, all songs in my playlist were of her. Her voice has got a strength and she modulates it quite well.

His college was bigger in area than mine. Everyone in the college was very excited for the arrival of these two. By evening, everyone was all dressed and ready for the party. Allu Arjun and Anushka had both come and were in the restricted area. He sked me to wait till one of them goes on stage and so the crowds lessens. Everyone was swarming around the restricted zone to get an autograph or a selfie if possible. The craze of both of them were much more than what I had expected.

Half an hour later I could hear her powerful voice raging with the crowds cheering. I wished to go and listen her but then this was the only chance to meet Allu Arjun too. My brother came soon and signaled me to follow him. I went inside the room and shook hands and got a selfie with Allu Arjun. I was not allowed there for long but I was even happy to now to go and enjoy the show of Anushka.

They both together made one of the best day of my life.

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