Friday, 12 June 2015

Fresh Moves

Weekends are a time to get away from your boring professional life. Generally the crowd goes to a mall with their friends and watch movies, do bowling or take a treat from someone. It has become so common that even this has turned boring. You know each and every shop and its location in a mall because you have already passed by each of them hundreds of time. You have tasted each and every dish at every restaurants. No new good movies have released this week.

You then move towards the open air theatre on the back side of the mall. Every evening some or the other show is going on there. The stage is there but no one performing today. May be it is because the shows generally start late in evening and its just 5. We sat there because a cool breeze was blowing and there was silence. It’s amazing that you often enjoy the silence when you have nothing else to do.

But soon even that got boring. We were frustrated and started scolding one of our friends who cancelled the weekend getaway plan and now the weekend is ruined.

Music started playing and the lights have been turned on. All of us turn towards the amphitheater. No boards are hung around so we have no clue who is going to perform.

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“Na Jaane Kahan se aaya hai” the strong voice just thrilled us and we were waiting for the singer to step on stage. Soon, Anushka Manchanda stepped on the stage and was greeted by the cheering crowd. She has got a powerful voice and amazing stage presence. The crowd had gone wild and seemed like everyone was waiting like us for someone to thrill us with such a power packed performance. The next song was “Dance basanti” and everyone was literally dancing and enjoying. It is strange to see the crowd actually enjoying than recording the artist with their mobiles. It was just the charisma of her. She sang two more songs and then came to another peppy number “Golmaal”.

A guy from the audience wearing a hoodie jumped on the stage in between the song. Yes, now everyone wanted to know about the identity of this mysterious man. To jump over a 2 feet stage and land perfectly is not a common man’s job. He started dancing and his moves were impeccable. When the song finished he removed his hood and there he was “Allu Arjun”. The girls went mad and a dance lover like me too. Everyone who would have watched his movies would surely be a great fan of his moves. He would be one of the best dancers of India.

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They both just rocked the day. They are indeed one of the most talented stars of the industry.

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