Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Honey Diet

A healthy toned body is the wish of every human. Some work hard in Gyms and outdoor activities and some leave it to be taken care of later. It’s on special occasions like date, marriage or whenever you are the center of attraction that you wish to have been in shape. Just months before these occasions we try hard to get as much in shape as we can. Some try physical and everyone on balanced healthy diets.

The problem arises when people have just one aim of going slim and go on crash diets. Crash diet is to restrict the calorie intake of your body to a certain amount which is much lesser than your regular intake. It works in most cases but the body struggles hard to sudden decrease in calories and it leaves negative impact. It might take a little long but being on a healthy balanced diet will always give better results. People on crash diet generally gain more weight once they are off the charts.

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Losing weight isn’t easy or else there wouldn’t have been so many people struggling for it.  Physical exercise and weight training do help but your diet plays the most important role. You need to intake sufficient energy to the hard work you are doing and meanwhile analyze that you don’t take excess of it. It should also be in balanced proportions of fat, fiber, protein, etc. Increasing the green in your diet always helps. Having raw fruits or even juices provide energy and decrease the fat intake.

The biggest problem for us is to control our taste buds. A piece of cake and we would crave to have it. Anything sweet is generally liked by most but it is the prime reason for the obesity. It’s hard to get control of heart at that moment and it ruins all the plans. One of the easy ways out is to find healthy substitute of them.

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Honey is a very close substitute of sugar. It is rich in fructose and is used by athletes in their diet. Honey is said to curb the desire of sugar cravings which itself solves half of the problems. One can cut out sugar from their diet by replacing it with honey. A big spoon full of honey with hot water before bed and it helps to burn fat while you sleep. You fulfill your desire of eating sweet food and supplement the body with fat fighting ingredients. On a simple honey diet one could lose up to 3lbs per week. The best thing is honey is delicious and doesn’t require anything to enhance its taste.

The only problem today is to get good quality of honey. Honey is one of the most adulterated food and it then loses its nutritional values. You can only trust few brands and Dabur is one of them. Dabur is one of the most reputed brand in India and I trust it. They have even started a Honey Diet campaign. Visit to know more -


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