Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Surf it All, Surf it fast

Cricket is not just a sports in India, it’s an addiction. We may not even play cricket for months but would never leave our Television sets when India is playing. We want India to win every match and a loss just decreases our energy by a significant amount. We remember the stats of the player better than our subjects. The tough dads even don’t scold for sitting in front of Television for hours because they are doing the same thing. It’s the time when mothers are praying for blessing for someone else than their children. India is a place to visit during World Cup just to see the enthusiasm we have for this sport.

It’s fun to watch a game live sitting in the stadium. The cheering of the crowd just thrills you and you wait patiently for the batsman to hit the ball for once to where you are seated. We even do crazy things to catch the attention of the cameraman and get on Television. It’s a totally different experience to sit along with other cricket enthusiast and just cheer your team on top of your voice.

But, the ticket costs in stadium are high because we just love cricket and don’t wish to miss it. Even, not everyone can travel to the other corners of the country to watch matches. So we enjoy the live telecast at our homes. The only loss is there to office going professionals. They can’t take leave every time there is a match and don’t have big Televisions installed to watch it. But we still wish to watch it and do some web surfing and find a link for live buffering in our laptops. We watch matches while we are at offices. This only helps if you have a personal cubicle or else you have to answer your boss. But, this doesn’t stop us. We found a way out and the laptop screen displays the coding page we are supposed to be working on. The match is running on our smartphones. No one peeps to that small screen and you can enjoy the match.

The only problem is the speed of internet on our mobiles. First, it is tough to find a link which will give live buffer and if found then the buffer speed is slow. We always search out for something which can help us out in this. Recently, a new mobile browser, UC browser was launched. It is a fast browser which has got dedicated fast buffering for cricket lovers. It is free and easily available at the app store. The browser loads pages faster and is easy to use. It is just a gift for cricket lovers. Their tagline aptly defines them, Surf it All! Surf it fast.

Visit or UC Cricket for more. 


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