Sunday, 6 December 2015

Besan Ke Barfi

This is a sweet dish which can be easily prepared at home without much hassle. Besan ka laddu is almost similar to it and widely famous at sweet shops. We all crave for our mom's hand made dishes. There will never be any substitute for it but something similar can be made easily with this recipe.

Before starting lets look at the kitchen if we have these. We will make enough for two people.

Food materials-
Besan -200gms
Ghee - 2 big spoons
Milk - 100ml
Crushed Cardamom
Sugar - 8 blocks of sugarfree natura. (Let those who can't have sugar also have some taste)
Pistachio or cashew toppings (optional).

Utensils -
Gas stove with gas
Cooking pot (Karahi)

If you have it all, great. Otherwise, lets go the market or just order online.

We are ready now so lets begin.

Boil milk in the pot with the blocks of sugerfree so that it gets completely soluble.
Add besan and ghee in it and put the stove in low flame. Make sure the ghee was in melted state. Mash the besan to prevent it from forming lumps. Add cardamom to it.

Keep stirring it on regular basis. You will find the colour changing to light golden.

Around 10-15 minutes later you will start getting the beautiful aroma. Fry it till the colour changes to light reddish brown.

It would be great if you have a rectangular bowl to settle it down. It will be easier to give shape to it. If not, don't worry. Just let it settle on the plate for an hour. You can now decorate it with Cashew/pistachio. Cover it up well to keep the flies away.

Cut it in square shapes and it is ready to be served.

Now click pictures and make your Mother proud just like me.

I have tried and made it with Sugarfree Natura and couldn't find any difference in the taste. My aunt who has got diabetes can now have it. I have recommended it to her. You can do the same to your loved ones. Visit for more info. 


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