Sunday, 13 December 2015

Namma Bengaluru

Bengaluru also known as the silicon valley of India has seen tremendous growth in the IT sector in its premises. Few years back it had underdeveloped land in and around the city which made it friendly for bigger tech-giants. it also has got very favorable climate with neither too hot nor too cold weather. If compared from sea-level then it should be actually considered a hill station. Bengaluru has got the best mix of all the different races of India working together at various tech-parks. It has got a well-educated class of society and improves the standard of living. Although, it is also the costliest city in the country with the state taxes being very high.  

Well Connected -

The city is the center point of the southern India. Andhra,Tamil Nadu, Kerela are each around 200km from here. The major industrial hubs like Chennai, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthpuram, Mumbai, Pune, etc are all one night journey from here. It has got great road connection with national highways laid between all these cities. It has also got regular flights for all the locations. A large number of tourist places are within 500 km from the vicinity of the city. The city has got good bus services with frequent air-conditioned buses running on all major routes.  

What drives the city - 

The life in the city is fast. Everyone has to reach the office on time and everyone is in a hurry. However, traffic slows us down a bit and often provides us time to spend on one-self. People often go on long drives on weekends as the place has a long list of places for the tourists in the nearby areas. Car owners who love long drive find it one of the best places to be. Western ghats, coastal areas, hill stations, etc. are all nearby. The city is also famous for a large number of pubs, gardens and lakes. It is equally enjoyed by the youth and the elder generation. Wonder-la, snow-city and film city are some of the attractive places for spending the day with family and friends. There are three railway stations and metro is working on one part of Bengaluru. Metro work is in progress and in coming years, whole of Bengaluru will be connected by it. 

Design of the city - 

The city kept on expanding as the industrial development happened in the city. It has got various huge tech centers at each corner of the city, connected by well-maintained 6-lane outer ring road. The main shopping locations like M.G.Road and Indiranagar are located at the center of the city. The residential areas, tech-parks and malls are all build in different blocks which keep the authenticity of each. 

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