Monday, 16 January 2012


People fight over pretty issues. They often come out of it without fights but some with even harmful weapons. So here I got the best weapon for you, the one which can be used to win both friends and foes. And it’s quite easy to use it for all you got to do is…

For my dreams I got to live,
I don’t know how to grieve,
This has been since some while,
Not so tough, its quite agile,
All you got to do is, HAVE A SMILE…

I got a thing for people with attitude,
It’s a blessing for those in solitude,
Listen to me, don’t be so hostile,
Its so cool, filled with style,
All you do is, HAVE A SMILE…

For my friends and their foes,
I am gonna steal their shows,
Whether you approve or give a denial,
All you wish is my lifestyle,
Because I do, HAVE A SMILE…

May you be straight, may be senile,
Its your chance to get out of the exile,
Don’t misuse it, it is tensile,
Oh! You want to add to your profile,
All you need to do is,