Friday, 13 December 2013

A girl

Merry, cheerful and the naughty me,
I love playing in the sun,
As the night approaches by,
I am left along with none.

A girl is what my identity says,
Its just appearance I would add,
The heart beats the similar way,
It’s not the brain they can brag.

I like having tea at roadside,
Accompanying me is a friend,
Can’t roam around alone at night,
They say I cannot defend.

Indecency is not my clothes you see,
I just want some peace of mind,
I don’t accuse you of crime but,
How long will you remain blind?

If I tell how it’s like to be a girl,
There is a lot to say but,
The sorrow may weaken your heart,
I prefer to keep my mouth shut.

I didn’t shout till now because,
I was just the next door girl,
The things are going to change now,
My world has been on a swirl.

A walk along the home one evening,
Some groceries and a lot of leers,
I hurried to the path ahead,
To save something that was dear.

The four of them got hold of me,
Wolves were having the foal,
They looted as long they wished,
They only spared my soul.

I cried but in vain it went,
The news spread like a dictum,
The society is behaving as such,
I am the culprit not the victim.

They prayed for me, cried for me,
It was just starting of the doom,
Everyone said to kill the child,
I had in my womb.

Can’t protect our pride or honour,
It’s for all of them not some,
Don’t worry girls my son will be,
The man we desire them to become.