Friday, 3 February 2012

Who is She

To become a romantic poet u need an inspiration. Luckily I got many. Dedicated to one of them.

Who is she, I am looking at,
She is the one, I thought that,
Pretty is very small for her,
She makes my mind to stir.

The way she blinks her eyes,
Her calmness can hold the skies,
It’s a vacation on an isle,
When her lips spread a smile.

She scolds me, fights with me,
I love her more, when she do,
We don’t behave like dogs and cats,
We are worse than them too.

Amazing is when she holds my hand,
It makes me lose my senses,
Don’t wanna hide her from world,
Wish around us were fences.

Her hobby is she talks a lot,
What I do, lend my ears,
I cannot sleep, whole night,
If I see, her in tears.

She’s not human, she’s a spirit,
Trust me, I saw her glowing,
Someone please tell her that,
Its for her I am living.