Friday, 28 December 2012

The Straight Hair Experiment

Since few months I have been trying to grow my hair long and keep a pony. The only problem that occurs is that after a certain length it curls n twirls n what not. Its quite tough to keep them straight. Wearing a band and moving around the college was not comfortable with me. It was the easiest solution and I didn't wanna burn my hair n get them straight so has been thinking of various ideas and even implemented some to straighten the hair.

1 -- A guy like me who spends 3-4 hours daily watching movie with his headphone can use the headphone as the band. Just hold your long hairs back, tighten the headphone to a level it just fits on your head. And then treat it like the band and help your hairs for the next 4 hours. It helped me a lot. :P
2 -- Tie nuts to your hair and hang them in small groups. Nuts are a little heavy so may be painful but its nothing compared to the happiness of straight hairs.
3 -- Put the hairs in various straws and keep them like that for 3-4 days till it becomes necessary for u to take bath. Using colourful straws can make u look like a style icon.
4 -- Keep yourself closer to kids. They have a habit of pulling hairs. It would surely help a lot but will be painful. Remember, “No gain without pain.”
5 -- Give auditions for centerfresh shock and they will surely make your hair straight.

That’s all I thought of, hope you also give some interesting suggestions in the comments below.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Girls r Inferior

People have shortened their clothes, reduced manners, diminished feelings, pity and life but still have not left that traditional Indian sentiment which needs to be eradicated. Girls are as much worthy and strong of doing anything a guy can. We have Kalpana chawla, Saorijini Naidu, Lata mangeshkar, Indira Gandhi, Rani Laxmi Bai, kiran Bedi, arundhati roy, and many more who have shown the glories they can bring. However, they contribute to just 0.1% of Indian society, so what about the rest 99.9%. Are girls really inferior to guys???

Let’s look over some facts and then it’s over you to decide.

A girl never proposes a guy. How much she may be in love with him she always waits for the guy to turn up (Few exceptions are everywhere). Girls you need to overcome this if you really wish to gain power in this society. If you can’t express love how can we expect you to express something else? Love is the basic need of life, even more than money. Yes it is. You let guys dominate here and we will dominate you everywhere. So if you want to shut the mouth of the few dumbos who can’t accept defeat from you just go and confess your love to your dream boy. Let everyone know that you can even choose among guys instead of just rejecting them.

Restaurants are a lovely place to go when bill is paid by someone else. Generally we see a lovely family or cute youngster couples there with occasionally given company by a bunch of goons during one of their birthdays. I never understood how one can become a gentleman by paying bill for a girl you met few hours ago but sharing the bill with a childhood guy friend. I would only do things free for others if I have to show them that they are nothing in front of me. Every time a girl lets a guy pay the bill for her without any occasion she allows him to believe that he is superior to her.

To gain fame, money and success all we need to have is a little bit of talent and lots of hardwork. Every single time a girl uses her beauty instead of her talent and hardwork to climb the stairs of success she losses. She reminds us that she needs us to do the favour. She loudly says that yes I need someone above me to help me when I am at fault or stuck somewhere.

The insecurity girls feel in the crowd made of guys. A guy may feel shy with a bunch of girls but not insecure. The fact remains that if a girl is in a crowd of guys, she may pick a random guy and starts scolding him and then let the mass beat that guy black and blue without inquiring if he was at any fault. Still it’s the girl who would feel insecure proving that they are inferior.

Enough of this, I would though acknowledge that atleast there is one thing girls do to prove that they are not only superior to guys but guys are not going to match them in this field in nearby future. They cry. Crying is not a cowardly thing to do. Rather it is a tough job because you let everyone know that you were hurt. (Girls don’t take advantage of this; guys have been used many times with tears including me). Guys think they are too strong so they can’t show people that something terrible which has accelerated their heart beat and is eating them inside can hurt them. Girls very easily show people that yes, I was hurt and I am proud of it because it shows that I have a heart. I respect them for this because otherwise I believe that GIRLS, YOU ARE INFERIOR.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Beaten Drums

Music is the key to life. You could get lost to your dreamworld with just tuning up your fav song.
It helps us to get back to the normal life after a hectic day. It soothes the soul.
Tried to mix the music with my compositions, but it would remain incomplete without a proper tune.
I tried to give that too, hope u all get that.
My first song which i wish to be sung, So if anybody's interested just drop me a msg.

I am the thump of beaten drums,
Music of trumpet blown away,
In the boulevard of emptiness,
All i want is you to stay.

I am the strings of your guitar,
Don't struggle with it will break,
Take my freedom and my pride,
Don't keep my love at stake.

My heart is not your flute, that you dug so many holes,
I think u are a football fan, you are trying to make it a goal.
I know i am a classic and you a metal fan,
It seems you live in a country, where love is totally banned.

Once you said, you love piano,
My love for you is even bigger,
I heard you once playing it,
Your heart beat was sweeter.

Pressing hard on me like a keyboard,
Shouting sharp like a piccolo,
Been singing the song of our love,
Don't want it to be anymore solo.

Playing the beats very lovely, why just xylophone,
My heart beats on your beats, don't treat it like a stone,
You are the full stop of my life, me,  just a comma,
I have been in your life like, air in the harmonica.

I am the classics of a violin,
Love me like your cello,
In the book of your life,
I am the pages turned yellow.

I am the thump of beaten drums,
Music of trumphet blown away,
In the boulevard of emptiness,
All I want is you to stay.

Friday, 28 September 2012

White Doves

A sweet short love story

2 minutes ago, I was saying sorry,
I always loved you, don’t worry,
You knew, it was not my fault,
Let’s add some sugar to the salt.

1 hour ago, we were fighting,
On the unicorns, devils were riding,
I feel bad that you had to wait,
She is my best friend not my date.

3 hours ago, you had called me,
You were bored wished for coffee,
Didn’t I tell you, I was busy?
Easy to understand, not so fussy,

5 hours ago, a call by my friend,
She had a heart, waiting to be mend,
Another break-up, she had to go through,
The only, thing, I don’t want from you.

10 hours ago, you texted good night,
I didn’t reply, so had a small fight,
Never said sorry, maybe it was ego,
I saw it late, not trying to ignore,

24 hours ago, we went on a ride,
Completely lost, with you on my side,
The beautiful hours we spent together,
Want them to repeat, everyday forever.

Let’s forget a day which went bad,
Precious moments, before that we had,
Do you know, what’s said about our love?
There are, those rare white doves…

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Your And Mine

Why did U came in my life?
Why did U show this utter care?
I am not strong to feel the,
Thrill of you being not there.

Love is said to reside in heart,
Its someone's most beautiful part,
Hurt the heart and death will see,
Still you gave your heart to me.

You made me fall in love with roses,
It was no more an ordinary flower,
The day u gave it to me,
I felt its enchanting power.

I used to bear the tough looks,
Thought it proved me strong,
U gave me this gift of smile,
Still trying to prove you wrong.

You told me the meaning of love,
It’s cute, lovely n divine,
Let me tell, just one thing,
It’s something your and mine...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


With the motto of working together and the dream to conquer the world, the drama group, VAYAM has its glorious tales of triumphs. A group leaving tears of laughter with its memories. A sweet composition for those memories.

Gaaye bhi aur naach bhi aaye,
Khushiyon ke hum pal cheen laye,
Pyar bhadi ladaiyan bhi nahi hui kam,
Saath milkar hi hum bante hai vayam...

Jeet ke bhi aaye, seekh ke bhi aaye,

Mushkilon se hum, bheeng ke bhi aaye,
Mehnat ko mana, hai apna humdum,
Saath milkar hi hum bante hai vayam...

Duniya ko apne dum se jhukaya,
Khud ka apna rutba hai banaya,
Tufanoon ko cheerkar nikle hai kadam,
Saath milkar hi hum bante hai vayam...

Muskan bhi aayi, aansu bhi aaye,
Kandho se kandhe milate chale aaye,
Yaadon se unki aankhen hoti hai num,
Saath milkar hi hum bante hai vayam...

Saath milkar hi hum bante hai vayam...

Friday, 18 May 2012

Aankhon mein jaadu

Teri aankhon mein jaadu, nasheela husn tera,
Deewana bana de, haule se muskurana tera,
Jannat ki khwaish khuda ko us din aayi hogi,
Dekh liya hoga jis din, usne chehra tera...

तेरी   आंखों  में  जादु , नशीला  हुश्न  तेरा ,
दीवाना  बना  दे , हौले  से  मुस्कुराना  तेरा ,
जन्नत  की  ख्वाइश  खुदा  को  उस  दिन  आई  होगी ,
देख  लिया  होगा  जिस  दिन , उसने  चेहरा  तेरा ।

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mohabbat ki jyoti

Mohabbat ki jyoti ko, jalaya hai maine,
Riwazon k bandhan ko, toda hai maine,
Patharon se maara, zamane ne mujhko,
Unse teri murat, banaya hai maine ....

मोहब्बत  की  ज्योति  को , जलाया  है  मैंने ,
रिवाजों  के  बंधन  को , तोड़ा  है  मैंने ,
पत्थरों  से  मारा , ज़माने  ने  मुझको ,
उनसे  तेरी  मूरत , बनाया  है  मैंने ।

Friday, 13 April 2012

Mohabbat likhta hun

Jo aa na paye kabhi labon pe, main woh baat likhta hun,
meri mohabbat pe tu hans di, ab zazbat likhta hun,
bada hi zalim hai ye ishq, nafrat paida kar deta,
tujhse nafrat ko bhi main, mohabbat hi likhta hun....

जो  आ  ना  पाए  कभी  लबों  पे , मैं  वह  बात  लिखता  हूँ ,
मेरी  मोहब्बत  पे  तू  हँस  दी , अब  ज़ज्बात  लिखता  हूँ ,
बड़ा  ही  ज़ालिम  है  ये  इश्क , नफरत  पैदा  कर  देता ,
तुझसे  नफरत  को  भी  मैं , मोहब्बत  ही  लिखता  हूँ ।

Friday, 3 February 2012

Who is She

To become a romantic poet u need an inspiration. Luckily I got many. Dedicated to one of them.

Who is she, I am looking at,
She is the one, I thought that,
Pretty is very small for her,
She makes my mind to stir.

The way she blinks her eyes,
Her calmness can hold the skies,
It’s a vacation on an isle,
When her lips spread a smile.

She scolds me, fights with me,
I love her more, when she do,
We don’t behave like dogs and cats,
We are worse than them too.

Amazing is when she holds my hand,
It makes me lose my senses,
Don’t wanna hide her from world,
Wish around us were fences.

Her hobby is she talks a lot,
What I do, lend my ears,
I cannot sleep, whole night,
If I see, her in tears.

She’s not human, she’s a spirit,
Trust me, I saw her glowing,
Someone please tell her that,
Its for her I am living.

Monday, 16 January 2012


People fight over pretty issues. They often come out of it without fights but some with even harmful weapons. So here I got the best weapon for you, the one which can be used to win both friends and foes. And it’s quite easy to use it for all you got to do is…

For my dreams I got to live,
I don’t know how to grieve,
This has been since some while,
Not so tough, its quite agile,
All you got to do is, HAVE A SMILE…

I got a thing for people with attitude,
It’s a blessing for those in solitude,
Listen to me, don’t be so hostile,
Its so cool, filled with style,
All you do is, HAVE A SMILE…

For my friends and their foes,
I am gonna steal their shows,
Whether you approve or give a denial,
All you wish is my lifestyle,
Because I do, HAVE A SMILE…

May you be straight, may be senile,
Its your chance to get out of the exile,
Don’t misuse it, it is tensile,
Oh! You want to add to your profile,
All you need to do is,