Friday, 29 November 2013

Liebster Award

It was Monday evening that Jaynthbusi nominated my blog for the liebster blogger award. First of all I would like to thank him for considering me for this award. It felt good that people were reading my blog and liked it. I felt honored and privileged to have been chosen.

As I had heard about it for the first time let me explain it to you with its rules and regulations.


It is said that , the Liebster Blog Award started in Germany(probably) & is used to highlight new/recent/lesser known blogs or let say blogs with less than 200 followers. This is an award given to new and upcoming bloggers who deserve to be out-shown in blogosphere as they are good at what they are blogging. It also creates a chance for introducing new bloggers.


The Liebster is an award you accept with the intention of paying it forward.
To say some basic instructions are –
·         Answer the 10 questions the tagger has given you.
·         Tag 10 more Bloggers to pass the award to them (with no more than 200 followers; no tagging back).
·         Make 10 questions for the people you tagged.
·         Tell the people you tagged that you did.

The questions put forward for me were –

1. What is your opinion about yourself, compare it with your favorite fictional character (cartoon)?

I am a happy go lucky person. My favorite cartoon fictional character is “Jerry” and just like him I love troubling my friends. I may harass them but I even care for them a lot.

2. What do you earn by blogging? (like casual not offending)

All I earn and ever wish to earn from blogging is the love and respect of the people.

3. What is your favorite music genre? Why?

My favorite genre is old romantic classical songs. They give me a peace of mind.

4. School or college?

Definitely college. My college life is as awesome as I can expect it to be. I never wished for anything more.

5. You think someone good must come to politics? If so why? Aren't you good?

Politics is a place where it’s easy to judge than to be at. After being at a responsible position in a small club of my college I know the hardships and it’s better to take someone’s place before start judging his actions.

6. You happy with what you're studying?

I hate studies but since I have to do it atleast I am doing something I hate the least.

7. Your opinion on Indian culture?

The Indian culture is the best in the world. The only country to promote secularism in such a well manner.

8. Worse thing about you?

If I don’t like you I would say it straight on your face without thinking twice.

9. Your three unfulfilled dreams?

Getting a job in Google.
Owning a hayabusa
Scuba diving

10. Your favorite subject?

The person on whom, I am writing my next blog post.

Now choosing the nominees & the questions

I would like to share my award with

Tarun Mitra -
Namrata -
Deepak -
Arish -
Sumit -
Jasmeet -
Madhusudan Mahawar -
Arunima -
Sreedev -

The 10 questions for you guys are –

1- What is your favorite word?
2- Have you any nick names? If so, what and why?
3- Name 5 of the most important Things in your life?
4- 3 physical features you get complimented on a lot?
5- Describe your fighting style: drunken master or angry monkey?
6- What is the wildest thing you have ever done?
7- Have you ever tried to steal? If yes, what?
8- What’s a secret skill that you have?
9- What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?
10- Have you ever flirted with the idea of writing a novel?

Let’s pass it on & see what others have to say….
Keep Blogging :)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Unki shararat

उनकी  अदाओं  पे  मर  गए , उनकी  शरारत  पे  मर  गए ,
कुछ  न  कहा  उन्होंने , उनकी  नज़ाकत  पे  मर  गए ,
क़त्ल  हो  जाता  तो  कातिल  तो  कह  देते ,
मुस्कान  पे  कभी , तो  कभी  निगाहों  से  मर  गए ।

Unki adaon pe mar gaye, unki shararat pe mar gaye,
Kuch na kaha unhone, unki nazakat pe mar gaye,
Katl ho jaata to katil to keh dete,
Muskan pe kabhi to kabhi nigahon se mar gaye...

Monday, 18 November 2013

Thats when I realized

Today I complete the third month of my college life. It’s been total fun till now. Making friends, a lot of them, roaming around the city and above all having total freedom are all so wonderful. 

Yesterday was one of the most memorable days of the college. The whole afternoon was spent in celebrating the birthday party of one of the batch mates. We went to Adventure Park and had lots of fun with rides and games and a lot of clicks. The afternoon was so filled with fun and frolic that we even forgot to have our lunch.

We came back at evening by 5 pm. I was too tired to do anything so went and had a good nap of two hours. It feels good to sleep at any time of day and you can stay awake longer at nights.

8 o’clock, about whole of the college could be seen at mess or roaming around it. The number of people standing outside is much more than the number of people sitting inside which clearly says just one thing, one need to eat outside today.

I along with my friend Raj went out to try the restaurant nearby. The food was great and a vegetarian like me hardly finds food with a good taste. The day had been super awesome till now and only thing that could be better than this was a SRK movie. The latest had released two days ago so we bought two tickets for it and luckily got it in the heavy bookings for the last show. After spending an hour, window shopping at the mall we were able to spend the gap of idleness.

The movie had SRK so it couldn't have a flaw. I just loved it. It was too late to go back to the hostel so we planned to spend the night at his flat. This was going to be my fourth night out which was more than expected with just the beginning of the college. His 2 bhk flat was nearby and made me envy him so much. Many of my friends opted for living in flat/PG instead of hostel. I always preferred staying at a flat but my parent felt me to keep at hostel. I have spent a gala time at 3 of my friend’s flat and every time I get so jealous of them.

His flat was well furnished unlike my other friends and the thing I liked the most was that he had both the fridge and a TV. We took out two bottles of beer from it and had a little chat. The chat went from normal college talks to our childhood tales and our old friends. We kept on talking and suddenly he realized that it has been sunrise. Another night had been spent sleepless so I just asked him to drop me to hostel on his bike so I could get atleast a good 8 hour sleep, missing all my classes.

Its 2 p.m and I am awake now. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I could see people looking at me with not a good sight and I knew that they were jealous of my coolness. I got ready and went out to meet my gang of Raj, Rahul & Amrit. While waiting for them I overheard some of my colleagues.

They were saying me to be characterless. I could not understand why. My friends and I, were all doing the same things but only I was the only one made the character less in all of them.

That’s when I realized that I was a girl.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Rone do mujhe

दिल टूटा है फिर से मेरा,
घोंसले में था साँप का बसेरा,
हाथ आगे  बढाकर, खुद गिर गए,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

दोस्ती भी की , निभायी भी है,
ग़मों का खज़ाना , पाया भी है,
बताऊँ भी तो अब मैं किसे,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

मेहनत है की , कामयाबी को चूमा,
गिरकर मैं निराशा में झूमा ,
गलती थी मेरी, पता है मुझे,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

टूटूंगा कब मैं, इसकी आजमाइस है,
भावनाओं की मेरी, देखो नुमाइश है,
सुनाएंगे मेरी तबाही के किस्से,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

 हारूंगा एक दिन, अभी समय बाकी है,
ठंडा है खून, पर बहाव बाकी है,
इतनी आसानी से नही दूँगा जान मैं तुझे,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

उम्मीद की किरण लौट कर आयी है,
नया है सवेरा, मिटी तन्हाई है,
लम्बा इंतज़ार था, इस ख़ुशी का मुझे,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।