Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Answer

Richa just parked her car in front of the Rosemary café. She knew that the night was going to change her life. Raj had finally talked about their life together. She had the answer for almost 3 months now but she still asked for the evening.

She could see him through the glass pane sitting right infront of her car with his best friend Nikhil. He was in one of his best suited dress and looked pretty handsome. The sweats on his face and often gulping of water proved that he was nervous and maybe that’s why he brought Nikhil along. She knew that she was the subject of their discussion.

She opened the door of the café and moved towards the diner. Isn’t it the café they first met at?

Nothing has changed in these two years. The aroma from the kitchen just at the entry of the café, the smile from the waiters and the sophisticated environment of the café. She was walking towards the diner when she saw this tall, dark, well built, handsome guy in black suit smiling at her and she felt something. Their order got mixed up providing them a perfect opportunity to start up a conversation ending up in a memorable date. She fell in love with just after the first meet. The same was the effect on Raj.

Richa was too pretty to take eyes away from her. She looked elegant in the black saree. She must have been coming directly from some meeting for she was dressed quite formally. Almost every girl got jealous of her entrance but he didn’t have one to take care of. His heart was beating fast and he wished for a miracle to be with her.

He is sitting on the same table, with the same perfume he had that day. He had ordered for his favourite starters which was their favourite. Everything was right at their place just like the day they first met. She started to believe in déjà vu. It’s been two years they have been together and finally she needs to give him an answer.

She wishes to say yes but something is stopping her. She looks at him. He is the guy who would be there in her happy moments as there was never a sad moment with him. But he acted even weird sometimes. He almost gets lost in his jobs and that irritated her. She wished that Raj would have enforced the decision on her than asking it from her.

Should I say NO? I am totally confused but I need to give him an answer. She wished she had been at somewhere else now. She wished that she could have asked for some more time.

Raj gets up from the seat. Nikhil almost leaves the place. The silence is awkward. She takes a seat and the world stops moving. The eyes meet each other and they talk silently. Raj breaks the silence after a while. He knew the answer but he needed the verbal confirmation.

Raj : What’s your reply?
His voice was shaking. He wanted to hear the answer in his favour.

Richa (smiles): Yes. (A long pause)

Richa: I will send you the divorce paper tomorrow afternoon in your office.

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  1. omg!!! this is hts:P Always expect the unexpected!

    1. thnx fr the appreciation, but whts hts???

  2. End was the best, overall an interesting read :)

  3. beautifully weaved ! i dont want to add spoilers here it was amazing

  4. Surprising twist... nicely narrated.

  5. awesome.... a perfect ending...,, would have never ever imagined it..

    1. :D , thanx for the praises...

      Padh liya kr baki bhi, theek thak likhta hun main :)

  6. sahi hai sir.... out of the box !!!