Friday, 28 September 2012

White Doves

A sweet short love story

2 minutes ago, I was saying sorry,
I always loved you, don’t worry,
You knew, it was not my fault,
Let’s add some sugar to the salt.

1 hour ago, we were fighting,
On the unicorns, devils were riding,
I feel bad that you had to wait,
She is my best friend not my date.

3 hours ago, you had called me,
You were bored wished for coffee,
Didn’t I tell you, I was busy?
Easy to understand, not so fussy,

5 hours ago, a call by my friend,
She had a heart, waiting to be mend,
Another break-up, she had to go through,
The only, thing, I don’t want from you.

10 hours ago, you texted good night,
I didn’t reply, so had a small fight,
Never said sorry, maybe it was ego,
I saw it late, not trying to ignore,

24 hours ago, we went on a ride,
Completely lost, with you on my side,
The beautiful hours we spent together,
Want them to repeat, everyday forever.

Let’s forget a day which went bad,
Precious moments, before that we had,
Do you know, what’s said about our love?
There are, those rare white doves…

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Your And Mine

Why did U came in my life?
Why did U show this utter care?
I am not strong to feel the,
Thrill of you being not there.

Love is said to reside in heart,
Its someone's most beautiful part,
Hurt the heart and death will see,
Still you gave your heart to me.

You made me fall in love with roses,
It was no more an ordinary flower,
The day u gave it to me,
I felt its enchanting power.

I used to bear the tough looks,
Thought it proved me strong,
U gave me this gift of smile,
Still trying to prove you wrong.

You told me the meaning of love,
It’s cute, lovely n divine,
Let me tell, just one thing,
It’s something your and mine...