Monday, 22 April 2013

The journey of Robotix

The journey began with the four of us,
The legend states it was perfect for fuss,
The beauty with the brain, the sugar of the tea,
The base for the team there was Srishti.

The silent calm guy, smart enough to hold attention,
Nikhil would be the one to cool away the tension,
The hurricane gone wild, the fun-o-mania,
When dedication was needed there was Samya.

Together we were a team, strong enough to be defeated,
Envied by others, our stories were repeated,
We fought enough but even this was true,
Our team was perfect just because of you.

Sadly enough the team had to seperate,
Unlike the memories the glory had to fade,
Formation of new team didn't took too long,
Different perspective people just made it strong.

Ankit was there, the hard working guy,
Bansal could sometimes make you cry,
Siddharth n Meghna would work real hard,
Peoples in the group who were not the retards.

The team had its moments precious enough to save,
The memory you could forget only in your grave,
Disputes had come, soon enough than expected,
Everyone did disperse, as was suspected.

The team was now made by four of the friends,
There was not even a single chance of dead end,
When logic was needed or bull like strength,
Everytime we knew Mohit was sent.

Hardwork without break, going mad over things,
Anyone could tell you, Mayank was pulling the strings,
Ishu was the one, like very few in the college,
The star of the show, the guy with the knowledge.

Each team had its glory tagged with achievement,
Each had its own, story for the parchment,
The tale still goes, don't know what it will be,
So let me remind u, u were lucky to have me.