Tuesday, 26 August 2014

BF - BestFriend

I am a guy and I have got a best friend, a girl. Now Because of the typical Shahrukh dialogues and the mentality of the Indian society, everyone expects and wishes you two, to fall in love. 
“You are made for each other.” “You don’t realize now but soon you will fall in love.” “Why don’t you tell it publicly?” 
Our friends kept torturing us with such sentences every now and then. It even got better when my mom got angry on me for similar doubts. After a time, I even stopped explaining people. I just said we are not but never argued anymore.

This all stopped when she got COMITTED with another guy.

Now, those who were expecting us to fall in love, I hate u guys. I am still just her best friend and we will always remain like that. Our friendship is very strong and we are even more than, I don’t know what to compare with. It’s just like Jai and Veeru of sholay. Yes, our friendship is as strong as portrayed in that movie.

I know you are sad now, it doesn’t look good. The hero, luckily it’s me (yipeee) has not got the girl L . But the story is not about getting the girl. It’s about what happens when your best friend gets committed. Trust me, if your best friend is still single never ever accept the girl/guy they like. Find a strong flaw they can’t refuse but also keep praising him/her for other things to avoid suspicion.

You can’t wish them at 12o’clock at night on their birthday like every year, because this time they are already talking to someone from 11:30.

Your gifts just vanished because they have spent much more on a romantic date and are now asking you for credit.

They would keep chattering about their love and it will just keep you get jealous (if you are not committed).

The trips and vacations are still being planned but without you.

You now have to bring gifts keeping in mind their choice and their lover’s choice.

Their call comes always busy and they might call you back the same day, an hour later.

You could have made fun of anyone, now you got an exception.

They start hiding things from you.

You always doubt if that ‘special person’ is really better than you. (I am better)

Once they are in the chains, you can’t flirt with them. Another person steals the right for that. They might even know you and trust you but after some time they will surely be affected by the bond and closeness you share. They will surely envy and ask your friend to stop behaving like this. Your friend will mostly tell you but you will know even if they don’t.

Bestfriends, it hurts very badly to know that we lost our right over you.
Their lovers, keep doing what you do. You guys are POSSESIVE and we hate you for that, but it brings a shine in their eyes. It’s that thing that always keeps our anger away and we are even much happier for you two.

But, I still hate you.


  1. Can so much relate to the second last para. :P But the best thing is when your best friend's lover is also one of your best friends. There are smileys you can't send, conversations you can't do, but one thing that never changes is they are still that gum chewing, retarded person you met on the first day. xD
    Great post (Y)
    -- Yash

    1. What to say? :D
      We both are suffering the same way :P
      I just hope someone comments "i felt similarly" but from the other side of the shore... :P

  2. Never gonna happen :P

    1. waise agr no one is there to ab possible bhi nahi hai :P

  3. my best friend shared this blog wih me. So true. Even we used to get te same comments from everybody

    1. Seems everybody has to pay to be the best friend with opposite gender. :(
      However that's stronger and even more fun to happen.

      Take my personal suggestion - If your friend is not yet committed, don't let him be in a relationship. You are going to be hurt. :P

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  5. I am reading this after so long and it still brings tears to my eyes, thanks for everything :')

    1. Yaar, seriously...
      I don't know what I had in mind while writting this...
      Its totally hilarious.
      But now I realize that we are indeed made for each other. Every bonding seems to be dedicated for two people, friendship was for us.None can take your place nor would anyone have been so special like you. Life wouldn't have been so much fun without you.