Tuesday, 2 September 2014


“Sorry, baby. I was stuck with some work. I hope you didn’t wait for long.”

Raj smirked. “Don’t worry, I have now got used to it.”

Richa hugged him and held her ears till a smile brightened his face.

“What did you do all this time. Must have been looking at those cameras and mobiles and other electronic junks.” 

“Yup, I actually bought one.”

“Ahhhh, ok, I am hungry, let’s first get something to eat.”

“Hmmm, you go and take a seat I will order two coffee and some snacks.”

Richa opened the purse and checked her looks while raj went and ordered.

“So what did you buy today?”

“I got a very good deal. I purchased these headphones at a very low price.”

“Oh wow, how much?” She took the headphones and struggled to find the price tag.

“It was just for 2000 bucks and it got a very good surround sound…”

“2000 bucks!” her loud voice just surprised him. “And you say it’s cheap.”

“Common, it’s SkullCandy. SKULLCANDY.” Noticing she had never heard the name before, he felt disappointed. “You atleast try it for once.”

“Yeah, whatever candy it is. I don’t understand you guys. Why do you waste so much money on these electronics items you actually don’t need? You got earphones with your mobile phone. You could have used it. Why not spend on something more useful like clothes.”

Raj just stared at her for few seconds. He then loosened his grip, took his hand out of his jeans’ pocket and signaled to leave the topic. They chat there for some time, had dinner at a good restaurant and left.

Next day Raj gifted his sister two beautiful earrings.