Saturday, 13 December 2014

Rise Above fear

First of all, let me tell you what my fear is. Acropobia – fear of heights. I am scared to go to any floor above 4th and lean on the balcony. Seeing the ground from that level scares the shit out of me. Well, I don’t think anyone except my mother knew this because as a kid everyone used to tease me for it.

My elder brother called me on a random day and asked if I wished to go on a training for Paragliding session. I was damn sure that he is joking so I said, "Why not". He didn’t say much so we did some random talk. Next day I had a flight ticket and the itinerary of the course. It mentioned the various do’s n don’ts. Now I was shitty scared and had no options even, not much money was going to be refunded. My sister was also accompanying, so just to show myself strong I went along with the flow.

The training started with groundwork. It was a lot of physical exercise and you learnt to handle the glider on ground. It was very tiring but I enjoyed it. The next level we went to a height of 80 feet from sea level and jumped from there. But it was actually a slope so I was never at a height of more than 20 feet from ground. It was fun and I enjoyed it. Actually I was doing better than both my brother and sister.

The next day we went to a height of 300 feet. The 300 feet gap was clearly visible. It was a straight drop. The wind was vigorous so we waited for it to calm. Every second was just initiating more adrenaline to my body asking me to run back to the camp. After around half an hour the wind calmed down and we started. The trainer went first and I already said that I was not going to do it. My brother laughed and said that he will go first. My sister who is younger than me wished to go second. Being the elder one it hurt my ego and I planned to go second.

I took the flight. My feet left the ground and I was in complete suspension. It was just me and the glider and the radio on which I was getting commands, all together at a height of 300 feet. It was a beautiful place. In the earlier half an hour I was mesmerized by its beauty. Huge lake surrounded on all side by mountains. The place where we were supposed to land was at a horizontal distance of around 1 km and was surrounded by water bodies from three side. It was just perfect for people who are going to do it, just once in their life. We were also told that there are high tension wire just next to the mountain but we don’t need to worry about it. Also if we land on water then, a lot of chances are there that we might sink in. None of it was helping.

When my feet just left the ground I was looking at my target. The place where I was supposed to land. People often describe the scenic beauty while trying such things and how they fell in love with nature. Nothing happened to me. I was just focused at my target and hell with nature. When I successfully landed I finally was relieved. Everyone training with us was talking about how beautiful was the view from above and I was silently proud of myself for being able to do it.  

I don’t know if my fear is gone or not but I want to go back and enjoy the nature this time. It was indeed one of the best gift given to me.

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Taboo - Pre-marital sex

Pre-marital Sex is a big taboo in the Indian society. It’s a crime considered by the society but so was falling in love some time back. But the thing worse than that is, it is considered an achievement in the youngsters to lose virginity earlier. They are immature, excited and thrilled and do anything they feel might be right or daring, without giving a second thought about the consequences.

If we really analyze sex, it’s just a moment of joy for two people. The fun two can get on playing a game of tennis. You are tired and you enjoyed the time. It just needs to be safe and with enough precautions. It don’t brings any changes in the body. It doesn’t matter after a day and no harm done to anything or anybody.  However, the society considers it as a sin. So, pre-marriage sex happens in every part of the country but hiding its existence.

Why is this taboo created in the first place? The women are said to be pure and stay like it. But once she gets married her purity loses and you can treat her like she has no value. This was always there to give control to the male dominated society. The roots have been dug so deep that all the efforts to cut the trunk has been on waste and it regenerates every time. Some might have burnt the base but they are still scared of the society.

Sex is something of choice. If it is wrong then so is holding the hand of the opposite gender. Taking proper precautions I don’t find a difference between the two. Both of the palms are purely naked and in contact with each other. Same is the case while having safe sex. But 99% will not agree with it though they know it’s the truth. They will not because they have shut their brain and accepted that sex is not something to be talked and discussed.

I wish people start thinking than believing the traditions.

This post was written with reference to the event Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story going on Indiblogger. 

Safety first

The world is full of mishaps happening every day. While the natural ones can’t be helped but man made can surely be avoided. We don’t realize the various ways and means we support these man-made disasters unknowingly. In this post let’s stick to one such cause, Road safety. I live cross the highway and every day I could hear an ambulance siren whaling around. The number of accident would be much higher than any other crime.
Most people haven’t met with an accident luckily so they assume that they never will. What do all we do every day to support road accidents?

1)     Speeding – The thrill one gets on crossing the mark of 100 on bike/car just rushes the adrenaline boost. It’s not bad to do it on highways if you have become a skilled driver but trying to cross it in city is too dangerous. Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai have got wide lanes to regulate the traffic and on non-peak hours you can attain the speed. But you never know when their will be a small pothole in-front or a stranger trying to cross the road. People often lose control in such cases and the mishap happens.
According to a recent survey -
A 5km/h difference in speed could be the difference between life and death for a vulnerable road user like a pedestrian.
  • Hit by a car at 60km/h, 9 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed
  • Hit by a car at 50km/h, 5 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed
  • Hit by a car at 30km/h, 1 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed

2)     Drunken Driving – People at night often follow the rule to not drive if drunk but only scared of being caught by the police. If not most of them would be driving drunk. People don’t feel it to be moral to not drive when drunk. Sometimes when they do drive, the chances of an accident rises very high.

3)     Bad Driving habits – Changing lane without estimating the distance between the vehicles behind just increases the chances. Many do it while overtaking. Tailgating is another big offence. Some drivers take an initial race and just when you have accelerated enough they apply brakes as there is a vehicle in-front but you are not able to view it. Some people have no idea what the orange-yellowish lights called as indicators are there for. They just never use it. Just when you are expecting them to follow their lane and go straight, they take a left/right turn. They pre-assume that everyone out there on road knows where they need to go.

4)     Red light jumping – Everyone is in hurry to go home to meet their girlfriends or have dinner with their beautiful wife. Jumping the red light occasionally doesn’t scare them a bit. It’s a common assumption that jumping it would save those 1-2 minutes of the commute but research shows that if everyone follows traffic rules and red lights then a commuter can save around 5 minutes on a 10km drive.

5)     Avoiding safety gear like seat belt and helmets – Your life is at your hand. Use these and you might survive a severe accident.

6)     Road conditions – Speedbreakers on highways or without proper markings often comes as a shock. Tires are tend to skit on a rainy day. Damaged road especially on a multi-lane roadway. Insufficient lighting is also a demanding cause. Roads not built well leading to pressure in tires and causing tire-burst.

There are a lot of other reasons but these are the major ones. We need to protect the people on the road and we will remain safe too.

This blog has been written as part of Nissan Safety Driving Forum. They have taken a great initiative to educate and make people realize the importance of road safeties. 
Under its Blue Citizenship CSR umbrella, NSDF by Nissan works to build awareness of safe driving in India. NSDF encourages drivers and passengers to wear seat-belts, and participants learn through interactive activities the importance of wearing seat-belts. Nissan has also been adding advanced technologies to make the ride much more safer and comfortable. More information can be provided at Nissan.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


नयी जगह, नये लोग,
हिचकिचाहट को, तोड़ देते हैं,
कई रास्ते, एक मंज़िल,
चलो बातें करते हैं |

कई दोस्त, कुछ ख़ास होंगे,
हर के अपने ज़ज़्बात होते हैं,
बना लेते हैं, यादों का किला,
चलो बातें करते हैं |

कोई गिर गया, तो उठा लेंगे,
कोई छूट गया, तो ढूँढ लेंगे,
याराना होगा, किताबों में शामिल,
चलो बातें करते हैं |

प्यार होगा, मोब्बत होगी,
देख उनको, आहें भरते हैं,
बड़ा ही प्यारा है ये समा,
चलो बातें करते हैं |

ये वादियाँ, हसीन है,
एक दूसरे को तंग करते हैं,
क्या पता फिर मिले ना मिले,
चलो बातें करते हैं |