Sunday, 13 December 2015

Namma Bengaluru

Bengaluru also known as the silicon valley of India has seen tremendous growth in the IT sector in its premises. Few years back it had underdeveloped land in and around the city which made it friendly for bigger tech-giants. it also has got very favorable climate with neither too hot nor too cold weather. If compared from sea-level then it should be actually considered a hill station. Bengaluru has got the best mix of all the different races of India working together at various tech-parks. It has got a well-educated class of society and improves the standard of living. Although, it is also the costliest city in the country with the state taxes being very high.  

Well Connected -

The city is the center point of the southern India. Andhra,Tamil Nadu, Kerela are each around 200km from here. The major industrial hubs like Chennai, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthpuram, Mumbai, Pune, etc are all one night journey from here. It has got great road connection with national highways laid between all these cities. It has also got regular flights for all the locations. A large number of tourist places are within 500 km from the vicinity of the city. The city has got good bus services with frequent air-conditioned buses running on all major routes.  

What drives the city - 

The life in the city is fast. Everyone has to reach the office on time and everyone is in a hurry. However, traffic slows us down a bit and often provides us time to spend on one-self. People often go on long drives on weekends as the place has a long list of places for the tourists in the nearby areas. Car owners who love long drive find it one of the best places to be. Western ghats, coastal areas, hill stations, etc. are all nearby. The city is also famous for a large number of pubs, gardens and lakes. It is equally enjoyed by the youth and the elder generation. Wonder-la, snow-city and film city are some of the attractive places for spending the day with family and friends. There are three railway stations and metro is working on one part of Bengaluru. Metro work is in progress and in coming years, whole of Bengaluru will be connected by it. 

Design of the city - 

The city kept on expanding as the industrial development happened in the city. It has got various huge tech centers at each corner of the city, connected by well-maintained 6-lane outer ring road. The main shopping locations like M.G.Road and Indiranagar are located at the center of the city. The residential areas, tech-parks and malls are all build in different blocks which keep the authenticity of each. 

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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Vanilla Ice-Cream

Ice cream is loved by everyone from every age group. It was sad that it is a desert and hence sweet. We don't get sugar-free ice-creams in the market or at least I am not aware of.
The idea was to use Sugarfree Natura instead of sugar to make it. I am not aware of how it will turn out because unlike other deserts, sugar does play an important role in deciding the taste in simple vanilla flavored ice-cream.

Making it enough for a small family.

Things Needed -

Milk - 500 ml
Corn Flour - 1 cup
NaturaFree Sugar - 10 blocks
Vanilla Extract - 1 big spoon.
Butter - 1 spoon
Crushed cardamom
Cream - 1 big spoon

A blender will also be needed, if you don't have it borrow from a good neighbor.

Mix the cornflour in 100ml of milk  and butter and form a thick paste. Mash it up well.

Boil the remaining milk well and let the Naturafree Sugar blocks dissolve in it.

Add the thick paste made and cardamom in the hot milk. Keep stirring it so lumps are not formed. After a while the mixture will thicken. Let it cool.

Put it in the freezer and let it freeze for an hour.

With the blender, beat it for 2 minutes. Beat it well. Add cream to it. Make sure to keep the cream chilled.

Whip it till it becomes smooth.

Keep the mixture in the freezer and let it harden for 4-5 hours. Scoop and serve.

I was surprised as none in my family could realize that it was not natural sugar. Naturafree Sugar is very useful product and a blessing for people not allowed to have sugar. Visit for more info.

Besan Ke Barfi

This is a sweet dish which can be easily prepared at home without much hassle. Besan ka laddu is almost similar to it and widely famous at sweet shops. We all crave for our mom's hand made dishes. There will never be any substitute for it but something similar can be made easily with this recipe.

Before starting lets look at the kitchen if we have these. We will make enough for two people.

Food materials-
Besan -200gms
Ghee - 2 big spoons
Milk - 100ml
Crushed Cardamom
Sugar - 8 blocks of sugarfree natura. (Let those who can't have sugar also have some taste)
Pistachio or cashew toppings (optional).

Utensils -
Gas stove with gas
Cooking pot (Karahi)

If you have it all, great. Otherwise, lets go the market or just order online.

We are ready now so lets begin.

Boil milk in the pot with the blocks of sugerfree so that it gets completely soluble.
Add besan and ghee in it and put the stove in low flame. Make sure the ghee was in melted state. Mash the besan to prevent it from forming lumps. Add cardamom to it.

Keep stirring it on regular basis. You will find the colour changing to light golden.

Around 10-15 minutes later you will start getting the beautiful aroma. Fry it till the colour changes to light reddish brown.

It would be great if you have a rectangular bowl to settle it down. It will be easier to give shape to it. If not, don't worry. Just let it settle on the plate for an hour. You can now decorate it with Cashew/pistachio. Cover it up well to keep the flies away.

Cut it in square shapes and it is ready to be served.

Now click pictures and make your Mother proud just like me.

I have tried and made it with Sugarfree Natura and couldn't find any difference in the taste. My aunt who has got diabetes can now have it. I have recommended it to her. You can do the same to your loved ones. Visit for more info. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

A great Man

Great people aren't made or born. They just have dreams and believe in them. They are confident that they can achieve it and work tirelessly for it. Lucky to meet one such guy, Archit Jain. A college mate who inspired me and kept me motivated that there is good out there. 

When a college student dreams of grabbing a good job or fall in love, one of our colleague had real dreams. He wished to do something for the society. A 21 year old kid had decided to make the world a better place. He worked hard and lots of people joined him in the campaign. He was someone we all looked at with respect. 

It all started when he realized that blood availability was scarce than the number of accidents. He did research and found that it was beneficial to donate blood and helped various organizations to held camp in and around our campus. A lot of youth donated their blood for the first time in such camps. He would go to various hostels and motivate us all to come for the blood donation. 

This was working well when he realized that even after making donations it was not easily available to the poor section. One needs to replace blood at the blood bank for every bottle. If two members of family have come from 500kms away, it’s difficult to arrange 6 bottles of blood. He didn’t feel good about it. There were websites who had people registered who did voluntary donation on requirement. He then created a local database from college and asked more people to be a part of such groups. I have seen people going from my hostels at 11pm to 30km away, to a hospital to donate blood. We even did lots of rallies on the roads of Delhi-Ncr to promote Blood Donation. 

It initially started with common funds from friends and later took the shape of an NGO. He registered the NGO named “It’s your Earth.” He later launched a toll-free number for anyone who needed blood. A list of blood donors in the nearby area of the caller is provided.

It was something not easy to be done. Neither, I had known anybody working for this cause.  What he earned from this, happiness.

He just didn't worked for this cause but also was actively involved to various other things.
Celebrating Diwali with the slum kids. 

Painting the walls of local government school. Distributing books and stationary. Even taking classes there once a week. Celebrating republic day like we used to do in our school days. 

Doing Street Plays for social Awareness. 

He did all this without the limelight of any kind of Media. He was not known to more than our college community and other members of the NGO. He was delighted just by bringing a smile on the face of those who didn't expect it. 

Is he made of great? 

I don't know. For me, he will always be a person I will respect from core of my heart. 

This post is in regards with the Tata motors initiative of people with strong "Self-Belief", te #madeofgreat campaign. Have a visit to
Tata Motors have assigned Messi as its brand Ambassador. Messi is a winner who is trustworthy, reliable, pioneering, simple and driven by self-belief, which is what is at the core of Tata Motors as well.

What do you think of Tata Motors' association with Lionel Messi? Pour your thoughts out in the comments. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


You plan a trip to Ladakh and take all your cool tech gadgets along with you. The first selfie with ice, high definition videos, check-ins, tags, nothing should be missed, sharing with everyone else. I went to Ladakh bike trip from Manali along with fifteen other motor enthusiast. I knew just two of them and met everyone else on the dinner table at Manali. With exchanging names and profession we had a quiet dinner often disturbed by vibrations and short ringtones. Everyone of us were talking but to people we used to talk everyday, on our cellphones.

It would have went the same way had there been network for the rest of the trip. As we ascended ahead in Kashmir, the network was gone. The next thing to do was to look at the mountains, clouds, glaciers and greenery. We were mesmerized and wanted to capture them as a souvenir for our loved ones. With almost everyone owning a high-tech camera or a camcorder we tried all kinds of shots and angles. I laugh at the videos, stare at the images and cry at the memories.

The batteries started running out, memory reaching its limit but thankfully everyone had brought back-up. We stayed in tents with nothing to do. Useless cellphones with no network and nearly dying for lack of charging points, were left in the tents. We had nothing to do so we talked. We talked in general about the 1st day. It somehow lead to Mohammed Rafi songs. I remember having bonfire, sitting around in a circle and singing for straight 4 hours. Yes, most of us were harsh and tuneless but we loved it. Everyone shared the loads of food they had brought and the snacks turned into dinner for most of us. 

Travelling for eight days on a similar location will finally bore the photographer in you. The next time we stopped for a break, we cared to admire the beauty. Pics were rarely taken and people could be noticed taking deep breaths, enjoying the breeze with their eyes closed. Some stayed motionless for minutes and others smiled watching them. The four shades in the mountains, ice at top, brownish mud rocks just below, patches of green mush here and there and grayish pebbles all along the bottom. The cold crystal clear stream, the clouds in the valley, the rock just ready to fall from the mountains and herds of horses and yaks grazing around. The place is really beautiful and we all had captured it in our hearts now.

Every night a talent would be discovered. A comedian would pop out from a fifty year old manager. Someone who was kind enough to assemble everyone for dinner. Everyone shared their life and we all laughed and admired them at some point. We were no more strangers but family. There were mishaps too. People got sick and injured too. We all tried our best for their recovery. The compassion was found again. We were far from the rush of the city life and we all loved it here.

The terrain is tough to travel and even tougher to make living comfortable and easy for you. That's what made us realize the importance of each other. Time spent with people for a few days can often turn out to be the best memories.

Kissan has taken an initiative to make people realize the real togetherness. Visit for more. Also have a look at this amazing video.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Surf it All, Surf it fast

Cricket is not just a sports in India, it’s an addiction. We may not even play cricket for months but would never leave our Television sets when India is playing. We want India to win every match and a loss just decreases our energy by a significant amount. We remember the stats of the player better than our subjects. The tough dads even don’t scold for sitting in front of Television for hours because they are doing the same thing. It’s the time when mothers are praying for blessing for someone else than their children. India is a place to visit during World Cup just to see the enthusiasm we have for this sport.

It’s fun to watch a game live sitting in the stadium. The cheering of the crowd just thrills you and you wait patiently for the batsman to hit the ball for once to where you are seated. We even do crazy things to catch the attention of the cameraman and get on Television. It’s a totally different experience to sit along with other cricket enthusiast and just cheer your team on top of your voice.

But, the ticket costs in stadium are high because we just love cricket and don’t wish to miss it. Even, not everyone can travel to the other corners of the country to watch matches. So we enjoy the live telecast at our homes. The only loss is there to office going professionals. They can’t take leave every time there is a match and don’t have big Televisions installed to watch it. But we still wish to watch it and do some web surfing and find a link for live buffering in our laptops. We watch matches while we are at offices. This only helps if you have a personal cubicle or else you have to answer your boss. But, this doesn’t stop us. We found a way out and the laptop screen displays the coding page we are supposed to be working on. The match is running on our smartphones. No one peeps to that small screen and you can enjoy the match.

The only problem is the speed of internet on our mobiles. First, it is tough to find a link which will give live buffer and if found then the buffer speed is slow. We always search out for something which can help us out in this. Recently, a new mobile browser, UC browser was launched. It is a fast browser which has got dedicated fast buffering for cricket lovers. It is free and easily available at the app store. The browser loads pages faster and is easy to use. It is just a gift for cricket lovers. Their tagline aptly defines them, Surf it All! Surf it fast.

Visit or UC Cricket for more. 

Honey Diet

A healthy toned body is the wish of every human. Some work hard in Gyms and outdoor activities and some leave it to be taken care of later. It’s on special occasions like date, marriage or whenever you are the center of attraction that you wish to have been in shape. Just months before these occasions we try hard to get as much in shape as we can. Some try physical and everyone on balanced healthy diets.

The problem arises when people have just one aim of going slim and go on crash diets. Crash diet is to restrict the calorie intake of your body to a certain amount which is much lesser than your regular intake. It works in most cases but the body struggles hard to sudden decrease in calories and it leaves negative impact. It might take a little long but being on a healthy balanced diet will always give better results. People on crash diet generally gain more weight once they are off the charts.

Src :

Losing weight isn’t easy or else there wouldn’t have been so many people struggling for it.  Physical exercise and weight training do help but your diet plays the most important role. You need to intake sufficient energy to the hard work you are doing and meanwhile analyze that you don’t take excess of it. It should also be in balanced proportions of fat, fiber, protein, etc. Increasing the green in your diet always helps. Having raw fruits or even juices provide energy and decrease the fat intake.

The biggest problem for us is to control our taste buds. A piece of cake and we would crave to have it. Anything sweet is generally liked by most but it is the prime reason for the obesity. It’s hard to get control of heart at that moment and it ruins all the plans. One of the easy ways out is to find healthy substitute of them.

Src :

Honey is a very close substitute of sugar. It is rich in fructose and is used by athletes in their diet. Honey is said to curb the desire of sugar cravings which itself solves half of the problems. One can cut out sugar from their diet by replacing it with honey. A big spoon full of honey with hot water before bed and it helps to burn fat while you sleep. You fulfill your desire of eating sweet food and supplement the body with fat fighting ingredients. On a simple honey diet one could lose up to 3lbs per week. The best thing is honey is delicious and doesn’t require anything to enhance its taste.

The only problem today is to get good quality of honey. Honey is one of the most adulterated food and it then loses its nutritional values. You can only trust few brands and Dabur is one of them. Dabur is one of the most reputed brand in India and I trust it. They have even started a Honey Diet campaign. Visit to know more -

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Buddy Parenting

Parents if behave like buddies, it eases the life. You have nothing to hide and can freely share your thoughts, emotions and even your fears. Our generation had some real tough parents but time has been changing ever since. Parents are understanding the importance of letting go of the control over their kids. They understand that it will just make them rebellion and they want to be more close to them. However, there are some parents who felt this a long time ago and they are the best buddy of their kids.

I am a bike lover and own an avenger. Being a part of Bajaj Avenger Club – Bangalore (BAC – Bangalore), I often go with ride with other Avenger owners. There are a very few female bikers but luckily our club has a significant count. It was amazing to see the bond of a mother and daughter on one such ride.

We had 18 avengers running on the road on a straight line. It was beautiful. Mostly, all of them were riding solo but some had brought their lovers along. We had 3 female bikers and one of them brought her mother along. An elderly lady with a bandana on her head with lose jeans and full of energy. She looked prettier than any girl riding with us. For me, it was shocking for someone so elderly to accompany for a bike ride but it was very cool. Supporting a girl to ride a cruiser bike and join a club but something even better is, to accompany her on one.

Riding after 200kms one way, we were all tired. Riders were shifting left and right to give some peace to their bottoms and pillions were having even harder times.  When we got off, most of us had the tired look but she was still charged. She loved to ride with her daughter and that could be seen in her smile. She was very proud of her.

While we were resting and having our lunch at open place near the countryside, people used to turn back and look at so many bikes with people all geared up. Everyone seems to admire a biker in her/his costume. A bus with local passengers passed by and some boys sitting near the window started whistling. They were not whistling at the girls but just expressing the happiness of finding a biker club nearby. We just waved hands and suddenly heard a loud whistle from our side. The lady was whistling and I don’t think anyone in our group could have been so loud. Each one of us looked at each other while the girl hugged her mother. We knew, that she had ruled on this trip. She made it a memorable one.

The daughter and mother were a perfect team with their avenger. They are in the middle of the photograph below. 

The same bonding of love between parents and kids is the initiative taken by Kellogg's.
Visit - to find more about it. 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Energize your life

My Cousin was studying in one of the reputed colleges of Hyderabad. I was then working at Bangalore which is an overnight journey from Hyderabad. He usually used to come once a month to Bangalore to roam around and have fun for I being the elder earning brother would take care of the expenses.
One night he called and asked if I would like to see Allu Arjun in person. I don’t know any of the four South Indian dialect but I do love their movies. I watch a lot of them with English subtitles. Allu Arjun was my favourite South Indian star and he knew it very well. They were having their annual cultural festival and Allu Arjun was coming. He being one of the heads of the organizing committee could get me an entry in the fest and also try his best to let me shake hands with Allu Arjun. I booked the tickets to Hyderabad for a night before the fest within 5 minutes after the call.
I also asked him about the other celebrities coming and e told Anushka Manchanda. I knew her to be the singer in few Hindi movie songs but didn’t knew that she had sung in so many South Indian movies as well. For the next few days, all songs in my playlist were of her. Her voice has got a strength and she modulates it quite well.

His college was bigger in area than mine. Everyone in the college was very excited for the arrival of these two. By evening, everyone was all dressed and ready for the party. Allu Arjun and Anushka had both come and were in the restricted area. He sked me to wait till one of them goes on stage and so the crowds lessens. Everyone was swarming around the restricted zone to get an autograph or a selfie if possible. The craze of both of them were much more than what I had expected.

Half an hour later I could hear her powerful voice raging with the crowds cheering. I wished to go and listen her but then this was the only chance to meet Allu Arjun too. My brother came soon and signaled me to follow him. I went inside the room and shook hands and got a selfie with Allu Arjun. I was not allowed there for long but I was even happy to now to go and enjoy the show of Anushka.

They both together made one of the best day of my life.

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

My Nose Knows

When someone asks about body odour, I am always reminded of these two stories.

One of my friend had a date in the evening. They were to meet at the coffee shop at 6:00 pm at the mall behind our hostel. We found him entering his room at 6:30 with the gym bag.
Me: Hurry for your date. You are already very late.
Him: I just came back from it, dude. She had some work so she left early. She just came to inform it.
Me: (confused) The date was at 6 right?
Him: Yup, and she was on time.
Me: Then why did you come back from Gym so early?
Him: I did complete my Gym. Oh, I went to Gym before the date. Its nearby that only.
Me: You went just like that to meet her.
Him: it will affect my abs to take a day’s gap. I can’t miss the gym.
Me: You know why she really left, right?
Him: She had to go with her friends somewhere so she left.
We then all laughed and one of us even literally fell on floor. He kept saying that he had wiped off the sweat but even we could smell the odour. The discussion finally ended when he said that she wasn’t worth missing the gym. He next month switched to a bigger and costlier gym which had a shower. We still remember this incident and laugh in our group of friends.

There was a guy in our hostel who would love to do crazy things. Some of his tasks were just insane. He had been reading lots of memes and trolls with college students not taking bath for many days. He then decided to check the number of days he can go without taking a bath.
He went on to 27 days before his friends forced him to take bath. Last 7 days, his roommate didn’t sleep in his room. This incident happened on the 24th day.
We were having our 4th semester viva. The teacher was quite strict. He would ask two easy question in the beginning and 3 extremely tough one after it. The percent of questions you answer will be your score in the viva. Almost all of us would answer the first two and get 40/100. There was one who got 100/100 but that’s not important. This guy went inside on his turn. The teacher asked him to sit down and asked the easiest question possible. He answered it but the changes in the facial expression of the teacher made him doubt his answer. The teacher asked the second question and he almost stopped in between answering as the teacher was looking at him angrily. He asked him to leave after that. When the next guy went inside, the teacher was at the window inhaling fresh air. This guy got questioned just twice and answered both of them so got 80/100 in viva. Atleast it did benefit him to not take bath for 24 days.

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Fresh Moves

Weekends are a time to get away from your boring professional life. Generally the crowd goes to a mall with their friends and watch movies, do bowling or take a treat from someone. It has become so common that even this has turned boring. You know each and every shop and its location in a mall because you have already passed by each of them hundreds of time. You have tasted each and every dish at every restaurants. No new good movies have released this week.

You then move towards the open air theatre on the back side of the mall. Every evening some or the other show is going on there. The stage is there but no one performing today. May be it is because the shows generally start late in evening and its just 5. We sat there because a cool breeze was blowing and there was silence. It’s amazing that you often enjoy the silence when you have nothing else to do.

But soon even that got boring. We were frustrated and started scolding one of our friends who cancelled the weekend getaway plan and now the weekend is ruined.

Music started playing and the lights have been turned on. All of us turn towards the amphitheater. No boards are hung around so we have no clue who is going to perform.

Source :

“Na Jaane Kahan se aaya hai” the strong voice just thrilled us and we were waiting for the singer to step on stage. Soon, Anushka Manchanda stepped on the stage and was greeted by the cheering crowd. She has got a powerful voice and amazing stage presence. The crowd had gone wild and seemed like everyone was waiting like us for someone to thrill us with such a power packed performance. The next song was “Dance basanti” and everyone was literally dancing and enjoying. It is strange to see the crowd actually enjoying than recording the artist with their mobiles. It was just the charisma of her. She sang two more songs and then came to another peppy number “Golmaal”.

A guy from the audience wearing a hoodie jumped on the stage in between the song. Yes, now everyone wanted to know about the identity of this mysterious man. To jump over a 2 feet stage and land perfectly is not a common man’s job. He started dancing and his moves were impeccable. When the song finished he removed his hood and there he was “Allu Arjun”. The girls went mad and a dance lover like me too. Everyone who would have watched his movies would surely be a great fan of his moves. He would be one of the best dancers of India.

Source :

They both just rocked the day. They are indeed one of the most talented stars of the industry.

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

Skin Treatment tips

Beauty is personified by the eyes of the viewer but we can never leave a stone unturned. Our skin tone is the first thing which gets noticed. With increasing pollution and irregular temperature most of the Indians have been having dark toned hands and faces. Extra care needs to be taken to protect ourselves from it.

Some of the tips which can be helpful in this regard would be:

  • Synthetic Beauty Products –

The market is full of beauty products these days with each having their own set of specialization end expertise solutions. Do remember to check the ingredients twice before buying it. Chemicals even if mixed with fruits or other natural ingredients will still stay chemicals will surely leave an adverse effect. Even if it is not harming your skin it lowers the natural recovery ability of your skin.

  • Drink lots of water –
These days the whole world is going dry and so is your skin. With enough intake of water it decreases the oil concentration in the skin. When the skin has been hydrated it looks plumper and reduces the signs of aging. Scientific research has proved that drinking enough water provides a supple glowing skin and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Pompeo recommends it.

Source  :

  • Skin brightening –
You will need lemon wedges and apple cider vinegar. Put few drops of apple cider vinegar on a lemon wedge and rub it all around the face. Do remember to avoid your eyes. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes and stay calm. Rinse it well with water for a brighter and tightened skin.

Source :

  • Honey –
Honey tastes good and everyone loves it, so does our skin. It helps remove dead skin cells, making it appear brighter and fresher than before. Apply honey (pure form) to your skin and let it stay for few minutes. Rinse it well with lukewarm water to feel the difference.

Source :

  • Milk –
The lactic acid in milk is said to lighten the skin. If there are dark patches in your skin, dip a cotton ball in milk and apply over it. Let it dry for some time and then rinse it. You may add two spoons of Honey to the milk to improvise it.

Source :

  • Tea –
Tea is generally used as a refreshing drink and most of us are unaware of its other properties. It helps you deflate bags under the eyes while also treats the rest of the face. Brew a cup of white tea on medium heat. When the tea gets warm enough, soak a face cloth and place it over your eyes. Tea has got antioxidants and neutralizes free radicals.

Source :

  • Sleep Well –

It may not seem that important but it is. Lack of sleep can be seen with adverse effect on skin. The skin undergoes repairing while you are sleeping. Fix your sleeping hours and make sure you have enough of it daily.

However, VICCO Turmeric Cream is one such product I can rely on. My mother has been using it for years and she still has got beautiful skin.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Airtel App

I never used any app particular to a service provider as it would just add to the list of apps on my phone and consume space. I use web services available to recharge or pay bills. When the Airtel app started trending in the blogging world, I thought of downloading it.

The first thing they show you on downloading the app, is the tour of the app with its exciting features. The tour was nice and it told all the important features without me doing any hit and trial. This raised some curiosity and I thought of exploring it even more. I registered it with my number and it asked for a verification with one time password. This was good as only verified Airtel users can use this. This means that special benefit would be provided for some dedicated users. It is a good move to take care of the loyal customers and attract more with offers.

The first thing that came to my notice after the registration was the balance of my number. It displayed it right there. Due to my weak memory I had to always google out the code to get my balance. Now, tracking the balance was much easier. Just below it was the data usage and bill of my Internet connection. They kept circulating and I just loved it. I kept tab of both almost twice a week and it was troublesome. Both are now, just a click on the screen away. The app keep all the Airtel account at one place with the required information. When will the data plan finish. How much data is used. It just made my life easier.

I was overwhelmed with amazement and then I noticed the "shake your phone" in the green banner with a pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? That was a great advertisement to catch attention. Beneath it was "first recharge is on us". If you can get something for free and all you had to do is download an app, you keep enjoying it. The next moment I was shaked my phone. The tingling sound of the coins and "Rs25 off on recharge of Rs50" came on my screen. The tone was awesome. Another shake and full talk time offer. This is going to be good was all that went on my mind. Next shake and I landed on another offer. I then noticed that there were seventeen of them and due to the hard shake, I had landed to the fourth one. Free 250MB of data on internet pack of 1GB or above. I am sure this was a joke. I just kept shaking and reading all the offers. On the fourteenth one I noticed that there was also a swipe option so I spared my phone and stopped shaking. But the shaking was real cool, combined with the tone. I re-read all the offers and chose the ones I was going to use.

“I want to” was another interesting feature with all frequently used task at one place. You could recharge any Airtel number and even with Airtel money. Buying a new data connection or a postpaid sim was made much easier. Wynking is another good feature for music lovers.

It was a long time after which I had admired an app. I went to explore it more and clicked the menu button. “You are silver1 customer” was displayed below my name. I still don’t know what that means but it was nice. This menu is well designed and user friendly. You know which sub-menu to click for what options. Just then a notification pops asking my birthday and a special wished to be attached with it. I wish it had not passed a week ago. The settings sub-menu had an option to remove an account which was even better. Hide out the number you have for just one special person from everyone who has access to your phone. "Support" sub-menu and FAQ were helpful and very simple.

In all, this app is very user-friendly and has been made simple but very effective. I would rate it 5/5.

Source :

I even visited the website to not miss any interesting feature and luckily I didn't. Everyone should try this app once and those who are not on Airtel network will curse themselves to not to be.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Digital India

With everything going digital from meetings, calling a cab or finding love, technology has played a very important role. People don't know the coffee shop from every corner of the road. No recent movies have got a unique style of calling cabs. But yes, the attitude and style of presentation has sure gone very high with the advancement of technology. The artificial intelligence and smart software are just delicacies to the eyes.

India has got a large section of population nicely acquainted to technology and they love to see advancement. The percentage of population is growing everyday. A 60 year old man with no formal education can be seen chatting and video calling his son/daughter sitting far away from him on a smartphone. Technology has boost things up by a lot and it is the era of the Digital India.

The government in India is very diverse with a proper hierarchy. It starts from small nodes at villages and grows to a central governing body. The government identifies the necessity of technology in our system and keeps on trying to enforce it on regular basis. The major technological advancement to be successfully implemented would be electronic voting machine for casting votes, a single number system called 'Aadhar' for keeping records of a person.

Src :

There are a lot of interesting ideas that could be implemented by the government which will ease of the work. It will not only ease out the hectic life of working class but will shorten the effort of government to keep records.

* Casting the votes online -
Of course there is a lot of issue of duplicacy and cyber crime but the effort used to stop them will be much less than sending off, lakhs of policemen at polling booths and enhancing everyone's security and privacy.

* Online Consumer Court -
The number of e-commerce website and seller have grown like bees. For matter of fraud, illegal transactions it is difficult to track and fight for everything. Its better to leave a fraud of Rs 250 than taking a day off to a consumer court. No one wishes to take trouble for small amounts. If this could have been done online, may be for small amounts or small things. A start can always be initiated and can turn into a big success.

Src :

* Online Hospitals -
We all know the poor conditions our public hospitals are in. The doctors are very good and their private clinics are always lined up but still one doesn't wish to go to a public hospital. For smaller diseases, a doctor can prescribe medicines on a video chat. Doctors can help people who are in remote location by this method. Also, they will have to be on time unlike the hospitals because it can be easily tracked down.
Src :

* Pensions and other funds -
We often come across cases where retired people are circling around offices holding sticks for thheir pension. A widow of a soldier or a flood victim doesn't get funds without bribe. It can be circulated very easily and swiftly with access to digital world. thhe technology has advanced a lot to make this accessible to everyone. One just need to link it with bank account number and it can get transferred.
Src :

* Online Schools -
In remote areas, no good teacher wishes to get a job. Every one with good academics wish to lead a good life and hence remote area schools have to be satisfied with anyone willing to relocate there. With a big LCD screen a teacher in Delhi/Bangalore can teach to one in snows of Kashmir or deserts of Rajasthan. It would not only make a lot of kids access to quality education.
Src :

* Complaint Portal -
Most of the people are afraid to go place because of their bad image created in the society. Even if the police officials behave properly, very few dare to to go them and register complains. We can have an online complaint portal and with severity marked just like mails. This way the police officials will also know which case to handle with importance. There would also be little chances of tampering with records as both the sides of the complaint has a digital copy of it.
Src :

* Attendance System -
Many IT companies follow retina or thumb impression to track their employees. Indian government having this black spot of government employees always coming late can be removed. This physical appearance method of maintaining attendance record would boost things up by a lot.
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Intel supports the Digital India Vision. Visit and find more about #DigitalIndia.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Choose to Start

A new beginning is with something or someone very close to your heart. You enjoy the company and every moment becomes special. The first bike is better to ride than a ride on a luxury bike. The first vacation to a small hill station with friends is worth more memories than a Goa trip. First bicycle ride with those stumbling hands is more heartening than the hands on the steering of a sedan.

My first smartphone was Moto-E. I never kept care of my cellphones so screen touch mobiles was not for me. I bought one, when I came to Bangalore and started earning. Damaging it would not hurt much because it would be from my own salary. Its been 8 months and there is not a single scratch on the phone. May be the first smartphone is indeed special. I still remember using Google maps for the first time on it and how I was fascinated by the app. I would love to wander and get lost and then find my way out without any one's help.

Motorola has got an awesome range of affordable smartphones with surprisingly amazing features for their price. When I heard that they would be launching Moto-E (2nd Gen), I have kept my ears open ever since.

The most important feature they have added is the front camera. The whole world going crazy over the selfie pictures, I had to wait for some friend to take one. The cost remaining the same as it was of my earlier phone, with this feature added, I would just show off the cool gadget. Even the back camera has got the focus feature added which was being deeply missed in earlier version.

Src :

The ROM is extended to 8 GB and processor upgraded to Quad core. It means, you can store more apps, music and games. While trying to download an e-commerce app my mobile recently flashed low memory message. With the bigger memory chunk allotted I would download bigger size games and run them smoothly. Games don't work well if kept in the memory card. A simple and common game like subway surfer takes 200 MB space if cache is stored along. 

Src :

Loving to play games, it would hurt when the memory option stayed on red color. But, with the new Moto-E, my friends would have to work hard to beat my score. 

With the announcement of LTE in one of the versions it would enhance the surfing experience. Its the best example of stating that expensive is not always the best. Its sleek, stylish, light and cool to flash in crowd. The screen size is good enough to see videos and is comfortable in jeans pocket. 

Being the proud owner of the previous version of it, I have high expectation from it and rate it 9/10. 

The full feature list is her for someone who has mised it :--

  • 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with the Adreno 306 GPu at 400MHz
  • 4.5” qHD IPS (540×960) at 245 PPI with Gorilla Glass 3
  • 129 X 66.8 X 5.2-12.3 mm
  • 145 Grams (5.11Ounces)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB storage options (also includes a Micro SD expansion slot up to 32GB)
  • 2390mAh battery
  • 5 MP Back Camera / VGA for the Front
  • Android L 5.0.2 with some Moto Enhancements
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Connectivity:
    • GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
    • UMTS/HSPA+ (900, 2100 MHz)
      4G LTE (1, 3, 7, 20) T-Mobile and ATT in the US is a go.
Do have a look at the interesting website they created -

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Happiness is a term which is misunderstood by most of us. We search happiness on big bank balances or getting lots of assets. We forget that they give us satisfaction but smile is the reason of small things.

We smile when we randomly meet an old friend in a mall. We haven’t met them for years and had no idea that were in same city for months. Our eyes meet while both are ordering something at the food court. We sit together and discuss the old memories. The group of friends we had and how is everyone doing. We don’t realize how swiftly an hour passes by. When we leave we are still nostalgic and smile just takes control of our lips. The memories keep on modifying the intensity of smile. That’s when we are happy and we mean it.

We are happy when someone praises us. I am a poet and when someone says that my composition is good. I am proud and that can be seen on my face. I stay happy for the rest of day and everything seems fun later. It is just a few words of praises which takes me from the moments of emotionless to a jolly person. It’s strange that a person who has no significance in my life, improvises my rest of the day with no big effort.

I love biking. I have got an avenger and often go on long rides. Sometimes I am accompanied by friends and sometimes it is solo. I love to get lost in nature and enjoying the cool breeze when bike crosses the speed of 60km/hr. The six lane highways outside the city with small rocky hills gives the feeling of a romantic ride of a typical Bollywood film. I wish to remove my helmet, close my eyes, spread my arm in titanic pose and take a deep breath of the fresh air. I haven’t done it yet due to safety purposes but I will surely do it sometime. Every ride I go on, I feel ease and comfort. It make me happy to go to new places and engulf the beauty of nature.

Happiness is loving someone without letting her know about it. She never breaks your heart because you still haven’t gave her that right. You follow her, stalk her and make a list of things she likes. You are happy when your eyes meet for more than 2 seconds. You know she noticed you and that’s good enough for you.

Happiness is eating snacks at a food joint truck and the taste just flows over your tongue. Happiness is when your friend does a stupid mistake and instead of helping me you fall down on floor laughing. Happiness is when you do something your heart wants you to do.

Happiness is when you share a bottle of Coca-Cola with your friends. 

Monday, 16 March 2015


It was a normal day like ever. I and my friend Naval were out for a stroll. I have been working for 8 months now and he is preparing for higher studies after completing college. We were roommates in college and now share a rented flat. We both work hard and once I come back, we go out for a stroll and have some snack. The cool evening breeze and random people doing things which often turn out funny are our source of entertainment. We cross the park where the elderly are taking laughter therapy and that always bring a smile on our face. I hate when I get late from office and we have to miss it.

“1 rupee.” A small child kept uttering it and following us. We walked for seconds and then I scolded him to make him run away. I hate beggars. This is the worst thing one can do for a living. People are even ashamed to send kids for begging and spoil their future. It’s already frustrating to handle the demands of the manager at office, keep being pestered by society of having a job with minimal salary when most of my friends are earning almost twice than me. All of the frustration came out on that harsh scolding. It scared the kid enough to run away. Naval didn't say a word and kept walking.
“We have never seen beggars at this place, I just hate them.”

Naval just nodded and went to the patties shop. We had our patties and went back. Three more days have passed and we would always find someone begging. A lady with a small child, a small boy with a half pant and green dirty t-shirt. A girl in a pink frock holding a doll with a missing eye. They generally catch couples or elderly because they are more generous. However, we were always approached but never followed. Guys are emotionless, is a universal accepted phenomenon.

It had been a bad day for me. My friend gave me the good news of his new job, I congratulated him and felt disappointed. While I was still busy mourning, my manager came and ask about the work. I was late on schedule so he took out all his frustration on me. The laughter therapy was also not making me smile. The kid came and asked us for money, he had no hope of getting it so was already searching for a potential target. Naval took out a small box of biscuit and gave him. He ran away almost snatching it.

“You shouldn't promote begging.” I was not angry but disappointed, and he was even challenging my beliefs.

“They are kids, it’s not their fault. It’s their parent’s fault, why to hate them for it. I never give them money but biscuits or chocolates. Just look at them.”

I turned and searched for him. He was right there beneath the banyan tree with his sister. He was pointing at us and trying hard to open the biscuit wrapper. He used his teeth to open it. They both were more excited than what I would have been on getting a salary hike. Yes, it was worth it. I knew naval very well, we would now be having veg patties than cheese patties to compensate it.

I walked back home and I was happy. May be money is important but being happy with yourself and sharing happiness is even more important. I have always kept few toffees in my pocket since that day. shares this spirit of optimism and being together.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Start a new Life

Almost 99% who are reading it would have just taken out time to remove the stress from hiding behind the laptop screen or resting after the household work. The life follows a routine and you open and close your eyes on the basis of clock. For a person, who love meeting new people, exploring new places, learning something new on every opportunity, this seems to be the very hell.

Friends who live even 5km far from you, can’t meet you because they have to do laundry or some office work on weekends. Every weekday it’s impossible to plan anything except a dinner because someone can’t make before it. The worst part is that everyone complains but have surrendered to this life. We just woo remembering the college/school days.

It had been just 6 months for me to enter the professional life style and it had scared me horrifically. I tried hard to get out of the trap but it was a closed net. You can’t just get out of it. I pushed, fumbled, got up, fought and then gave up. Gave up the idea of going out because my expenses depended on it. It was serving me with basic necessities and I just needed one more element, fun. I gave up because I got the idea that the net is not bad until you can modify it to your requirements. It is expandable and very comfortable, you just need to change your perspective.

I started saving and my roommate often complained about me being miserly. In three months, I had saved enough to add to my previous savings and buy a bike. Now, the confusion still prevailed, go on looks, mileage or comfort. Looks is needed for sure, I need to keep the style. Now mileage dominated a lot because of the long term price factor. I thought long and came to a simple conclusion. I would not buy a bike again so buy a bike which I would love to drive.

I bought a red Avenger. Its name is Raj. Every weekend we go on a ride. Sometime out of the city to a tourist spot or sometimes just on the outskirt highway enjoying the cool breeze. We are often joined by friends but doesn’t matter if we are alone.

How has it helped bring a change in my life? At least Monday and Tuesdays I am happy working at the office. I get to roam around and visit places which is everyone’s wish. It didn’t even bring much cost difference in my living style. The tour cost almost the same as I would spend on going to a restaurant on those days.
Raj and I are the best buddies now and life is beautiful.

A good change is what we all need. Make the change and START A NEW LIFE .