Saturday, 13 December 2014

Rise Above fear

First of all, let me tell you what my fear is. Acropobia – fear of heights. I am scared to go to any floor above 4th and lean on the balcony. Seeing the ground from that level scares the shit out of me. Well, I don’t think anyone except my mother knew this because as a kid everyone used to tease me for it.

My elder brother called me on a random day and asked if I wished to go on a training for Paragliding session. I was damn sure that he is joking so I said, "Why not". He didn’t say much so we did some random talk. Next day I had a flight ticket and the itinerary of the course. It mentioned the various do’s n don’ts. Now I was shitty scared and had no options even, not much money was going to be refunded. My sister was also accompanying, so just to show myself strong I went along with the flow.

The training started with groundwork. It was a lot of physical exercise and you learnt to handle the glider on ground. It was very tiring but I enjoyed it. The next level we went to a height of 80 feet from sea level and jumped from there. But it was actually a slope so I was never at a height of more than 20 feet from ground. It was fun and I enjoyed it. Actually I was doing better than both my brother and sister.

The next day we went to a height of 300 feet. The 300 feet gap was clearly visible. It was a straight drop. The wind was vigorous so we waited for it to calm. Every second was just initiating more adrenaline to my body asking me to run back to the camp. After around half an hour the wind calmed down and we started. The trainer went first and I already said that I was not going to do it. My brother laughed and said that he will go first. My sister who is younger than me wished to go second. Being the elder one it hurt my ego and I planned to go second.

I took the flight. My feet left the ground and I was in complete suspension. It was just me and the glider and the radio on which I was getting commands, all together at a height of 300 feet. It was a beautiful place. In the earlier half an hour I was mesmerized by its beauty. Huge lake surrounded on all side by mountains. The place where we were supposed to land was at a horizontal distance of around 1 km and was surrounded by water bodies from three side. It was just perfect for people who are going to do it, just once in their life. We were also told that there are high tension wire just next to the mountain but we don’t need to worry about it. Also if we land on water then, a lot of chances are there that we might sink in. None of it was helping.

When my feet just left the ground I was looking at my target. The place where I was supposed to land. People often describe the scenic beauty while trying such things and how they fell in love with nature. Nothing happened to me. I was just focused at my target and hell with nature. When I successfully landed I finally was relieved. Everyone training with us was talking about how beautiful was the view from above and I was silently proud of myself for being able to do it.  

I don’t know if my fear is gone or not but I want to go back and enjoy the nature this time. It was indeed one of the best gift given to me.

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Taboo - Pre-marital sex

Pre-marital Sex is a big taboo in the Indian society. It’s a crime considered by the society but so was falling in love some time back. But the thing worse than that is, it is considered an achievement in the youngsters to lose virginity earlier. They are immature, excited and thrilled and do anything they feel might be right or daring, without giving a second thought about the consequences.

If we really analyze sex, it’s just a moment of joy for two people. The fun two can get on playing a game of tennis. You are tired and you enjoyed the time. It just needs to be safe and with enough precautions. It don’t brings any changes in the body. It doesn’t matter after a day and no harm done to anything or anybody.  However, the society considers it as a sin. So, pre-marriage sex happens in every part of the country but hiding its existence.

Why is this taboo created in the first place? The women are said to be pure and stay like it. But once she gets married her purity loses and you can treat her like she has no value. This was always there to give control to the male dominated society. The roots have been dug so deep that all the efforts to cut the trunk has been on waste and it regenerates every time. Some might have burnt the base but they are still scared of the society.

Sex is something of choice. If it is wrong then so is holding the hand of the opposite gender. Taking proper precautions I don’t find a difference between the two. Both of the palms are purely naked and in contact with each other. Same is the case while having safe sex. But 99% will not agree with it though they know it’s the truth. They will not because they have shut their brain and accepted that sex is not something to be talked and discussed.

I wish people start thinking than believing the traditions.

This post was written with reference to the event Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story going on Indiblogger. 

Safety first

The world is full of mishaps happening every day. While the natural ones can’t be helped but man made can surely be avoided. We don’t realize the various ways and means we support these man-made disasters unknowingly. In this post let’s stick to one such cause, Road safety. I live cross the highway and every day I could hear an ambulance siren whaling around. The number of accident would be much higher than any other crime.
Most people haven’t met with an accident luckily so they assume that they never will. What do all we do every day to support road accidents?

1)     Speeding – The thrill one gets on crossing the mark of 100 on bike/car just rushes the adrenaline boost. It’s not bad to do it on highways if you have become a skilled driver but trying to cross it in city is too dangerous. Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai have got wide lanes to regulate the traffic and on non-peak hours you can attain the speed. But you never know when their will be a small pothole in-front or a stranger trying to cross the road. People often lose control in such cases and the mishap happens.
According to a recent survey -
A 5km/h difference in speed could be the difference between life and death for a vulnerable road user like a pedestrian.
  • Hit by a car at 60km/h, 9 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed
  • Hit by a car at 50km/h, 5 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed
  • Hit by a car at 30km/h, 1 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed

2)     Drunken Driving – People at night often follow the rule to not drive if drunk but only scared of being caught by the police. If not most of them would be driving drunk. People don’t feel it to be moral to not drive when drunk. Sometimes when they do drive, the chances of an accident rises very high.

3)     Bad Driving habits – Changing lane without estimating the distance between the vehicles behind just increases the chances. Many do it while overtaking. Tailgating is another big offence. Some drivers take an initial race and just when you have accelerated enough they apply brakes as there is a vehicle in-front but you are not able to view it. Some people have no idea what the orange-yellowish lights called as indicators are there for. They just never use it. Just when you are expecting them to follow their lane and go straight, they take a left/right turn. They pre-assume that everyone out there on road knows where they need to go.

4)     Red light jumping – Everyone is in hurry to go home to meet their girlfriends or have dinner with their beautiful wife. Jumping the red light occasionally doesn’t scare them a bit. It’s a common assumption that jumping it would save those 1-2 minutes of the commute but research shows that if everyone follows traffic rules and red lights then a commuter can save around 5 minutes on a 10km drive.

5)     Avoiding safety gear like seat belt and helmets – Your life is at your hand. Use these and you might survive a severe accident.

6)     Road conditions – Speedbreakers on highways or without proper markings often comes as a shock. Tires are tend to skit on a rainy day. Damaged road especially on a multi-lane roadway. Insufficient lighting is also a demanding cause. Roads not built well leading to pressure in tires and causing tire-burst.

There are a lot of other reasons but these are the major ones. We need to protect the people on the road and we will remain safe too.

This blog has been written as part of Nissan Safety Driving Forum. They have taken a great initiative to educate and make people realize the importance of road safeties. 
Under its Blue Citizenship CSR umbrella, NSDF by Nissan works to build awareness of safe driving in India. NSDF encourages drivers and passengers to wear seat-belts, and participants learn through interactive activities the importance of wearing seat-belts. Nissan has also been adding advanced technologies to make the ride much more safer and comfortable. More information can be provided at Nissan.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


नयी जगह, नये लोग,
हिचकिचाहट को, तोड़ देते हैं,
कई रास्ते, एक मंज़िल,
चलो बातें करते हैं |

कई दोस्त, कुछ ख़ास होंगे,
हर के अपने ज़ज़्बात होते हैं,
बना लेते हैं, यादों का किला,
चलो बातें करते हैं |

कोई गिर गया, तो उठा लेंगे,
कोई छूट गया, तो ढूँढ लेंगे,
याराना होगा, किताबों में शामिल,
चलो बातें करते हैं |

प्यार होगा, मोब्बत होगी,
देख उनको, आहें भरते हैं,
बड़ा ही प्यारा है ये समा,
चलो बातें करते हैं |

ये वादियाँ, हसीन है,
एक दूसरे को तंग करते हैं,
क्या पता फिर मिले ना मिले,
चलो बातें करते हैं |

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I am a real person. I am both strong and weak. Would you not try to judge my gender? I am male or a female?

I was raped. Now you are sure I am a girl. Men are not raped. What about child abuse. You must have heard cases where little boys have also been sexually abused. It’s not a girl or a boy then, but just kids. Do you now, atleast consider my gender to be male? Yes, you are giving it a thought.

Where was I? I was raped, right?

The first thing that would come to your mind is what was I wearing? Provoking short clothes. Ok, let me confirm you that I am a male. YES, I am a male and I was raped. What now? That couldn’t be the reason right. If it had been, then Salman Khan would have been the one to be raped the most.

Am I characterless? Almost 80% of men are. We would ogle and leer at every girl who thinks she is beautiful. Spending a night with someone is a trophy to be bragged about. But I am not one of them. I am a shy guy. I never had female friends. Even at office I just had formal talks with them. Love and such things, I have never felt for anybody except my family. I although have a crush on Priyanka Chopra. She is very pretty.

Should I have been at my home at night? Yes, I always do that. I don’t do it scared of being raped. I do it of not getting robbed. I take enough precautions. I don’t talk to strangers and keep myself safe and sound in this unknown city. That day it was by chance that I had to work late. The project was critical and my incentive depended on it. I stayed late and it made all the difference.

What was the reason then? Was I weak? Yes, I was. They were four men and me alone. I hit gym but still, four were too many. First of all, it broke my confidence that I could be raped. I knew I was going to be raped and instead of helping myself I started seeking for help. But no one came.

I came out of the office. The clock clearly explained that the public transport would not be available at this time. I was walking on the lonely road in hope of finding an auto-rickshaw. Four men blocked my path. They asked for my purse and just a single knife was enough for me to submit my wallet and mobile. They were drunk but fully conscious of what they were doing. Three of them turned to run away but one of them had an evil grin. “Wait, let’s try something different.” I clearly remember his words. I still hear it sometimes and it scares me the same every time. They shoved a cloth in my mouth and dragged me. It was an hour almost but a decade for me.

Am I ashamed of being raped? Yes, I am. So don’t ask me how I feel. You will never know until you are raped. If you really wanna know, I will give you the address of the street and you can try your luck there.

Did I lodge a complaint? No, I didn’t. I have not told anyone. I can’t. I still want to stay the macho-man my friends call me because of my build. Am I guilty of being raped? Yes, I am. I did nothing to stop rape than just argue like shitheads with my friends like I do about cricket. If a person is raped, there is just one reason. It is the criminal distorted mindset of some sick bastards. The only other reason I have found out till now is, this sleeping, double faced society.

You pity me right. YES, even I do. There is a lot of revulsion. But you will ask me to be strong because men are supposed to be. I am scared but even more when I think...
What if I was a girl?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Stop Laughing

Richa was coming from the front. A drop of sweat trickled down Raj’s face. He stopped his hastening to and fro movements and stood still like the statue in the nearby park. 

Blue salwar, white kameez, a flick of kohl in the eyes. 4 metal bangles on each hand, beaded earrings, a thin nose ring and a smile on her charming face. She was dark, not chocolate dark but enough not to be called fair. She jerked her head to let the strip of her hair flow back behind her ears. It would however come back any second.

They have been in the relationship for 3 years. Anyone would have fallen in love with her queer prankish personality. She came and proposed and he immediately said yes. The couple was a symbol of love and trust.

“You are sweating. Did I make you wait very long?” Richa held her ears with a tensed cute look.

“Naah, I came early. Need something to drink. Let’s go.” They took the last seat of the restaurant to maintain their privacy.

“You know, my mom is taking me for shopping today. It’s my brother’s marriage after all. I will leave in an hour.”

“I wanted to say something.”

“Since when did you start asking permission from me? You are the bossy one here.” Richa smirked but she felt the awkward silence. She kept her palm over his.

“We need to break-up.” Raj said for the first time looking straight in her eyes.

“What?” Drops of cold coffee spread over the table as she coughed. A pool flew out of the glass with the jolt and successfully landed on the red carpet. The straw took 3 merry go round trips and preferred to stay in the glass.

“I don’t like golgappe but eat it to keep you happy. We don’t have anything more to talk about at our night calls. You started lying to me about your friends. We are not so excited to meet each other like earlier. You talk more about your family than us. You would not miss classes anymore to go out for a movie with me. You have started scolding me for things you don’t like.” He said it all in one go. Every excuse he had thought of giving her.

She was gazing him right in the eyes. He couldn’t take it anymore and lowered his head. He was well prepared for a slap in the public and he deserved it. He was ready for it all.


That was a calm reply. He was shocked and lifted his head up in amazement. She was walking away whistling. Instead of being enraged, she left him in astonishment.

“Wait, STOP.”

She halted and turned.

“Would you not say anything? Are you not mad at me? You would have been hurt but you are happy. I just can’t believe it.”

She stood there laughing. The laugh was even more infuriating than the whistle.

“Would you really not do anything to save our relationship?” His frustration was catching more eyes. 

“Please stop laughing.” He screamed.

The laugh stopped but the smile remained.

“I would come running after you. Do every silly bit till whatever it will take, to get us back together. But first…”

She took the dramatic pause. How could she miss the expressions on his face. He was eagerly waiting for her to finish the sentence. His expressions changed 100 times per second from all fear, astonishment, worry, and what not.

“But first, Learn to live without me.”

She walked away laughing hysterically. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

He & Her Birthdays

Raj woke up and didn’t find her beside on the bed. The clanking of utensils from the kitchen signaled that she had woken up early today. He got up, took a big yawn and moved towards the bathroom to clean his teeth.

Richa was preparing a cake in the kitchen. She remembers every date that brought a change in their life. She loves celebrating each one of them. He however has to be reminded of them. He can’t even recall the occasion by mentioning the date.

But birthdays are always special. Why to ruin it if he doesn't remember it. A cake and the surprise would bring excitement to his face. We will go to a movie in the evening and dine at their favourite restaurant. No, we will do candle light dinner today. Richa had been thinking while applying icing to the perfectly baked cake.

It had been four years of their marriage. Not for a single time he remembered to wish her. She has now got accustomed to it. Birthdays are not so special for Raj. He wouldn’t celebrate even his birthday if Richa wouldn’t force him to. She forgives him now but celebration should not be affected.

“Good morning.” Richa came out of the kitchen.

Raj replied back with his face still inside the newspaper.

“Do you remember what it is today?”

Richa was very eager to find the same surprise look on his face. She would then let him make some wild guess until she lose patience and tell him.

“Oh yeah, I do. I have to fill this date in some documents every other month.”

Raj's face had a smile. He was confused and a little happy. The same look had started coming to Richa's face while her happiness was decreasing.

“It’s my birthday.” Raj exclaimed.

Richa brought out the cake hidden behind her and bumped it on the dining table. The cherry on the top tumbled down the floor.

Raj on seeing the cake, excitedly leaped towards it.

“You forget my birthday every year but remember yours. How selfish.” Richa slapped Raj, went inside the room and locked it.

Raj stood there perplexed holding the knife in his hand whether to cut the cake or not.

Friday, 7 November 2014

The best ones

“You are always chatting with him. You sure he is not your boyfriend.” Richa asked priya.

“I told you many times, we are just friends. The best ones.” She put extra stress on her last sentence to frustrate her.

“You are so close to him, don’t you love him?”

“Yes, of course I do. I don’t know what this love is but I like everything just the way it is. And I am sure that this will also be his reply.”

“Ok, what’s your favourite hangout place?”

She looked out of her laptop screen and to her, for the first time. Even she was not looking at her and busy combing her hair. She smiled thinking about her answer.

“We don’t have one. We never hung out much.”

“WTF”, the comb dropped and both of them got full attention.

“How did you both got so close and all those trust on each other things came up?”

“I don’t know. We were totally different from each other and we both just got better friends with time. We did meet occasionally and talked. May be that’s why this friendship is so special.”

“I get it. That’s why you don’t have a single gift given from him. Every one of those dumb head friend I made have always hit on me. And girl you are way prettier than me.”

“I haven’t got your attitude.”

“How come he never hit on you? Is he gay?”

Priya punched her lightly.

“No, seriously. Are you the only girl he talks with? May be that’s why you are so special for him.”

“He is a big time flirt. He would have dated more people than you have. But he never flirts with me. Although he calls me his girlfriend and promise to pester me till I find someone.”

The smile with occasional laugh about the memories made Richa feel so jealous.

“Yaar, make him my boyfriend. I need someone like him.”

“It is better you don’t. That’s the only bad thing about him. He will date you, flirt with you and then 
leave without any explanation. I don’t understand when he became like this.”

Richa saw her feeling sad and lost somewhere else. She needed to bring her back.

“Why don’t you both go in a relationship? You would be perfect.”

She looked at her and back to the laptop screen. He had been pinging her question marks for long time.

“That’s the reason I have a best friend and you don’t.”

Richa understood her friendship for the first time. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Faith and Fate

Raj was listening to the preachings very consciously. Guruji was talking about the behavior of the heart at the time of death. The thumping and then the silence. He was so calm and peaceful. His charisma draw Raj towards him.

“Come here son.” Guruji called Raj after the lecture. He stood perplexed for a moment and then hurried to him, tumbling and managing his things. Guruji don’t talk to anyone much. He tried many times but Guruji never allowed anyone. Death was not something to be talked about like idiots. Guruji was a spiritual teacher but he had a special command when describing death. His followers believed that he has met with death more than once.

“I have seen you here often. They tell me that you are roaming around the Ashram and trying to learn from other people.”

“Guruji, I want to know the truth about death. I am scared of it but don’t want to be.”

“You look from a nice family son, must have a good job also. WHY?”

“Yes, I had a job which others dream of. I got bored of it. I want to understand what a relationship is. Why we are so much attracted and bonded with some people but not with others? Most of all I want to know, if there is an afterlife?”

There was a shine in Guruji’s eyes.

“How long have you been here? Your family knows about it?”

“Yes, they know. They tried a lot to convince me to come back but have left hope now.”

“Ok, go out and wait in the meditation room. Someone will come and tell you, what needs to be done.”

The smile of joy changed into that of victory. Guruji had accepted to teach him. He waited for more than an hour but no one came. His phones had already been taken at the gate of the Ashram so was very bored. But he knew, every great achievement needs a lot of patience.

A man in a saffron cloth wrapped around his body, came to him. He had never seen him before. He took out a straight razor and signaled him to sit straight. His head was shaved and was given a saffron Kurta. It was too wide for him but he didn’t raise a single question. He knew the silence meant that he was not going to be answered. The guy then rolled the carpet and showed a hidden path. He followed him. The dungeon was quite dark and creepy. He was not scared. He had stayed hours in graveyard trying to understand death.

“You are now ready.” The voice of guruji echoed. The guy disappeared.

Guruji came infront of him and started to roam around. The dungeon was dark enough and he was finding it hard to follow Guruji’s movement, standing few feet away from him.

“You wanted to see death right.”

Raj just nodded. He didn’t know he was too excited or scared but he couldn’t turn back now.

“Have a good look then, you are standing with death.”

Raj looked around trying to understand the dungeon for the first time.

A knife swiftly touched his ribs leaving a stream of blood. LED lights flashed in the dungeon.

“Next lecture, I will tell how eyes behave at the time of death.” Guruji said in his calm voice, pleasantly resting Raj’s head in his lap. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Dream - I forgot mine

Raj let his hand drop without any effort. Claps and claps, followed it. What a pleasant voice he had. His hands moved so swiftly over the guitar as if a rider was caressing his horse. Everyone came and praised him. Some suggested him to go for auditions at various competitions. Some just compared him with great singers. He was the star of the party for the next five minutes.

Everyone got busy in themselves and started to talk about their family and how frustrated they were with their job. Raj was packing his guitar in the backpack. 

"Would you mind if I can have a hand at your guitar?"

Mithun, his mentor was standing right infront of him. He got hold of the guitar like it was a baby. His eyes were shining as if he had met a lost friend after decades. Raj had never seen a man in 50’s with such love towards a musical instrument.

“How often you play it?” asked mithun, feeling the guitar strings. He then gave a gentle stroke to it.

“Not much, the office hours are too hectic to spare time for it. I used to play it in my college life.”

“You are good with it. You should spend even more time with it or you would regret it later.”

Raj knew what was going to come next. An old man finding his college love again but he knows they have to part once more. He is now tied to bonds of family, children, worrying about future and everything else.

“You know I always wanted to be a singer. We even started a band and won at many college fest. But money is too important in life. Just a single dream to became a rockstar, but I had to give up mine.”

“You are young kiddo, you would be 25 or something right.”

“26 to be exact.”

“You can make your own band, go play at weekends. Join music enthusiast clubs.”

“I would surely do, but almost every weekend you give some work to do from home. Spare me this week and I will give it a try.”

Raj smirked, he knew it was going to be a tough call for Mithun now.

“Why don’t I give you a leave this Friday?” Mithun raised his eyebrows and then laughed.

Raj stood there confused.

“There is a small club of around 50 members, all IT professionals. They organize a competition every quarter. It’s happening in the Red Clubhouse this Friday. Go and give a shot. The winner gets to perform his piece with one of the reputed bands.”

Raj couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Mithun was a very serious kind of fellow. He was the last person he expected to say these words.

Mithun who had walked few steps away halted and turned back.

“I forgot to tell you, Practise hard. I have still not given up on my dreams.” 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Broke-up - Still friends

He held the screen fixed infront of his eyes. The green dial option was shaking and teasing him to use it. Seemed that it finally lost hope and the screen went off. Raj had been trying to call her. Her name was pressed from the contacts books in more than two minutes. It had been 10 minutes since he had not pressed the call button. His screen timeout had reached.

The phone vibrated. ‘Richa calling’ flashed on the screen. He forgot to switch from vibrate to ringtone. The mobile kept vibrating and he kept blankly looking at it. No feelings, no thoughts. He picked up the call and slowly brought the phone to his ears.

“Helllooooo. Raj?”

“Happy Birthday, Richa.”

“Aww, thank you. But you forgot na. You forgot my birthday. You were always the first one to call.” A very cheerful, excited voice was coming from the other end.

“Oh no, I didn’t.” his voice was heavy than usual. “I must have lost track of time.”

“You didn’t. Leave. Where is my gift?”

“I can’t do this.” Even heavier voice mixed with pain came out.

“Raj.” A pause followed. “We broke up but that doesn’t mean it will end our friendship. We will still remain good friends right.”

Silence was there and both needed it.

“Ok, where do you want the treat? Let’s meet at the Tikki wala, I haven’t been there for a long time. Don’t be shocked, we will then go to a good restaurant and have proper dinner.”

He was listening and breathing.

“You will come right?” The voice was a little concerning this time.

“Yes, I will surely come.” Raj said in a confident voice.

He removed his finger from the doorbell. Kept the mobile in his pocket. Placed the bouquet of flower on the doorstep and left.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Love triangle - boy, girl and religion

“I love you Ankita.”

“Even I like you faraz but we are from different religions. We can’t be together. No-one will support us. It’s better not to start a relationship which is impossible to exist. ”

“What if I change my religion?”

She gave an irritated look and left.

Thousands of questions were going in her mind. What if he really does? Could they be together then? What if he just wishes to listen her answer and would not change his religion. Like flowcharts, If, Yes and No were making a lot of outcomes. Some would bring a smile and others would confuse her even more.

They met again tomorrow like every other day. But today, both were uncomfortable. He was the first to start the conversation.

“You didn’t reply to my question yesterday. What if..?"

Ankita stopped him in between, she was prepared for the answer. She had wasted whole night and was ready to give response to his any argument. She had already done this conversation hundreds of time playing both the roles.

“Firstly, I don’t want you to change your religion. You should not do that for anybody.”
She went on and on and he was calmly listening. She finished but unprepared for his reply.

“You know even if I had been of same religion and caste, you would not have fallen in love with me. The problem is not religion but you don’t want to fight the society. You are just too scared. You just needed to found out one reason not to fall in love.”

“Yes, I am. You should be too. You can’t survive being anti-social.”

There was a pause and they could each hear other’s breath. Ankita could feel the difference. He was still calm. She knew, he is neither stupid nor arrogant to understand her words. But yes, something else was driving him right now.

“How could you be so confident of us being together?”

Another pause. He kept staring at her.

“I would have to break my every relation to be with you. My family would abandon me for sure. Tell me why should I be with you then?”

Faraz smiled.

“LOVE. I would never leave you, no matter what.”

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

With You

Ask for love, I would give it to you,
Try to smile, I would laugh with you,
Light a hope, I would shine for you,
Leave me later, why can’t I be with you.

Ask a shoulder, I would weep with you,
Be the weird, I would be crazier than you,
Say the words, I would sing for you,
My heart is with me, it looks better with you…

Try to sleep, there would be silence and you,
Walk the road, there would be shores for you,
Climb the hill, there would be stars by you,
Don’t give me hope, when I can’t be with you.

Listen to your heart, I am ready to follow you,
Come little closer, I just wanna hold you,
Have some faith, I still only love you,
Just answer with yes, Can I be with you?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


“Sorry, baby. I was stuck with some work. I hope you didn’t wait for long.”

Raj smirked. “Don’t worry, I have now got used to it.”

Richa hugged him and held her ears till a smile brightened his face.

“What did you do all this time. Must have been looking at those cameras and mobiles and other electronic junks.” 

“Yup, I actually bought one.”

“Ahhhh, ok, I am hungry, let’s first get something to eat.”

“Hmmm, you go and take a seat I will order two coffee and some snacks.”

Richa opened the purse and checked her looks while raj went and ordered.

“So what did you buy today?”

“I got a very good deal. I purchased these headphones at a very low price.”

“Oh wow, how much?” She took the headphones and struggled to find the price tag.

“It was just for 2000 bucks and it got a very good surround sound…”

“2000 bucks!” her loud voice just surprised him. “And you say it’s cheap.”

“Common, it’s SkullCandy. SKULLCANDY.” Noticing she had never heard the name before, he felt disappointed. “You atleast try it for once.”

“Yeah, whatever candy it is. I don’t understand you guys. Why do you waste so much money on these electronics items you actually don’t need? You got earphones with your mobile phone. You could have used it. Why not spend on something more useful like clothes.”

Raj just stared at her for few seconds. He then loosened his grip, took his hand out of his jeans’ pocket and signaled to leave the topic. They chat there for some time, had dinner at a good restaurant and left.

Next day Raj gifted his sister two beautiful earrings.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

BF - BestFriend

I am a guy and I have got a best friend, a girl. Now Because of the typical Shahrukh dialogues and the mentality of the Indian society, everyone expects and wishes you two, to fall in love. 
“You are made for each other.” “You don’t realize now but soon you will fall in love.” “Why don’t you tell it publicly?” 
Our friends kept torturing us with such sentences every now and then. It even got better when my mom got angry on me for similar doubts. After a time, I even stopped explaining people. I just said we are not but never argued anymore.

This all stopped when she got COMITTED with another guy.

Now, those who were expecting us to fall in love, I hate u guys. I am still just her best friend and we will always remain like that. Our friendship is very strong and we are even more than, I don’t know what to compare with. It’s just like Jai and Veeru of sholay. Yes, our friendship is as strong as portrayed in that movie.

I know you are sad now, it doesn’t look good. The hero, luckily it’s me (yipeee) has not got the girl L . But the story is not about getting the girl. It’s about what happens when your best friend gets committed. Trust me, if your best friend is still single never ever accept the girl/guy they like. Find a strong flaw they can’t refuse but also keep praising him/her for other things to avoid suspicion.

You can’t wish them at 12o’clock at night on their birthday like every year, because this time they are already talking to someone from 11:30.

Your gifts just vanished because they have spent much more on a romantic date and are now asking you for credit.

They would keep chattering about their love and it will just keep you get jealous (if you are not committed).

The trips and vacations are still being planned but without you.

You now have to bring gifts keeping in mind their choice and their lover’s choice.

Their call comes always busy and they might call you back the same day, an hour later.

You could have made fun of anyone, now you got an exception.

They start hiding things from you.

You always doubt if that ‘special person’ is really better than you. (I am better)

Once they are in the chains, you can’t flirt with them. Another person steals the right for that. They might even know you and trust you but after some time they will surely be affected by the bond and closeness you share. They will surely envy and ask your friend to stop behaving like this. Your friend will mostly tell you but you will know even if they don’t.

Bestfriends, it hurts very badly to know that we lost our right over you.
Their lovers, keep doing what you do. You guys are POSSESIVE and we hate you for that, but it brings a shine in their eyes. It’s that thing that always keeps our anger away and we are even much happier for you two.

But, I still hate you.

Monday, 25 August 2014

UniverCell Sync - Experience the Technology

An experience is made out of the memories created at the place. A place can sometimes mesmerize you but if people are the ones you remember then you would surely visit it again.

Univercell at Indira Nagar is one such place where you would fall in love with the staff more than the vast range of electronics they have to offer. Visited it at one of the Sundays. The staff was very polite and greeted like a friend. The staff was young and I felt even more comfortable with them.

Being a blogger meet I found some of my fellow bloggers there. We had a small nice chat and then the VP of the store Saumya came to meet us. She was a very humble and influencing lady. She talked us about our lives and then to the store. It was better that she didn’t just behaved professionally and the interaction was more informal which made me feel good. The staff of the whole store let you feel like you were with friends and you can actually ask for suggestions trusting them about the vast range of confusing electronics items.

Talking about the products, the mobile on displays were on very good conditions with a large number on display. I tried my hands on some of the higher end phones and the staff helped me choose the best one. Although I would still take some time to buy one of those phones but it’s clear what I need in my phone.

The thing I really loved there was the LG pocket photo printer.
I just fell in love with it. The picture quality was superb and it took minutes to print it from my mobile phone. You just need to pair it with Bluetooth and its done.

I really loved my experience at the store and I am planning to buy my next phone from there only.

This post was written with reference to blogger meet at UniverCell -

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


"I love you Richa."

"Raj, you are a nice guy but we can’t be together."

"Why, we work in the same company. We spend a lot of time together. You don’t have a boyfriend and you even like me. Where does the problem lie?"

"See, there is a large difference in our status. I don’t want to break your heart but I don’t want you to feel humiliated later. My whole family is very rich. I own a sedan and you come to the office in the bus."

"Just wait for a year and even I will get a car of my own. Even I have got big dreams and I will fulfill them."

"You really think that in the meager salary we get, you would be able to buy a car. Even if you get a displayable car in installments, it would just dig so many holes in your pocket that you would not be able to get any other comforts of life. My family members are very rich and you can never match their status with this job."

"Is status everything? Yes, I might be a little poor but I am a self-made man. The car would be from my own hard-worked income and not inherited from my family. I love you a lot and I will always keep you happy for sure."

"Don’t behave like kids Raj. We are not in college that love is the key source of being two people in a relationship. We have to take care of the future. Status is the key feature in the professional world. You are a very good guy but we just can’t be anything more than friends. My friends spend thousands for just partying one night. We go adventure sporting once a month and I don’t want you to be left out each and every time."


"No, Raj. You have been saving money from 5 months to buy a sports bike. I know its harsh but I don’t want you to keep any hope later. We belong to a society where money is the most important factor and if you or I were so intelligent to get a huge package then we would not have been in this company. We can’t be together and just accept it. I am sorry but its better that we meet again tomorrow when we are nothing but friends."

Raj smirked as she closed the door behind her. He moved out of the office and dialled a number.

"Hi dad, I understood now what you meant to say. I don't want to prove anything now."

A week later, Richa introduced Raj, her boyfriend to her friends at a pool party. They all were jealous of his luxury car.

Friday, 1 August 2014

I wish it was mine

I wish it was mine.

The girl I had been in love with,
The dreams I had been waking with,
Stars lighting my path till now,
I wish I could get this all somehow…

I also wish for the pains to be mine,
Happiness will only, then look divine,
I think, what if I could fly like a bird,
My wishes I wish were not so absurd…

You know, once I got hold of some coal,
Tried for diamonds, just made some holes,
Am I now, just crying like a baby?
I wish I could, just maybe…

I cry in pain and laugh with joy,
Am I not being played like a toy?
Proud, I don’t have anything to be,
I wish atleast my freedom was free…

The sun is burning, deserts ain’t fertile,
I wish the truth was, I have a smile,
Things I lost, if I could re-define,
I just wish, I wish it was mine…

Monday, 23 June 2014

An act, an Actor

He had been waiting for the lead actor to arrive. It had been 2 hours and everybody was silently cursing the star. He wished he had been at his place.

He came to Mumbai with a dream. The dream which brings thousands of people here every year. He was the star of the theatre circle at the Delhi. His average looks and simple physique never let him dream of stardom but he knew he could do great in supporting roles. He didn’t lack in talent to shake his belief.

Three years had passed and he was yet to get a decent role. He got in some films but he had to point out his presence in them. He couldn’t go back, he had already brought enough shame on his family.

The spot boy called him. The director was set for the scene.

“Cut”, the director shouted.

Everybody started praising his acting. The emotions, the expressions were just excellent.

He looked at them and smiled within. He went and took the small amount for the small role. He came out and started laughing. He didn’t act for them. They were praising his acting but he hadn’t given them anything. 
He was doing the role of a beggar not eaten anything for many days. 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


The meeting had been over. The flight from bangalore to Delhi was in 2 hours so he rushed to the Airport. Raj quickly made with the check-in and the security, once again troubled him asking to open his small suitcase. The branded stationary these days can be used as dangerous instruments with slight modification, given the metal content in them. He took a light snack and waited for the boarding to start.

He took out his i-pad and checked for mails and sent his reports. The important works need to be completed on the journey to save him some time for his family dinner. Life goes hard as you keep climbing the stairs of success. The flight attendant announced for the passengers to board and he made his move.

He took his seat in the Aisle. Family and kids often ask him to exchange a window seat so he hated it. He kept doing his work until the pretty air hostess forcefully closed it. He wished to reach home sooner. His son graduated today and would have been home by now with his degree. He so wanted to attend it but couldn’t.

A sudden jolt and the i-pad fell down. The oxygen mask dropped down before the announcement could even start after the beeping noise. The jolts continued. The airhostess was terrified and didn’t know how to react. The thud and the plane started losing altitude. Everything happened in an instant. The mind was still working but it had accepted a very hard reality. Raj knew his life was important but he didn’t even try to save it. He started viewing everything in slow motion. The havoc and the screams just deluded away. He could see the every strand of hair of the lady sitting next to her flowing slowly and effortlessly. He for the first time realized that there were co-passengers in the plane who were just like him. Liquid coffee was floating in air and made shapes like he used to make in clouds. The plane in which he had travelled for infinite number of times now attracted him with its architecture. The shape of dome and the yellow lines everything seemed to be new for him. Unlike others he didn’t had even a single wrinkle on his forehead.

He saw a young girl sitting in the seat infront shouting his name. He could see his daughter trying to hold him in his arm. His son just went on stage to get his degree and he was there sitting with his beautiful wife. His wife, the most beautiful women he had met in his life. He regret for the first time that he would not be able to tell them how much he loved them.

He extended his arm to console and comfort the girl infront. Something hit his palm and SMASH. Raj stood up and picked up the broken pieces of glass. He needs not to get so lost in the stories he is writing.

My Love

I don’t know what love is. Everytime I see a beautiful girl my heart starts beating. I am fascinated by her beauty, her features and her curves. There is a moment when she is the only important person around. Yes, it happens with me often.

If you ask me if I love you, I don’t know. I have no idea what love is about. If love is saying and believing that you are the most beautiful girl of this world, I wouldn’t like to answer. If love is being yours and having formal relationship with every opposite gender, I don’t like it. If love is changing myself to be the one every one in your society will be proud of, I can’t be it. If love is never hurt your feelings irrespective of burning inside, I won’t do it. If love is being possessive/ doubtful about your partner, I hate it.

I don’t know what love is and I don’t care. I wish to say a lot of things to you but I am not able to. I just wish to say I care for you. If you got cold, I will be there for you holding the pack of napkins every time you sneeze. You might not be the most beautiful girl but you are the perfect one for me. I might flirt with some people sometimes but they are nothing infront of you. I wish to make them realize the love we got and the love we have to share. I want to show them that our bond is strong and I am yours. I would break the skull of every person who talks ill about you. I would fight with you, irritate you and then ask you sorry for it. I would cuddle you, hug you, do whatever it takes to remove your fury and make you fall in love with me again. I would never doubt you because I know you trust me the same. I would do anything to make you feel like the princess of my castle. I would just tell you sometimes “I Love You”.

Monday, 19 May 2014

The Proposal

“You mind your words.” Richa shouted on the top of her voice.

The debate competition had turned into a heated argument between two people, each trying to satisfy their own ego. An influencing topic like corruption had been out of the league and each of them was blaming for the other’s mind to be corrupt. Richa had been the champion of her school debate team but Raj’s swift talk drove her mad. Even he was not ready to behave or think logically. The debate had to end with both of them being asked to leave the stage.

Ever since, they hated each other. A glance of the other on the streets of college would turn the fire in other’s mind. They competed in each and every event the other was taking part into. Their hatred could not become as famous as when they were spotted being together. Their rivalry grew and they realized that they need each other even more. The event of them walking on the sidewalks, holding each other’s hand spread like a forest fire in the campus.

Richa was a happy-go-lucky girl.  She was arrogant, rude but good from heart. She had big dreams and worked hard for it. Raj on the other hand was a calm and introvert person. He found happiness in small things.

Their love story had been quite dramatic till now. Different people used to quote different movies which resembled them. It was not just them but their love story which had been a part of people’s talk. Richa felt good to hear it and wished to let it remain like that forever.

They had been dating for sometime but Raj hadn’t proposed her yet. It wasn't that he didn’t want to but because she wouldn’t let him do it. She wanted him to propose her in a way to make it memorable. She would often google ideas and ask him to propose her that way. Raj would often let it go off with a laugh and sometimes get into planning the events with her. She had clearly stated that either he has to make the proposal a cherished one or be ready to take a NO as the answer. This would irritate Raj the most.

One night, they were chatting as usual. They would chat till 4am usually but today the clock had stroked 5 and he was still not ready to hang-up. He suddenly asked her to meet and go for a stroll. It was still dark outside and they were walking all alone. He was holding her hands tighter than usual and he was not paying attention towards her this time.
“Wait.” He moved a little far from her.

There was complete silence. The sun has just risen and she could hear the movement of the sun going up. A ray just touched her and she could feel the warmth. She looked up and the reddish sky with golden shades was nothing like what she had seen before. As if a painter had just poured down the colours and let them find their own path. It was even better than her imaginations. Just then a huge flock of birds passed over chirping the most beautiful song ever. The cool breeze made her wish to fly along with those birds. She was mesmerized by the beauty so she took few minutes to look down.

She stayed there, calm and speechless. There he was right in the front. Bent on the knees holding a single rose in his hand. He looked at her and said the magical three words. A sweat tickled down the ear of Raj. He didn’t know what she would say now.

She ran and hugged him. It was perfect.