Wednesday, 6 August 2014


"I love you Richa."

"Raj, you are a nice guy but we can’t be together."

"Why, we work in the same company. We spend a lot of time together. You don’t have a boyfriend and you even like me. Where does the problem lie?"

"See, there is a large difference in our status. I don’t want to break your heart but I don’t want you to feel humiliated later. My whole family is very rich. I own a sedan and you come to the office in the bus."

"Just wait for a year and even I will get a car of my own. Even I have got big dreams and I will fulfill them."

"You really think that in the meager salary we get, you would be able to buy a car. Even if you get a displayable car in installments, it would just dig so many holes in your pocket that you would not be able to get any other comforts of life. My family members are very rich and you can never match their status with this job."

"Is status everything? Yes, I might be a little poor but I am a self-made man. The car would be from my own hard-worked income and not inherited from my family. I love you a lot and I will always keep you happy for sure."

"Don’t behave like kids Raj. We are not in college that love is the key source of being two people in a relationship. We have to take care of the future. Status is the key feature in the professional world. You are a very good guy but we just can’t be anything more than friends. My friends spend thousands for just partying one night. We go adventure sporting once a month and I don’t want you to be left out each and every time."


"No, Raj. You have been saving money from 5 months to buy a sports bike. I know its harsh but I don’t want you to keep any hope later. We belong to a society where money is the most important factor and if you or I were so intelligent to get a huge package then we would not have been in this company. We can’t be together and just accept it. I am sorry but its better that we meet again tomorrow when we are nothing but friends."

Raj smirked as she closed the door behind her. He moved out of the office and dialled a number.

"Hi dad, I understood now what you meant to say. I don't want to prove anything now."

A week later, Richa introduced Raj, her boyfriend to her friends at a pool party. They all were jealous of his luxury car.


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