Friday, 28 September 2012

White Doves

A sweet short love story

2 minutes ago, I was saying sorry,
I always loved you, don’t worry,
You knew, it was not my fault,
Let’s add some sugar to the salt.

1 hour ago, we were fighting,
On the unicorns, devils were riding,
I feel bad that you had to wait,
She is my best friend not my date.

3 hours ago, you had called me,
You were bored wished for coffee,
Didn’t I tell you, I was busy?
Easy to understand, not so fussy,

5 hours ago, a call by my friend,
She had a heart, waiting to be mend,
Another break-up, she had to go through,
The only, thing, I don’t want from you.

10 hours ago, you texted good night,
I didn’t reply, so had a small fight,
Never said sorry, maybe it was ego,
I saw it late, not trying to ignore,

24 hours ago, we went on a ride,
Completely lost, with you on my side,
The beautiful hours we spent together,
Want them to repeat, everyday forever.

Let’s forget a day which went bad,
Precious moments, before that we had,
Do you know, what’s said about our love?
There are, those rare white doves…


  1. awesome is a word you surpassed today . . .

    your best piece ever
    keep going . . .

  2. Are thnx a lot... means a lot to me

  3. Replies
    1. Nice to hear such a lovely comment from a talented person like you...

  4. ha ha. nice.. hopeless romantic..!! :D

    1. was nt able to understand whether this was gud or bad, but thnx anyway :P

  5. Its great Rahul! One of your bests! :)

    1. I had this idea to be implemented n kept it in a notepad for about six months because i couldn't find words for this one.

  6. dats incredible bhai.. A+ work :) !! \m/