Saturday, 3 November 2012

Beaten Drums

Music is the key to life. You could get lost to your dreamworld with just tuning up your fav song.
It helps us to get back to the normal life after a hectic day. It soothes the soul.
Tried to mix the music with my compositions, but it would remain incomplete without a proper tune.
I tried to give that too, hope u all get that.
My first song which i wish to be sung, So if anybody's interested just drop me a msg.

I am the thump of beaten drums,
Music of trumpet blown away,
In the boulevard of emptiness,
All i want is you to stay.

I am the strings of your guitar,
Don't struggle with it will break,
Take my freedom and my pride,
Don't keep my love at stake.

My heart is not your flute, that you dug so many holes,
I think u are a football fan, you are trying to make it a goal.
I know i am a classic and you a metal fan,
It seems you live in a country, where love is totally banned.

Once you said, you love piano,
My love for you is even bigger,
I heard you once playing it,
Your heart beat was sweeter.

Pressing hard on me like a keyboard,
Shouting sharp like a piccolo,
Been singing the song of our love,
Don't want it to be anymore solo.

Playing the beats very lovely, why just xylophone,
My heart beats on your beats, don't treat it like a stone,
You are the full stop of my life, me,  just a comma,
I have been in your life like, air in the harmonica.

I am the classics of a violin,
Love me like your cello,
In the book of your life,
I am the pages turned yellow.

I am the thump of beaten drums,
Music of trumphet blown away,
In the boulevard of emptiness,
All I want is you to stay.