Sunday, 13 October 2013

Interesting Life, like Movies

Every single one of us wishes to be the romeo, success tycoon and the tough guy shown in the movies. But even after our sincere efforts hardly any of us live like them. What’s the major difference?

The guy in the movies is one of the two categories.
  1. Rich brat who irrespective of whether he is having a decent enjoyable life or a spoiled one, is gonna get into family business or anything gr8 because he doesn’t need to care about the future. For ex- every second bollywood movie.
  2. A totally spoiled kid. The parents after trying hard have lost faith in him. But due to an accident or a girl in the life or by self acknowledgement, gains maturity and then follows his passion irrespective of the feelings of his family.  For ex- The rest of the movies left in above category.

But what about the common Indian guy? A common person here is not very rich and everyone wishes to get a job before his dad retires so he can bring food at home. How are we supposed to enjoy life with this? Like the youngsters in the movies we can’t just run out and ignore studies. Following our passion without caring about the family is not the scenario here. To be successful we need to work very hard to be able to set a great carrier. In that working hard period can we make our life that much interesting? It’s just a myth that we can’t. So what do we need to do to make it as interesting as in the movies?
  •  Don’t work on Sundays. Sundays are only to meet old friends, go to a new place or have a party even without occasion. Work harder on the rest of the days.
  • Get out of social networking sites. They are just making you more dull and boring. The real adventure and thrill can only be faced when your body works along with your brains.
  • Make small clubs and be a dedicated member of it. Biker clubs going on long drives, cricket club playing every weekend mornings, drama club, book lovers club or even a geek club. Join anything of your choice but also go to the regular meetings.
  • Help someone in need atleast once a week. It doesn’t mean giving pen to a co-student in the class. Some in real need like orphans, beggars, elders, lost people or someone emotionally broke (but not ditched).
  • Make a call or meet someone you have not been in contact with in a long time, every week.
  • Propose somebody and be loved or rather get heart-broken but still do it.
  • Go to a new restaurant, place and movies at least once every month. Try new genre of movies, order for new dishes from different cuisines and go to exotic places.
  • Jumping from an airplane on someone’s back is thrilling but learning to do them alone is even better. Learn basics of as many of them as you can. Do two adventure sports without any support before you turn 30.
  • Have friendship or a small conversation with a random stranger every week.
  • Remember one thing every moment of your life. Money is indeed very important for your survival today but it is not the most important one. Find out, what are the things that are more important for you than money.

This is a list of some of things which when implemented will surely turn out your common simple life into a most exciting one. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dukh to hota hai

दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

झीलों   को , पंछियों  को  देखकर ,
उजड़े  हुए  अरमानों  को  देखकर ,
मुछों  को  दिया  करती  थी  जो  ताव ,
काँपते  हुए  उन  हाथों  को   देखकर ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

जब  मेरे  सपने  टूट  जाते  हैं ,
आशाओं  के  हज़ार  टुकड़े  हो  जाते  हैं ,
बड़े  ही  उल्फत  से  संजाया  था  आशियाँ ,
एक  आंधी  से  पेड़  ठूठ  बन  जाते  हैं ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

जब  लहू  का   रंग  फीका  पड़  जाए ,
शाम  खले  और  शमा  थम  सी  जाये ,
हर  जर्रे  से  बस  यही  पुकार  आये ,
रुक  जा , चल  अब  हार  भी  जाए ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

फिर  भी  हँसता  हूँ , ये  जाली  है ,
होटों  पे  ख़ुशी , दिल  मेरा  खाली  है ,
मैं  इंसान  हूँ , इसका  दुःख  तो  नहीं ,
मेरे  लिए , पर , ये  एक  गाली  है ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

लड़  रहा  हूँ , ज़िन्दगी  बाकी  है अभी ,
कुछ  ख्वाब  है , अधूरे  हैं  सभी ,
नहीं  पता , पूरा  कर  पाउँगा  क्या  इन्हें ?
पर  हिम्मत , मुझमे  काफी  है  अभी ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  है , लेकिन , सबको  होता  है ।