Saturday, 22 February 2014

1st Interaction

When I entered in my college life, like every other guy I also had two dreams.  Get some good friends and impress some beautiful girls. This story is about my 1st interaction with a very beautiful girl of my college.

A class of 30 students, each trying to make his first impression the best one. Girls with prefect make-up seemed like they just came out of the shehnaz beauty parlour. Guys dressed like gentlemen, naah they did come the way they dressed everyday (why are we boys like this? :P ). Guys finding places to sit near beautiful girls and girls secretly looking at the well built guy from the corner of their eyes. They however managed to take a seat behind him to get a better look at him (girls are much more clever).

I was a little shy or maybe I didn’t get a seat vacant except at the 1st bench so I moved to the very last bench. The teacher was such a lady and what a pleasant voice she had. But who pays attention to her on the very first day. The mind was all around surrounded for searching the playground, sports room, gym and the swimming pool (especially the girl’s one).

I soon made a friend and was playing Angry Birds on his costly smartphone, he had been showing off from some time when a voice made me raise my head. With bowed head she walked to a seat on the empty 1st row. A pretty girl had entered and I waited for the violins and guitars to be played. Instead my heart did beat like a drum. She was sitting there clam and idle. Her eyes unlike others were not busy judging her colleagues. She didn’t care if someone noticed her or not. She was very beautiful but lame to utilize this talent to impress others.

“Now pay attention here everybody.” The teacher shouted and took my attention. The loudness and the firm look in her eyes stopped me from all distractions. “We will break in group of five, 3 guys and 2 girls. Then each group will sit in a circle and being the 1st class you have to know as much you can about the person sitting to the left of you.”

Ohh, did I waste time, not at all. I clearly remember of pushing few guys, arranging the chairs swiftly just to get a seat to the right of her. The heart and breath, both were pacing hard but the 1st step to victory had been taken. I gave a gentle smile to everyone in the group and turned towards her. I was a little conscious and out of breath.

“Hi, I am Raj. Tell me something about yourself.” I was dying to hear the most pleasant voice. Every second was ticking in my mind.

She calmly replied. “Basically I hate boys.”

PS: That was her only reply. We became good friends later and forever.

This post has been written as a part of the competition #ConditionSeriousHai! by the Cadbury 5star.