Friday, 13 December 2013

A girl

Merry, cheerful and the naughty me,
I love playing in the sun,
As the night approaches by,
I am left along with none.

A girl is what my identity says,
Its just appearance I would add,
The heart beats the similar way,
It’s not the brain they can brag.

I like having tea at roadside,
Accompanying me is a friend,
Can’t roam around alone at night,
They say I cannot defend.

Indecency is not my clothes you see,
I just want some peace of mind,
I don’t accuse you of crime but,
How long will you remain blind?

If I tell how it’s like to be a girl,
There is a lot to say but,
The sorrow may weaken your heart,
I prefer to keep my mouth shut.

I didn’t shout till now because,
I was just the next door girl,
The things are going to change now,
My world has been on a swirl.

A walk along the home one evening,
Some groceries and a lot of leers,
I hurried to the path ahead,
To save something that was dear.

The four of them got hold of me,
Wolves were having the foal,
They looted as long they wished,
They only spared my soul.

I cried but in vain it went,
The news spread like a dictum,
The society is behaving as such,
I am the culprit not the victim.

They prayed for me, cried for me,
It was just starting of the doom,
Everyone said to kill the child,
I had in my womb.

Can’t protect our pride or honour,
It’s for all of them not some,
Don’t worry girls my son will be,
The man we desire them to become.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Liebster Award

It was Monday evening that Jaynthbusi nominated my blog for the liebster blogger award. First of all I would like to thank him for considering me for this award. It felt good that people were reading my blog and liked it. I felt honored and privileged to have been chosen.

As I had heard about it for the first time let me explain it to you with its rules and regulations.


It is said that , the Liebster Blog Award started in Germany(probably) & is used to highlight new/recent/lesser known blogs or let say blogs with less than 200 followers. This is an award given to new and upcoming bloggers who deserve to be out-shown in blogosphere as they are good at what they are blogging. It also creates a chance for introducing new bloggers.


The Liebster is an award you accept with the intention of paying it forward.
To say some basic instructions are –
·         Answer the 10 questions the tagger has given you.
·         Tag 10 more Bloggers to pass the award to them (with no more than 200 followers; no tagging back).
·         Make 10 questions for the people you tagged.
·         Tell the people you tagged that you did.

The questions put forward for me were –

1. What is your opinion about yourself, compare it with your favorite fictional character (cartoon)?

I am a happy go lucky person. My favorite cartoon fictional character is “Jerry” and just like him I love troubling my friends. I may harass them but I even care for them a lot.

2. What do you earn by blogging? (like casual not offending)

All I earn and ever wish to earn from blogging is the love and respect of the people.

3. What is your favorite music genre? Why?

My favorite genre is old romantic classical songs. They give me a peace of mind.

4. School or college?

Definitely college. My college life is as awesome as I can expect it to be. I never wished for anything more.

5. You think someone good must come to politics? If so why? Aren't you good?

Politics is a place where it’s easy to judge than to be at. After being at a responsible position in a small club of my college I know the hardships and it’s better to take someone’s place before start judging his actions.

6. You happy with what you're studying?

I hate studies but since I have to do it atleast I am doing something I hate the least.

7. Your opinion on Indian culture?

The Indian culture is the best in the world. The only country to promote secularism in such a well manner.

8. Worse thing about you?

If I don’t like you I would say it straight on your face without thinking twice.

9. Your three unfulfilled dreams?

Getting a job in Google.
Owning a hayabusa
Scuba diving

10. Your favorite subject?

The person on whom, I am writing my next blog post.

Now choosing the nominees & the questions

I would like to share my award with

Tarun Mitra -
Namrata -
Deepak -
Arish -
Sumit -
Jasmeet -
Madhusudan Mahawar -
Arunima -
Sreedev -

The 10 questions for you guys are –

1- What is your favorite word?
2- Have you any nick names? If so, what and why?
3- Name 5 of the most important Things in your life?
4- 3 physical features you get complimented on a lot?
5- Describe your fighting style: drunken master or angry monkey?
6- What is the wildest thing you have ever done?
7- Have you ever tried to steal? If yes, what?
8- What’s a secret skill that you have?
9- What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?
10- Have you ever flirted with the idea of writing a novel?

Let’s pass it on & see what others have to say….
Keep Blogging :)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Unki shararat

उनकी  अदाओं  पे  मर  गए , उनकी  शरारत  पे  मर  गए ,
कुछ  न  कहा  उन्होंने , उनकी  नज़ाकत  पे  मर  गए ,
क़त्ल  हो  जाता  तो  कातिल  तो  कह  देते ,
मुस्कान  पे  कभी , तो  कभी  निगाहों  से  मर  गए ।

Unki adaon pe mar gaye, unki shararat pe mar gaye,
Kuch na kaha unhone, unki nazakat pe mar gaye,
Katl ho jaata to katil to keh dete,
Muskan pe kabhi to kabhi nigahon se mar gaye...

Monday, 18 November 2013

Thats when I realized

Today I complete the third month of my college life. It’s been total fun till now. Making friends, a lot of them, roaming around the city and above all having total freedom are all so wonderful. 

Yesterday was one of the most memorable days of the college. The whole afternoon was spent in celebrating the birthday party of one of the batch mates. We went to Adventure Park and had lots of fun with rides and games and a lot of clicks. The afternoon was so filled with fun and frolic that we even forgot to have our lunch.

We came back at evening by 5 pm. I was too tired to do anything so went and had a good nap of two hours. It feels good to sleep at any time of day and you can stay awake longer at nights.

8 o’clock, about whole of the college could be seen at mess or roaming around it. The number of people standing outside is much more than the number of people sitting inside which clearly says just one thing, one need to eat outside today.

I along with my friend Raj went out to try the restaurant nearby. The food was great and a vegetarian like me hardly finds food with a good taste. The day had been super awesome till now and only thing that could be better than this was a SRK movie. The latest had released two days ago so we bought two tickets for it and luckily got it in the heavy bookings for the last show. After spending an hour, window shopping at the mall we were able to spend the gap of idleness.

The movie had SRK so it couldn't have a flaw. I just loved it. It was too late to go back to the hostel so we planned to spend the night at his flat. This was going to be my fourth night out which was more than expected with just the beginning of the college. His 2 bhk flat was nearby and made me envy him so much. Many of my friends opted for living in flat/PG instead of hostel. I always preferred staying at a flat but my parent felt me to keep at hostel. I have spent a gala time at 3 of my friend’s flat and every time I get so jealous of them.

His flat was well furnished unlike my other friends and the thing I liked the most was that he had both the fridge and a TV. We took out two bottles of beer from it and had a little chat. The chat went from normal college talks to our childhood tales and our old friends. We kept on talking and suddenly he realized that it has been sunrise. Another night had been spent sleepless so I just asked him to drop me to hostel on his bike so I could get atleast a good 8 hour sleep, missing all my classes.

Its 2 p.m and I am awake now. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I could see people looking at me with not a good sight and I knew that they were jealous of my coolness. I got ready and went out to meet my gang of Raj, Rahul & Amrit. While waiting for them I overheard some of my colleagues.

They were saying me to be characterless. I could not understand why. My friends and I, were all doing the same things but only I was the only one made the character less in all of them.

That’s when I realized that I was a girl.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Rone do mujhe

दिल टूटा है फिर से मेरा,
घोंसले में था साँप का बसेरा,
हाथ आगे  बढाकर, खुद गिर गए,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

दोस्ती भी की , निभायी भी है,
ग़मों का खज़ाना , पाया भी है,
बताऊँ भी तो अब मैं किसे,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

मेहनत है की , कामयाबी को चूमा,
गिरकर मैं निराशा में झूमा ,
गलती थी मेरी, पता है मुझे,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

टूटूंगा कब मैं, इसकी आजमाइस है,
भावनाओं की मेरी, देखो नुमाइश है,
सुनाएंगे मेरी तबाही के किस्से,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

 हारूंगा एक दिन, अभी समय बाकी है,
ठंडा है खून, पर बहाव बाकी है,
इतनी आसानी से नही दूँगा जान मैं तुझे,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

उम्मीद की किरण लौट कर आयी है,
नया है सवेरा, मिटी तन्हाई है,
लम्बा इंतज़ार था, इस ख़ुशी का मुझे,
मत रोको अब, रोने दो मुझे।

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Interesting Life, like Movies

Every single one of us wishes to be the romeo, success tycoon and the tough guy shown in the movies. But even after our sincere efforts hardly any of us live like them. What’s the major difference?

The guy in the movies is one of the two categories.
  1. Rich brat who irrespective of whether he is having a decent enjoyable life or a spoiled one, is gonna get into family business or anything gr8 because he doesn’t need to care about the future. For ex- every second bollywood movie.
  2. A totally spoiled kid. The parents after trying hard have lost faith in him. But due to an accident or a girl in the life or by self acknowledgement, gains maturity and then follows his passion irrespective of the feelings of his family.  For ex- The rest of the movies left in above category.

But what about the common Indian guy? A common person here is not very rich and everyone wishes to get a job before his dad retires so he can bring food at home. How are we supposed to enjoy life with this? Like the youngsters in the movies we can’t just run out and ignore studies. Following our passion without caring about the family is not the scenario here. To be successful we need to work very hard to be able to set a great carrier. In that working hard period can we make our life that much interesting? It’s just a myth that we can’t. So what do we need to do to make it as interesting as in the movies?
  •  Don’t work on Sundays. Sundays are only to meet old friends, go to a new place or have a party even without occasion. Work harder on the rest of the days.
  • Get out of social networking sites. They are just making you more dull and boring. The real adventure and thrill can only be faced when your body works along with your brains.
  • Make small clubs and be a dedicated member of it. Biker clubs going on long drives, cricket club playing every weekend mornings, drama club, book lovers club or even a geek club. Join anything of your choice but also go to the regular meetings.
  • Help someone in need atleast once a week. It doesn’t mean giving pen to a co-student in the class. Some in real need like orphans, beggars, elders, lost people or someone emotionally broke (but not ditched).
  • Make a call or meet someone you have not been in contact with in a long time, every week.
  • Propose somebody and be loved or rather get heart-broken but still do it.
  • Go to a new restaurant, place and movies at least once every month. Try new genre of movies, order for new dishes from different cuisines and go to exotic places.
  • Jumping from an airplane on someone’s back is thrilling but learning to do them alone is even better. Learn basics of as many of them as you can. Do two adventure sports without any support before you turn 30.
  • Have friendship or a small conversation with a random stranger every week.
  • Remember one thing every moment of your life. Money is indeed very important for your survival today but it is not the most important one. Find out, what are the things that are more important for you than money.

This is a list of some of things which when implemented will surely turn out your common simple life into a most exciting one. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dukh to hota hai

दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

झीलों   को , पंछियों  को  देखकर ,
उजड़े  हुए  अरमानों  को  देखकर ,
मुछों  को  दिया  करती  थी  जो  ताव ,
काँपते  हुए  उन  हाथों  को   देखकर ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

जब  मेरे  सपने  टूट  जाते  हैं ,
आशाओं  के  हज़ार  टुकड़े  हो  जाते  हैं ,
बड़े  ही  उल्फत  से  संजाया  था  आशियाँ ,
एक  आंधी  से  पेड़  ठूठ  बन  जाते  हैं ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

जब  लहू  का   रंग  फीका  पड़  जाए ,
शाम  खले  और  शमा  थम  सी  जाये ,
हर  जर्रे  से  बस  यही  पुकार  आये ,
रुक  जा , चल  अब  हार  भी  जाए ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

फिर  भी  हँसता  हूँ , ये  जाली  है ,
होटों  पे  ख़ुशी , दिल  मेरा  खाली  है ,
मैं  इंसान  हूँ , इसका  दुःख  तो  नहीं ,
मेरे  लिए , पर , ये  एक  गाली  है ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  मुझे  भी  होता  है ।

लड़  रहा  हूँ , ज़िन्दगी  बाकी  है अभी ,
कुछ  ख्वाब  है , अधूरे  हैं  सभी ,
नहीं  पता , पूरा  कर  पाउँगा  क्या  इन्हें ?
पर  हिम्मत , मुझमे  काफी  है  अभी ,
हाँ , होता  है ,
दुःख  तो  है , लेकिन , सबको  होता  है ।

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Kuch to kam hai

मैं  हँसता  हूँ , मैं  रोता  हूँ ,
मैं  गाता  हूँ , मैं  सोता  हूँ ,
हर  बार  अकेलेपन  में  मैं ,
खुद  को  यही  कहता  हूँ ,
नहीं , कुछ  तो  कम  है ।

इन  फिजाओं  में , इन  घटाओं  में ,
सूरज  से  तपती  हवाओं  में ,
क्या  खूब  कहा  है  शायर  ने ,
महफ़िल  में  बैठे  बेगानों  में ,
नहीं , कुछ  तो  कम  है ।

पागलों  के  इस  परवाने  को ,
मस्ती  में  झूमते  मस्ताने  को ,
समझाओ  मत  अब  और  कुछ ,
दुखियों  के  इस  दीवाने  को ,
नहीं , कुछ  तो  कम  है ।

न  दवा  लगे , न  दुआ  लगे ,
दया  भी  जिसकी  सजा  लगे ,
गुलाब  के  इस  पौधे  के ,
किस्मत  में  बस  हैं  कांटे  लगे ,
नहीं , कुछ  तो  कम  है ।

जिसे  चाहा  वोह  न  अपना  हुआ ,
हर  रिश्ता  मेरा  सपना  हुआ ,
ख़ुशी  की  फरियाद  की  दिल  से ,
मुझको  वोह  भी  मना  हुआ ,
हाँ , कुछ  तो  कम  है ।

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Tera husn jaise kali ka khilna,
adaon mein kirno si shararat hai,
palkon mein rakhunga bas bata de mujhko,
kya tujhse ishq krne ki mujhe izazat hai.

तेरा  हुस्न  जैसे   कली   का  खिलना ,
अदाओं  में  किरणों  सी  शरारत  है ,
पलकों  में  रखूँगा   बस  बता  दे  मुझको ,
क्या  तुझसे  इश्क  करने  की  मुझे  इज़ाज़त  है। 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Badi Patang

The poem is dedicated to every child working for us at tea-stalls, dhabas, etc and dream of being like us one day. A boy once asked me if I have ever been on an airplane which had flown just minutes before, above our head. I replied yes. He looked at me, smiled and went back to his work.

इन  छोटी  सी  आँखों  में  सपने ,
कुछ  चुरा  के ,  कुछ  अपने ,
एक  टूटे  पंछी  की  उड़ान ,
दुनिया  एक  पिंजरा,  कैद  हर  इंसान  ।

कद  है  छोटा  मेरी  उम्र  भी ,
तभी  हँसता  हूँ , मैं  दुःख  में  भी ,
नंगे  पाँव , कपड़ों  में  जाले ,
सपने  बहुत  लेकिन  है  काले ।

चाय  की  एक  घूंट  के  संग  मैं ,
अपने  सपनों  को  भी  पीता  हूँ ,
वो  बड़ी  पतंग  है  आकाश में ,
पाने  की  जिद  लेकर  मैं  जीता  हूँ ।

परिंदों   से  उड़ना  सीखा  है ,
फिर  भी  जाने  क्यूँ  रेंगता  हूँ ,
मार  दे  दो  हाथ  मुझको  तू ,
पर  गाली  पे  मैं  रोता  हूँ ।

बहती  धारा  में , नाव  पे  बैठा  हूँ ,
कोई  बस , मेरी  पतवार  को  ढूंढे ,
गिरती  है  गालों  पे , दिन  में  कैसे ,
आँखों  से  निकलकर , ओंस  की  बूँदें ।

चाय  की  एक  घूंट  के  संग  मैं ,
अपने  सपनों  को  भी  पीता  हूँ ,
 वो  बड़ी  पतंग  है  आकाश में ,
पाने की  जिद  लेकर  मैं  जीता  हूँ ।

एड़ियाँ  फटी  पड़ी  है  मेरी ,
पर  हौसलों  पे  न  ज़ख्म  हुए ,
लालिमा  है  ये  सूरज  की या ,
मेरी  उमीदों  के  फिर  क़त्ल  हुए ।

बेहोशों  की  इस  भीड़  को  मैं ,
होश  में  शायद  ले  आता  हूँ ,
कभी  नज़र  घुमा  के  देखना ,
नुक्कड़  पे  चाय  पिलाता  हूँ ।

चाय  की  एक  घूंट  के  संग  मैं ,
अपने  सपनों  को  भी  पीता  हूँ ,
 वो  बड़ी  पतंग  है   आकाश में ,
पाने की  जिद  लेकर  मैं  जीता  हूँ ।
 वो  बड़ी  पतंग  है   आकाश में ,
पाने की  जिद  लेकर  मैं  जीता  हूँ ।

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Aim of Life

I wanna be a doctor, or dance like a swan,
Cricket, hockey, an artist to be drawn,
 A bird, an alien, a leader of a clan,
I wish to dream something I can, I can, I can…

The feelings of a child who cannot decide, what should he aim to become in future?

कभी सोचता हूँ , डॉक्टर बन जाऊं ,
सफ़ेद कोट पहन , बड़ी गाड़ी में जाऊं ,
ख्वाब रोज़ नए , अभी छोटा हूँ ना ,
क्या है बनना मुझे , ये है सोचना । 

क्या भईया का गिटार लेकर बन जाऊं रॉक स्टार ?
जब से ली है इंजीनियरिंग , वो पड़ा है बेकार , 
क्यूँ नहीं उससे पूछते , उसे क्या बनना है ?
उसकी ट्रोफी से क्या उसके बच्चों को खेलना है ?

दीदी की तरह मॉडल के सपने नहीं देखना मुझको ,
मम्मी पापा से दूर रहना बर्दाश्त नहीं मुझको ,
चार साल हो गए, पर दीदी अब तक नहीं आई ,
जाने क्यूँ उसे पढ़ाई पसंद नहीं आई ?

डांसर , एक्टर या फिर फिल्मों में गाना मैं गाऊं ,
मैं तो सोच रहा , सर्कस का जोकर ही बन जाऊं ,
क्रिकेट , हॉकी , ऐसा क्या कर के दिखाऊ ,
पापा की उम्मीदों पे खरा उतर के आऊं। 

क्या बनू ऐसा, जो ख्वाब पूरा हो जाये ,
चाह कर भी कोई , मुझे रोक न पाए ,
अब किसी ने पूछा , की मैं क्या बनूँगा ,
सबको यही कहूँगा , 
मैं लेखक बनूँगा ,
मैं लेखक बनूँगा।

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Day 1
I have started writing this journal today. This was the 3rd time this week that someone in the neighborhood was killed. The death toll has risen to 9 since last month. The era of peace and calmness has come to a halt once again. The war has begun and the commotion is taking from us all we have. Every day we leave our homes leaving a hope in the family’s eyes to return back. The elders have never been shaken to these heights. The memories of their worst days just seem like déjà vu. The child next door has been crying for long now. They even took the corpse away.

Day 4
Three day passed and the death toll has not risen. It’s good news. We are still hoping for some external help.

Day 6
My brother got killed today. He was just 4 years old. He was the only family I had. Had lost my beloved in the last war. They even took my parent a day before that. We had lamented enough, so this time they left me alone to cry. The silence was just the alarms of the disaster. They had planned it well. They came in numbers and surrounded the colony.  The sun set that evening with the redness gathered from blood flowing in the streets. I was out fetching food and was one of the very few who survived.

Day 7
Every one now stays together. The fear of death was enough to turn foes to friends, kids to adults & innocence to hatred. I hate this life. Wish I was killed on the side of my brother. No one cares for us. The world doesn’t even know that we are being chased and brutally killed. The world blabbers a lot to take measures for our survival but no one ever came to our rescue.

Day 9
I went near their camps. I wish to get hold of atleast one of these bastards before I am hit by one of their bullets. I found a child who might have come with similar intentions but got scared at the last moment and hid himself. I returned with him.

Day 10
I left the place with the child. I am taking care of him and will fight for his survival. Every day we face a new enemy and all we can do is run away. They are too strong for us to rebel. May be we need to grab a gun and learn some shooting.

DO you want to help me?

I am the Indian Tiger.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Accident

The door closes and Richa comes out holding a bottle of wine in her hand. She was looking admirable in her blue knee length attire, coupled with a simple yet sophisticated scarf that was neatly woven round her slender neck. A diamond bracelet sparkled from her left wrist, outshining her red stilettos. Her pear shaped small peral earrings kept on dangling. Her peach skin is as fresh as mountains and she got sparkling blue eyes. Her angelic beauty is irresistible.

A guy with a Porsche asks to drop her home. Anyone would love to do this favour to her. 

She smiles.

"Holding a wine bottle doesn't mean I am drunk. Try your luck with someone else."

"Luck is something you can't rely on. I believe in myself much more than such things. Could we go out for dinner?"

"Trust me you wouldn't like to hang out with me."

"Why, do you have a past?"

The devil seems to have overtaken her expressions. The guy shivers and stands in a straight posture. She reached near him. Her aroma was alluring but he didn't felt like moving. She brought her lips very close to his and whispered.

"I do have a past, and even their memories."

An evil laugh followed as she moved towards the parking lot.


The doors of the Jaguar got unlached. The sound made by the car made it easy for her to find it out in the parking lot. She swept in the driving seat and threw the bottle in the front passenger’s seat. She drove the vehicle all through the city to the outskirts on the road. She is in no hurry and neither has she seemed to have a destination. The safety rules were always violated, the moment she gulped from the bottle. She didn’t care. Her life was not something that was important to her.

A pint of wine spilled and it distressed her even more. She puts her hand in the glove box to find some tissues and feels something hard she doesn’t remember being there. She takes it out and finds a small old metal box. A tear fell down her eyes. The wine found its way on the surface. A recurring memory starts haunting her. She needs to run away from this world.

A car at a crossing was waiting for someone. The guy got a call, came out of the car and was crossing the street to the florist. He didn’t knew that an angry lady all frustrated with her job, in a rush to meet her already waiting husband, trying to curl up her hair to make woe more men would ignore to look on the street. She stopped the car only after she realized that she had hit something or someone. She got scared and rushed herself up to the restaurant just down the street where his husband had been waiting. None had seen her doing the accident and neither were their any security cameras to prove it. But more than finding an escape to her crime she ran away out of perplexity and shock. She never thought that this incident would haunt her so badly. She should have stopped and atleast looked at the person she had hit. May be she could have saved his life.

The trailer’s light flashed on her eyes and she was brought out of her memories. She could never come out of it. She started drinking ever since that accident happened. She wished to be hanged for it but the court proved it to be an accident. She threw the box back in the glove box. She has neared a small city. It must be festival time. Every single shop is decorated and you could read their names from miles. She should grab some snacks as she has planned a much longer trip. She doesn’t stop however. May be she is not hungry. May be she will not need it anymore.


Shouts her husband from the back seat.

The car skidds with the sudden jolt of brakes. A Truck swoops by just missing the edge of the car. The signal on the crossing was red. Only angels had saved her from this impact.

Sudden silence prevailed everywhere. The only sound that could be heard was two people's breath and rolling of the wine bottle. She wishes to hold the moment but couldn't help and turns. She turns back and starts crying. She takes out the box once again. The carvings on them were still intact in her mind every piece by piece. She opens it only to wet her cheeks more. It had her wedding ring passed on to the four generations of his husband. It was her fourth attempt of suicide, after the death of his husband in that accident but he would not just let her die.

She gears back the car to the cafe behind.

Monday, 1 July 2013


Raj lifts his sand filled face, up in the air. His eyes are wide open but everything is blurred. He clears off the sand from his face, hands, clothes and gazes around. Sand is all around him and he starts remembering the things. The ship losing control, the havoc created in the people, the chaos everywhere and he falling from the deck.

WHERE is HE? What place is this? I am alive. IS there anyone else here? Someone must have also been alive and driven to some other part of this island. He starts shouting and running all around the beach. It was not a small place and he had to give up after few hours. He had come back to his initial location to find some food. He searched all around but nothing from the ship seems to be successful to reach this place. Tired and exhausted from the scorching heat he lies down on the ground. Was this the end of his life? His minds were pondering with all sorts of random questions while it starts becoming numb again.

He wakes up again at night and sets to find some fruit or anything to be eaten. He got successful very nearby only. Next he found a cave and everything looked to him like one of the movies with the actor lost on an island for a long time. He tried hard to create fire but maybe he was choosing the wrong stones. It was cold but he loved it. He tried to sleep but was mesmerized by the calm waves and the music played by the rustling of the leaves. The nature was indeed much more beautiful than his best imaginations.

Two days have passed and no one has yet reached to the shore either in search of him or driven by the waves. He thought to explore the other end of the island which he had been avoiding in fear of wild animals. The path was becoming more difficult as he was nearing the center of the island. He saw some of the most exotic birds and captured their images in his memory. The path was full of thorns and his feet had already got two cuts.

He had been walking all day. May be he has reached the other end and if not he needs to make it quick. He had lost track of time but according to his calculations the sun will set in 2 hours and he needs a cave to rest in. With trees all around he was having a weird feeling to sleep on the branch of a tree. What if he falls down? What if a jaguar climbs the tree? Though he had not met a single ferocious creature yet but they don’t increase the probability of not having one.

ARE his senses working right? That was a human voice. He hears it again. It’s a woman. He starts running in the direction of the voice. The thorns were not bothering him and neither the density of the bushes lessened his pace. The lady was shouting for help and it stopped him. The voice has been loud and clear and it was coming towards him. He hid himself behind a tree. A woman in her late 30’s was all tired and running towards the forest. Dirty denim and top with her hair all messed up, showed she has been on the island for more than days. She was pretty but it was not a movie to fall in love at first sight and hold the girl so she can doze off in your arms. He was waiting for the beast coming behind her. He had already grabbed a thick log to take care of danger about to come. She was right now the most beautiful thing on this whole universe and he needs to take care of her.

The danger was something out of everything he imagined. It were the tribals. ONE, TWO, FOUR. Four of them chasing a single girl, where has been their manhood? They had painted black faces. Leaves tied at hands, legs and other odd places. The short amount of cloth they were wearing was colourful which was quite odd at such a place but that was not a thing to be cared about in such a moment. The first one caught her. They tied her hands with the rope. Covered the mouth with a piece of cloth which may be was her handkerchief. He needs to do something now. There may be a hundreds of them back at their place. He imagined her being roasted on the fire while the tribals performed their rituals dancing around the fire. He got a firm grip over the log. She saw him as she was the only one facing his side. Her eyes widened and he could see hope in her eyes.

Bang! He had hit the last one, who shouted and fell on the ground. He swung the log like the baseball bat towards the second one. The guy shouted WTF and blood came out from his mouth. The third guy leapt towards him but could only grab the log and fell on the ground. The fourth one however succeeded to give him a hard hit and pushed him hard. He stumbled and with the combination of the push hit a tree real hard. He had started losing conscious with both, the hit and the fear of death when someone shouted out loud.

CUT! Who is the idiot? How the hell did he come here? Call the medic for the crew. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Answer

Richa just parked her car in front of the Rosemary café. She knew that the night was going to change her life. Raj had finally talked about their life together. She had the answer for almost 3 months now but she still asked for the evening.

She could see him through the glass pane sitting right infront of her car with his best friend Nikhil. He was in one of his best suited dress and looked pretty handsome. The sweats on his face and often gulping of water proved that he was nervous and maybe that’s why he brought Nikhil along. She knew that she was the subject of their discussion.

She opened the door of the café and moved towards the diner. Isn’t it the café they first met at?

Nothing has changed in these two years. The aroma from the kitchen just at the entry of the café, the smile from the waiters and the sophisticated environment of the café. She was walking towards the diner when she saw this tall, dark, well built, handsome guy in black suit smiling at her and she felt something. Their order got mixed up providing them a perfect opportunity to start up a conversation ending up in a memorable date. She fell in love with just after the first meet. The same was the effect on Raj.

Richa was too pretty to take eyes away from her. She looked elegant in the black saree. She must have been coming directly from some meeting for she was dressed quite formally. Almost every girl got jealous of her entrance but he didn’t have one to take care of. His heart was beating fast and he wished for a miracle to be with her.

He is sitting on the same table, with the same perfume he had that day. He had ordered for his favourite starters which was their favourite. Everything was right at their place just like the day they first met. She started to believe in déjà vu. It’s been two years they have been together and finally she needs to give him an answer.

She wishes to say yes but something is stopping her. She looks at him. He is the guy who would be there in her happy moments as there was never a sad moment with him. But he acted even weird sometimes. He almost gets lost in his jobs and that irritated her. She wished that Raj would have enforced the decision on her than asking it from her.

Should I say NO? I am totally confused but I need to give him an answer. She wished she had been at somewhere else now. She wished that she could have asked for some more time.

Raj gets up from the seat. Nikhil almost leaves the place. The silence is awkward. She takes a seat and the world stops moving. The eyes meet each other and they talk silently. Raj breaks the silence after a while. He knew the answer but he needed the verbal confirmation.

Raj : What’s your reply?
His voice was shaking. He wanted to hear the answer in his favour.

Richa (smiles): Yes. (A long pause)

Richa: I will send you the divorce paper tomorrow afternoon in your office.

This post is part of  Contest 8.. on

Five people to add in a chat group.

Having a conversation with a person lets you understand the thinking and nature of a person much better. If the person is available on an app like Wechat it’s the cherry on top of cake.

If given an opportunity to add five persons of my choice on such a list the first would definitely be William Shakespeare. Being a blogger it always interests me about the perception of Shakespeare about his stories. The state of mind he was going through while writing them. Was he also in love while writing Romeo and Juliet? Merchant of Venice may be his friend’s story. I have a totally different perception of Julius Caesar than my English teacher would tell me. Shakespeare would indeed be my first choice.

I would like to have Adolph Hitler as the second one. I may not like his actions but his ideology and discipline is mesmerizing. He is one of the most successful leaders the world has ever seen. I have a strong believe that such a person knows the circumstances of his actions. Still he did things which were not going to be in his favour. I would also like to learn the discipline and the art of influencing people from him.

The third choice will be, Birbal. His wits and the way of responding to a problem satisfying everybody has always influenced me. It’s always good to have such a person in contact because they always help you understand the world better.

The fourth would be Bill Gates. Working hard to become the richest man in the world and then deciding to give it all to others is not a sane thinking. I would like to understand his struggle and things what made him loose the importance of money. He would indeed be fun to talk to when the technicality he would be talking about would be out of the scope of my understanding.

I have been pretty confused for the fifth one. May be a scientist or an astrologist to learn his techniques. May be a star I have been following on every social networking site. But I feel none of them would be available to me all the time on Wechat. They have a busy life and wouldn't reply to me in between a meeting. They wouldn't wish me good morning or goodnight. I may have to wait for hours for their replies and that’s not what chats are for.
Now, I know that need to upgrade my list. The five of them would be my best buddies so we could hangout, make fun of others and do all kinds of mischief anytime and anywhere we want.

This post is also intended to be a part on contest on indiblogger hosted by Wechat.
Wechat is a really interesting app with amazing features.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ignoring Signs

We all have heard the joke where the guy who had the hobby of reading signs, was travelling at night and got eager to read the newly installed board at the top of the pole. He climbed up the pole and read the sign “WET PAINT, DON’T TOUCH IT”.

Reading signs especially warning ones are an important task. Ignoring them could be fatally dangerous (traffic signs) but sometimes turn out to be fun for others. Just thought of sharing an experience of my childhood where ignoring signs can turn out to be hilarious.

When I was small, as kids it was a habit to do things prohibited for us. We would play in the mud, eat tiffins in the cycle park imitating to ride the bicycles of our elders and the most fun was plucking flowers from the garden where they had big boards of “Don’t Pluck Flowers.”
There was a friend of us who wished to always take the front lead in the mischief so was the one to be caught the most. He would be caught for bunking classes for we would all run and hide while he would be busy drinking water near the teacher’s cabin just to show off. He would get the scolding from the seniors for breaking the spokes of their cycles while he was paddling it with the lock in it (thanx they never beat him). He would be caught for plucking the flowers for he would keep them in his pocket even if we plucked them.

The day I want to share about is the Annual intra-Sports meet of my school. We were very excited about the events and each one of us were participating in atleast two of the events. First we had the parade and then we moved for the competitions. The seniors were displaying their talent they had been learning in their Karate classes which gave us time to change from formals to pajamas. It wasn’t supposed to make us more comfortable but we were just following the tradition of our seniors. The room where we were supposed to change was filled with seniors and they made fun of us to go and change in the open space only. They were changing and were not letting us in. The sack race was supposed to start in 15 minutes. We all went to the back of the ground which was mostly empty and a part was covered by three sides with construction which and had drinking taps. We were kids and changed it their only. Now, this fella couldn’t take it so easily and thought of doing something innovative. The back of the construction had a small passage which was meant for the drains which was used to pass out the ground water during the raining season. The path was just big enough to let a medium built guy pass through it. The end of the path had a well and the pathway was swampy and hardly had I ever seen anyone going through it. Now this was the place which was covered on two sides by construction and third side by the boundary of the school. The narrow opening which was there to enter was not visible to anybody except us. We were prohibited to go to that area and even had a warning hanging there. The friend of ours asked us not to follow behind and went to change. In less than a minute we heard his cries for help. We ran to the opening and saw him standing just wearing the underwear. We were stunned and it took as 3-4 seconds to understand that there was a chameleon right on the lower end of his track pant which was lying on the ground. He was too scared to move and couldn’t even pick his pant lying infront of him. We ran and called the worker nearby who drove away the demon and took out our friend from the disaster. I remember that till then we were scared like hell for him. What if the creature kills him? We believed it to be poisonous. After we came for the race and stood in the line we were madly laughing on him and telling everyone nearby about this. I don’t know if we were slow because we were laughing or what happened but none of the 5 of us made in the top three of that race. 

I have also opted this post for a contest conducted by colgate, not to ignore warning signs.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Love and types

Love is something which is not so easy to define. And ofcourse there is no true or false love. Every person has got its own version of love. The only way possible to define love is to divide it in categories and let everyone choose their version. Here are the basic types of love.

Unconditional Love – A feeling of completeness when the other person is around. The world seems to be lonely and useless without them. You enjoy every short moment spent with them. The feeling of holding hands is more wonderful than one of your achievements. You could go to any extent to keep that person happy. It’s one of the endangered types of love.

Friend zoned love – It’s the most common type of love. A person loves the other one and they have a gala time together. Celebrate occasions, have parties, outings and do all kind of mischievous activities. You like the company of the person and the person resembles a lot like you. Once your love is put in this kind it’s always be gonna there the same way.

Status Love – This kind of love is just a metaphor for the easy way out to fame/success. People try to be with the person with a good amount of beauty, brain or money. They may find out a lot of fault in the person but still be with them to improve their social status. This kind of love is growing at an exponential rate. Doesn’t matter how much the two fight when they are talking on cellphone or when they are alone but in public they are very comfortable with each other. This kind of love doesn’t come with guarantee and has a good rating of expiring early.

Unexpressive love – This kind is restricted to a certain group of people. People who are not so expressive and generally restrict their interaction with opposite sex fall mainly in this kind of love. Whenever someone is very polite to them or tries to be friendly to bring them out of their small world, they fall in love with that person. For the first time someone was close to you and you fall for them irrespective of their qualities. However, it’s quite difficult for them to express it.

Stupid love – A kind of love which happens to me often. This is generally done by the celebrities for their good looks or talent. You find every detail about them and fantasize about them. It goes until some close substitute for them doesn't come up. 100% of people are affected by this love.

Tough love – This is faced by people in love with possessive people. They don’t feel comfortable with their partner being friendly to everyone and sets wall around them. The partner has to undergo a tough situation of either living behind the walls or take the partner out of the walls. This brings complications but if both of them understand each other well, the bond is quite strong.

Love for friends and family – The purest kind of love anyone can imagine. The bonds which can’t be broken and it’s always fun to have them around.

                            WHAT KIND OF LOVE YOU ARE IN?
Mention the type of love you are in and share your experiences. Help people find love and share love.

I don’t consider infatuation or lust as a form of love so they couldn’t make to the list. If someone wants to add another kind of love to the list, just comment it below.


Monday, 22 April 2013

The journey of Robotix

The journey began with the four of us,
The legend states it was perfect for fuss,
The beauty with the brain, the sugar of the tea,
The base for the team there was Srishti.

The silent calm guy, smart enough to hold attention,
Nikhil would be the one to cool away the tension,
The hurricane gone wild, the fun-o-mania,
When dedication was needed there was Samya.

Together we were a team, strong enough to be defeated,
Envied by others, our stories were repeated,
We fought enough but even this was true,
Our team was perfect just because of you.

Sadly enough the team had to seperate,
Unlike the memories the glory had to fade,
Formation of new team didn't took too long,
Different perspective people just made it strong.

Ankit was there, the hard working guy,
Bansal could sometimes make you cry,
Siddharth n Meghna would work real hard,
Peoples in the group who were not the retards.

The team had its moments precious enough to save,
The memory you could forget only in your grave,
Disputes had come, soon enough than expected,
Everyone did disperse, as was suspected.

The team was now made by four of the friends,
There was not even a single chance of dead end,
When logic was needed or bull like strength,
Everytime we knew Mohit was sent.

Hardwork without break, going mad over things,
Anyone could tell you, Mayank was pulling the strings,
Ishu was the one, like very few in the college,
The star of the show, the guy with the knowledge.

Each team had its glory tagged with achievement,
Each had its own, story for the parchment,
The tale still goes, don't know what it will be,
So let me remind u, u were lucky to have me.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kaise Kahoon

When u love a girl and can't say it to her, all you do is write it down.
Tried to give voice to my composition.

PS - Please be kind enough to ignore the noise.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Woh Aansu hai

Na keh sake dil ki baat, na chupa hi sake,
unke chehre se nazre hata bhi na sake,
apsara hai, rooh hai, kaynat hai meri,
woh aansu thi, jise rok bhi na sake...

न  कह  सके  दिल  की  बात,  न  छुपा  ही  सके,
उनके  चेहरे  से  नज़रें,  हटा  भी  न  सके,
अप्सरा  है,  रूह  है,  कायनात  है  मेरी,
वो  आंसू  है,  जिसे  हम  रोक  भी  न  सके । 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Husn hai to

हुस्न  है  तो  आशिक  भी  होंगे ,
समुन्दर  है  तो  साहिल  भी  होंगे ,
इश्क  नहीं  लेती  कभी  जान  किसी  की ,
क़त्ल  हुआ  है  तो  कातिल  भी  होंगे ।


कलाकार का करिश्मा है तू , या खुद ही कलाकार है ,
होता नहीं है अब मुझसे , तेरा इख़्तियार है ,
तेरे दमकते चेहरे को चाँद ने देखा होगा सजनी ,
तभी अंधियारे में तुझसे मिलने आई है चाँदनी ।

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Friends and the Writer

Whenever I feel lonely I would go to a park or a tea stall to make new friends and start a conversation. These friends are never high profile people but old aged people scolded by their sons, cleaners who came daily to clean government offices knowing the officer will not come today. The kids collecting the polythene bags, working at tea stalls and sometimes begging. The maid who wishes her son to be an educated man. She works hard to send her son to two tuitions so he could pass the matric exam. The sweeper who is having fever but still working in the sun or he will not be paid. The old woman who comes along with her granddaughter so she could get rest from the household work. The retired colonel with three sons working in abroad. He is quite lonely but never leaves the smile from his face. The guy who makes tea and thinks I am a reporter for he saw me writing things often. The bhelpuri wala who learnt making bhelpuri in Maharashtra but is resident of a small village at border of U.P. and Bihar. He does well in noida and says soon he will open a burger stall along with it. They are my friends. They expect nothing but my time to talk if they ever meet me, again.

The colonel impresses me a lot with his experiences. The story of wars, comrades and lifestyle is all what makes your life perfect. I was a bit depressed, he was never posted to Kashmir or any ice caps. He knows about my engineering, frowns though on my idea as a writer. He keeps on saying big things about working abroad. There is money, social status, and fame. Though he never told me where his sons worked. He never told me anything about them. I came to know about them from the sweeper of the park.

Ramdas is the owner of the tea shop. In his late fourties and works much more than the teenagers. Wearing a lungi and a vest, he is always shouting. Not in the voice to fury you but not pleasant also. He doesn’t like me. He has some grudge against reporters and thinks me to be one. I don’t complain, neither I tried to remove his doubts. His tea is famous around that corner. You could see peoples with multinational companies ID hung around their neck drinking tea there. Hardly any one of them has tried the coconut cookie there or they would have noted down the address of the bakery and bought packets. He never complains for me sitting there even though I have finished my tea long enough. I was his regular customer after all. But chhotu often got scolded because of chatting to me.

Chhotu is the boy who worked at the stall. He is 10 years old. His family is 1000 km far away but he was sent to get work and money. His real name is Rajendra. He neither knows its meaning nor does that he shares his name with our first president. He studied till 2nd grade and was happy to be removed from school. He doesn’t want to study but wish to buy a cell just like mine so that he can also play games in it all day. Even munna is also of same age. He would always run to me if he caught my view. He lives in the slum behind and begs with other slum children in near localities. He knows that I will not give him money but chocolates instead. He never demanded his favourite one till now. He wishes to study but her mother hasn’t got money to send her to. He would always make toys out of scraps. Sometimes they would just wonder me and I would make a little upgraded version of it with useful stuffs and show off in my friends. He only wishes her mother to get cured of the disease she is suffering from.

The old lady at the park is very sweet. Mainly because she makes good sweets and often brings them for me. Her granddaughter’s name is Richa. She is a cute angel with chubby cheeks. The lady laughs that I know cooking. She teases me that after marriage I will have to cook for my wife. She says she is old, she needs to have a little more rest but richa is growing and her working mom isn’t there to take care of her. Her son loves her a lot. She wishes to go to Vaishno Devi trip but her son didn’t take her along because someone had to stay back and take care of the house.

They all love me and share their time and secrets with me. They expect me to be there at our meeting spot the next day too. They never complain if I fail. I wish that they knew the reality. The reality in which I was a very selfish guy. I would show them dreams and give hopes but may not be there to help them out. All they were to me was subjects to write upon.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ek Anadi

I was going to my nanighar when at the next station a poor man with his 10 yr old kid boarded the train. They sat just behind me. The faces of the people were gross when they crossed them. May be they didn’t wished their costly dresses to get spoiled by the touch of those torn clothes. The gross eyes filled with hatred when they realized that the child was mentally disabled. Now they were trying hard to protect themselves from the touch of the child.

नहीं  जानता  मैं  कौन  हूँ ,
वादियाँ  चीख  रही  हैं,  मैं  मौन  हूँ ,
मुसाफिर  नहीं  हूँ,  मैं  अनजान  सवारी ,
मैं  तो  हूँ  बस,  एक  अनाड़ी ।

रखते  हैं  बाबा,  सीने  से  लगाकर ,
माँ  का  आँचल,  चाहता  हूँ  अकसर ,
इतना  प्यार  किस्मत  ने  है  वारी ,
मैं  तो  हूँ  बस,  एक  अनाड़ी ।

घूरते  हैं  मुझको,  मैं  खिलौना  हूँ ,
उनकी  नज़रों  में,  मैं  घिनौना  हूँ ,
मुंह  फेरकर  भी  बद्दुआ  है  जारी ,
मैं  तो  हूँ  बस,  एक  अनाड़ी ।

खुश  होता  हूँ,  तो  चीखता  हूँ ,
रोता  हूँ  जब  मैं,  तो  चीखता  हूँ ,
पेड़  चल  रहे  हैं,  या  ये  रेलगाड़ी ,
मैं  तो  हूँ  बस,  एक  अनाड़ी ।

तन  नहीं,  दिल  साफ़  है  मेरा ,
होटों  पे  मुस्कान,  खुद  खुदा  ने  बिखेरा ,
जिंदा  हूँ,  मुझको  ज़िन्दगी  है  प्यारी ,
मैं  तो  हूँ  बस,  एक  अनाड़ी ।

हो  सके  तो  मुझे,  देख  मुस्कुरा  देना ,
कर  सको  तो  मुझे,  गले  से  लगा  लेना ,
रोती  हैं  पर  नहीं  ये  आँखें  मेरी ,
मैं  तो  हूँ  बस,  एक  अनाड़ी ।

न  धर्म,  न  कोई  जात  है  मेरी , 
मोहब्बत  और  प्यार,  पहचान  है  मेरी ,
फिर  भी  मंदबुद्धि  कहती  दुनिया  सारी ,
मैं  तो  हूँ  बस,  एक  अनाड़ी ।