Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Accident

The door closes and Richa comes out holding a bottle of wine in her hand. She was looking admirable in her blue knee length attire, coupled with a simple yet sophisticated scarf that was neatly woven round her slender neck. A diamond bracelet sparkled from her left wrist, outshining her red stilettos. Her pear shaped small peral earrings kept on dangling. Her peach skin is as fresh as mountains and she got sparkling blue eyes. Her angelic beauty is irresistible.

A guy with a Porsche asks to drop her home. Anyone would love to do this favour to her. 

She smiles.

"Holding a wine bottle doesn't mean I am drunk. Try your luck with someone else."

"Luck is something you can't rely on. I believe in myself much more than such things. Could we go out for dinner?"

"Trust me you wouldn't like to hang out with me."

"Why, do you have a past?"

The devil seems to have overtaken her expressions. The guy shivers and stands in a straight posture. She reached near him. Her aroma was alluring but he didn't felt like moving. She brought her lips very close to his and whispered.

"I do have a past, and even their memories."

An evil laugh followed as she moved towards the parking lot.


The doors of the Jaguar got unlached. The sound made by the car made it easy for her to find it out in the parking lot. She swept in the driving seat and threw the bottle in the front passenger’s seat. She drove the vehicle all through the city to the outskirts on the road. She is in no hurry and neither has she seemed to have a destination. The safety rules were always violated, the moment she gulped from the bottle. She didn’t care. Her life was not something that was important to her.

A pint of wine spilled and it distressed her even more. She puts her hand in the glove box to find some tissues and feels something hard she doesn’t remember being there. She takes it out and finds a small old metal box. A tear fell down her eyes. The wine found its way on the surface. A recurring memory starts haunting her. She needs to run away from this world.

A car at a crossing was waiting for someone. The guy got a call, came out of the car and was crossing the street to the florist. He didn’t knew that an angry lady all frustrated with her job, in a rush to meet her already waiting husband, trying to curl up her hair to make woe more men would ignore to look on the street. She stopped the car only after she realized that she had hit something or someone. She got scared and rushed herself up to the restaurant just down the street where his husband had been waiting. None had seen her doing the accident and neither were their any security cameras to prove it. But more than finding an escape to her crime she ran away out of perplexity and shock. She never thought that this incident would haunt her so badly. She should have stopped and atleast looked at the person she had hit. May be she could have saved his life.

The trailer’s light flashed on her eyes and she was brought out of her memories. She could never come out of it. She started drinking ever since that accident happened. She wished to be hanged for it but the court proved it to be an accident. She threw the box back in the glove box. She has neared a small city. It must be festival time. Every single shop is decorated and you could read their names from miles. She should grab some snacks as she has planned a much longer trip. She doesn’t stop however. May be she is not hungry. May be she will not need it anymore.


Shouts her husband from the back seat.

The car skidds with the sudden jolt of brakes. A Truck swoops by just missing the edge of the car. The signal on the crossing was red. Only angels had saved her from this impact.

Sudden silence prevailed everywhere. The only sound that could be heard was two people's breath and rolling of the wine bottle. She wishes to hold the moment but couldn't help and turns. She turns back and starts crying. She takes out the box once again. The carvings on them were still intact in her mind every piece by piece. She opens it only to wet her cheeks more. It had her wedding ring passed on to the four generations of his husband. It was her fourth attempt of suicide, after the death of his husband in that accident but he would not just let her die.

She gears back the car to the cafe behind.


  1. Good flow..and the story leaves an after effect...nice work!

    1. :D , after effect is what was needed by this story....