Monday, 1 July 2013


Raj lifts his sand filled face, up in the air. His eyes are wide open but everything is blurred. He clears off the sand from his face, hands, clothes and gazes around. Sand is all around him and he starts remembering the things. The ship losing control, the havoc created in the people, the chaos everywhere and he falling from the deck.

WHERE is HE? What place is this? I am alive. IS there anyone else here? Someone must have also been alive and driven to some other part of this island. He starts shouting and running all around the beach. It was not a small place and he had to give up after few hours. He had come back to his initial location to find some food. He searched all around but nothing from the ship seems to be successful to reach this place. Tired and exhausted from the scorching heat he lies down on the ground. Was this the end of his life? His minds were pondering with all sorts of random questions while it starts becoming numb again.

He wakes up again at night and sets to find some fruit or anything to be eaten. He got successful very nearby only. Next he found a cave and everything looked to him like one of the movies with the actor lost on an island for a long time. He tried hard to create fire but maybe he was choosing the wrong stones. It was cold but he loved it. He tried to sleep but was mesmerized by the calm waves and the music played by the rustling of the leaves. The nature was indeed much more beautiful than his best imaginations.

Two days have passed and no one has yet reached to the shore either in search of him or driven by the waves. He thought to explore the other end of the island which he had been avoiding in fear of wild animals. The path was becoming more difficult as he was nearing the center of the island. He saw some of the most exotic birds and captured their images in his memory. The path was full of thorns and his feet had already got two cuts.

He had been walking all day. May be he has reached the other end and if not he needs to make it quick. He had lost track of time but according to his calculations the sun will set in 2 hours and he needs a cave to rest in. With trees all around he was having a weird feeling to sleep on the branch of a tree. What if he falls down? What if a jaguar climbs the tree? Though he had not met a single ferocious creature yet but they don’t increase the probability of not having one.

ARE his senses working right? That was a human voice. He hears it again. It’s a woman. He starts running in the direction of the voice. The thorns were not bothering him and neither the density of the bushes lessened his pace. The lady was shouting for help and it stopped him. The voice has been loud and clear and it was coming towards him. He hid himself behind a tree. A woman in her late 30’s was all tired and running towards the forest. Dirty denim and top with her hair all messed up, showed she has been on the island for more than days. She was pretty but it was not a movie to fall in love at first sight and hold the girl so she can doze off in your arms. He was waiting for the beast coming behind her. He had already grabbed a thick log to take care of danger about to come. She was right now the most beautiful thing on this whole universe and he needs to take care of her.

The danger was something out of everything he imagined. It were the tribals. ONE, TWO, FOUR. Four of them chasing a single girl, where has been their manhood? They had painted black faces. Leaves tied at hands, legs and other odd places. The short amount of cloth they were wearing was colourful which was quite odd at such a place but that was not a thing to be cared about in such a moment. The first one caught her. They tied her hands with the rope. Covered the mouth with a piece of cloth which may be was her handkerchief. He needs to do something now. There may be a hundreds of them back at their place. He imagined her being roasted on the fire while the tribals performed their rituals dancing around the fire. He got a firm grip over the log. She saw him as she was the only one facing his side. Her eyes widened and he could see hope in her eyes.

Bang! He had hit the last one, who shouted and fell on the ground. He swung the log like the baseball bat towards the second one. The guy shouted WTF and blood came out from his mouth. The third guy leapt towards him but could only grab the log and fell on the ground. The fourth one however succeeded to give him a hard hit and pushed him hard. He stumbled and with the combination of the push hit a tree real hard. He had started losing conscious with both, the hit and the fear of death when someone shouted out loud.

CUT! Who is the idiot? How the hell did he come here? Call the medic for the crew. 


  1. Hahaha!! your write up is very involving plus one and two light moments just makes it more interesting. I loved reading it n ending was again indeed an unexpected one! ;)

    1. So u read the others too ... :)
      good lord, how r u surviving them...

  2. I am enjoying while reading I think that's make me survive n wanting me to read the next one. bdw Accident too was good with ryt emotions :)
    keep on writing!

    1. Thanx for the lovely words....

      now since the expectations r high so will be my efforts... somethng good is on the way... :)