Saturday, 10 August 2013

Aim of Life

I wanna be a doctor, or dance like a swan,
Cricket, hockey, an artist to be drawn,
 A bird, an alien, a leader of a clan,
I wish to dream something I can, I can, I can…

The feelings of a child who cannot decide, what should he aim to become in future?

कभी सोचता हूँ , डॉक्टर बन जाऊं ,
सफ़ेद कोट पहन , बड़ी गाड़ी में जाऊं ,
ख्वाब रोज़ नए , अभी छोटा हूँ ना ,
क्या है बनना मुझे , ये है सोचना । 

क्या भईया का गिटार लेकर बन जाऊं रॉक स्टार ?
जब से ली है इंजीनियरिंग , वो पड़ा है बेकार , 
क्यूँ नहीं उससे पूछते , उसे क्या बनना है ?
उसकी ट्रोफी से क्या उसके बच्चों को खेलना है ?

दीदी की तरह मॉडल के सपने नहीं देखना मुझको ,
मम्मी पापा से दूर रहना बर्दाश्त नहीं मुझको ,
चार साल हो गए, पर दीदी अब तक नहीं आई ,
जाने क्यूँ उसे पढ़ाई पसंद नहीं आई ?

डांसर , एक्टर या फिर फिल्मों में गाना मैं गाऊं ,
मैं तो सोच रहा , सर्कस का जोकर ही बन जाऊं ,
क्रिकेट , हॉकी , ऐसा क्या कर के दिखाऊ ,
पापा की उम्मीदों पे खरा उतर के आऊं। 

क्या बनू ऐसा, जो ख्वाब पूरा हो जाये ,
चाह कर भी कोई , मुझे रोक न पाए ,
अब किसी ने पूछा , की मैं क्या बनूँगा ,
सबको यही कहूँगा , 
मैं लेखक बनूँगा ,
मैं लेखक बनूँगा।

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Day 1
I have started writing this journal today. This was the 3rd time this week that someone in the neighborhood was killed. The death toll has risen to 9 since last month. The era of peace and calmness has come to a halt once again. The war has begun and the commotion is taking from us all we have. Every day we leave our homes leaving a hope in the family’s eyes to return back. The elders have never been shaken to these heights. The memories of their worst days just seem like déjà vu. The child next door has been crying for long now. They even took the corpse away.

Day 4
Three day passed and the death toll has not risen. It’s good news. We are still hoping for some external help.

Day 6
My brother got killed today. He was just 4 years old. He was the only family I had. Had lost my beloved in the last war. They even took my parent a day before that. We had lamented enough, so this time they left me alone to cry. The silence was just the alarms of the disaster. They had planned it well. They came in numbers and surrounded the colony.  The sun set that evening with the redness gathered from blood flowing in the streets. I was out fetching food and was one of the very few who survived.

Day 7
Every one now stays together. The fear of death was enough to turn foes to friends, kids to adults & innocence to hatred. I hate this life. Wish I was killed on the side of my brother. No one cares for us. The world doesn’t even know that we are being chased and brutally killed. The world blabbers a lot to take measures for our survival but no one ever came to our rescue.

Day 9
I went near their camps. I wish to get hold of atleast one of these bastards before I am hit by one of their bullets. I found a child who might have come with similar intentions but got scared at the last moment and hid himself. I returned with him.

Day 10
I left the place with the child. I am taking care of him and will fight for his survival. Every day we face a new enemy and all we can do is run away. They are too strong for us to rebel. May be we need to grab a gun and learn some shooting.

DO you want to help me?

I am the Indian Tiger.