Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Digital India

With everything going digital from meetings, calling a cab or finding love, technology has played a very important role. People don't know the coffee shop from every corner of the road. No recent movies have got a unique style of calling cabs. But yes, the attitude and style of presentation has sure gone very high with the advancement of technology. The artificial intelligence and smart software are just delicacies to the eyes.

India has got a large section of population nicely acquainted to technology and they love to see advancement. The percentage of population is growing everyday. A 60 year old man with no formal education can be seen chatting and video calling his son/daughter sitting far away from him on a smartphone. Technology has boost things up by a lot and it is the era of the Digital India.

The government in India is very diverse with a proper hierarchy. It starts from small nodes at villages and grows to a central governing body. The government identifies the necessity of technology in our system and keeps on trying to enforce it on regular basis. The major technological advancement to be successfully implemented would be electronic voting machine for casting votes, a single number system called 'Aadhar' for keeping records of a person.

Src : http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQSzBaSO7YKnm3kdzCUxR21AIoSbmOfxsVCjci1em19p7zOoKou

There are a lot of interesting ideas that could be implemented by the government which will ease of the work. It will not only ease out the hectic life of working class but will shorten the effort of government to keep records.

* Casting the votes online -
Of course there is a lot of issue of duplicacy and cyber crime but the effort used to stop them will be much less than sending off, lakhs of policemen at polling booths and enhancing everyone's security and privacy.


* Online Consumer Court -
The number of e-commerce website and seller have grown like bees. For matter of fraud, illegal transactions it is difficult to track and fight for everything. Its better to leave a fraud of Rs 250 than taking a day off to a consumer court. No one wishes to take trouble for small amounts. If this could have been done online, may be for small amounts or small things. A start can always be initiated and can turn into a big success.

Src : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-VsQjsT-oB68/U_d1FJswZ_I/AAAAAAAAFrk/UuEEFPTsIsU/s1600/file%2Bcomplaint%2Bin%2Bconsumer%2Bcourt%2Bonline.jpg

* Online Hospitals -
We all know the poor conditions our public hospitals are in. The doctors are very good and their private clinics are always lined up but still one doesn't wish to go to a public hospital. For smaller diseases, a doctor can prescribe medicines on a video chat. Doctors can help people who are in remote location by this method. Also, they will have to be on time unlike the hospitals because it can be easily tracked down.
Src : http://www.sgh.com.sg/about-us/newsroom/News-Articles-Reports/2009/PublishingImages/Year%202012/February/See%20a%20doctor%20online.jpg

* Pensions and other funds -
We often come across cases where retired people are circling around offices holding sticks for thheir pension. A widow of a soldier or a flood victim doesn't get funds without bribe. It can be circulated very easily and swiftly with access to digital world. thhe technology has advanced a lot to make this accessible to everyone. One just need to link it with bank account number and it can get transferred.
Src : http://www.rbwm.gov.uk/berks-pension/TandC_logo.JPG

* Online Schools -
In remote areas, no good teacher wishes to get a job. Every one with good academics wish to lead a good life and hence remote area schools have to be satisfied with anyone willing to relocate there. With a big LCD screen a teacher in Delhi/Bangalore can teach to one in snows of Kashmir or deserts of Rajasthan. It would not only make a lot of kids access to quality education.
Src : http://www.degree.com/wp-content/gallery/homepage-gallery/gal_online-education.jpg

* Complaint Portal -
Most of the people are afraid to go place because of their bad image created in the society. Even if the police officials behave properly, very few dare to to go them and register complains. We can have an online complaint portal and with severity marked just like mails. This way the police officials will also know which case to handle with importance. There would also be little chances of tampering with records as both the sides of the complaint has a digital copy of it.
Src : http://t2.gstatic.com/images?=tbn:ANd9GcT8ozzei0QKuWYwlXevC2FmVjw_kMHR5QX1vad0rYmg9SusN4lYqA

* Attendance System -
Many IT companies follow retina or thumb impression to track their employees. Indian government having this black spot of government employees always coming late can be removed. This physical appearance method of maintaining attendance record would boost things up by a lot.
Src : https://cdn.chv.me/images/thumbnails/The_BG07_and_other_Biometric_2Wvnrg3D.jpg.thumb_400x400.jpg

Intel supports the Digital India Vision. Visit http://www.intel.in/ and find more about #DigitalIndia.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Choose to Start

A new beginning is with something or someone very close to your heart. You enjoy the company and every moment becomes special. The first bike is better to ride than a ride on a luxury bike. The first vacation to a small hill station with friends is worth more memories than a Goa trip. First bicycle ride with those stumbling hands is more heartening than the hands on the steering of a sedan.

My first smartphone was Moto-E. I never kept care of my cellphones so screen touch mobiles was not for me. I bought one, when I came to Bangalore and started earning. Damaging it would not hurt much because it would be from my own salary. Its been 8 months and there is not a single scratch on the phone. May be the first smartphone is indeed special. I still remember using Google maps for the first time on it and how I was fascinated by the app. I would love to wander and get lost and then find my way out without any one's help.

Motorola has got an awesome range of affordable smartphones with surprisingly amazing features for their price. When I heard that they would be launching Moto-E (2nd Gen), I have kept my ears open ever since.

The most important feature they have added is the front camera. The whole world going crazy over the selfie pictures, I had to wait for some friend to take one. The cost remaining the same as it was of my earlier phone, with this feature added, I would just show off the cool gadget. Even the back camera has got the focus feature added which was being deeply missed in earlier version.

Src : http://www.inewmedia.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/501ffaae9b1a0477f75898926fe0708c.jpg

The ROM is extended to 8 GB and processor upgraded to Quad core. It means, you can store more apps, music and games. While trying to download an e-commerce app my mobile recently flashed low memory message. With the bigger memory chunk allotted I would download bigger size games and run them smoothly. Games don't work well if kept in the memory card. A simple and common game like subway surfer takes 200 MB space if cache is stored along. 

Src : http://blog.laptopmag.com/wpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/games.jpg

Loving to play games, it would hurt when the memory option stayed on red color. But, with the new Moto-E, my friends would have to work hard to beat my score. 

With the announcement of LTE in one of the versions it would enhance the surfing experience. Its the best example of stating that expensive is not always the best. Its sleek, stylish, light and cool to flash in crowd. The screen size is good enough to see videos and is comfortable in jeans pocket. 

Being the proud owner of the previous version of it, I have high expectation from it and rate it 9/10. 

The full feature list is her for someone who has mised it :--

  • 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with the Adreno 306 GPu at 400MHz
  • 4.5” qHD IPS (540×960) at 245 PPI with Gorilla Glass 3
  • 129 X 66.8 X 5.2-12.3 mm
  • 145 Grams (5.11Ounces)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB storage options (also includes a Micro SD expansion slot up to 32GB)
  • 2390mAh battery
  • 5 MP Back Camera / VGA for the Front
  • Android L 5.0.2 with some Moto Enhancements
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Connectivity:
    • GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
    • UMTS/HSPA+ (900, 2100 MHz)
      4G LTE (1, 3, 7, 20) T-Mobile and ATT in the US is a go.
Do have a look at the interesting website they created - http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Happiness is a term which is misunderstood by most of us. We search happiness on big bank balances or getting lots of assets. We forget that they give us satisfaction but smile is the reason of small things.

We smile when we randomly meet an old friend in a mall. We haven’t met them for years and had no idea that were in same city for months. Our eyes meet while both are ordering something at the food court. We sit together and discuss the old memories. The group of friends we had and how is everyone doing. We don’t realize how swiftly an hour passes by. When we leave we are still nostalgic and smile just takes control of our lips. The memories keep on modifying the intensity of smile. That’s when we are happy and we mean it.

We are happy when someone praises us. I am a poet and when someone says that my composition is good. I am proud and that can be seen on my face. I stay happy for the rest of day and everything seems fun later. It is just a few words of praises which takes me from the moments of emotionless to a jolly person. It’s strange that a person who has no significance in my life, improvises my rest of the day with no big effort.

I love biking. I have got an avenger and often go on long rides. Sometimes I am accompanied by friends and sometimes it is solo. I love to get lost in nature and enjoying the cool breeze when bike crosses the speed of 60km/hr. The six lane highways outside the city with small rocky hills gives the feeling of a romantic ride of a typical Bollywood film. I wish to remove my helmet, close my eyes, spread my arm in titanic pose and take a deep breath of the fresh air. I haven’t done it yet due to safety purposes but I will surely do it sometime. Every ride I go on, I feel ease and comfort. It make me happy to go to new places and engulf the beauty of nature.

Happiness is loving someone without letting her know about it. She never breaks your heart because you still haven’t gave her that right. You follow her, stalk her and make a list of things she likes. You are happy when your eyes meet for more than 2 seconds. You know she noticed you and that’s good enough for you.

Happiness is eating snacks at a food joint truck and the taste just flows over your tongue. Happiness is when your friend does a stupid mistake and instead of helping me you fall down on floor laughing. Happiness is when you do something your heart wants you to do.

Happiness is when you share a bottle of Coca-Cola with your friends. 

Monday, 16 March 2015


It was a normal day like ever. I and my friend Naval were out for a stroll. I have been working for 8 months now and he is preparing for higher studies after completing college. We were roommates in college and now share a rented flat. We both work hard and once I come back, we go out for a stroll and have some snack. The cool evening breeze and random people doing things which often turn out funny are our source of entertainment. We cross the park where the elderly are taking laughter therapy and that always bring a smile on our face. I hate when I get late from office and we have to miss it.

“1 rupee.” A small child kept uttering it and following us. We walked for seconds and then I scolded him to make him run away. I hate beggars. This is the worst thing one can do for a living. People are even ashamed to send kids for begging and spoil their future. It’s already frustrating to handle the demands of the manager at office, keep being pestered by society of having a job with minimal salary when most of my friends are earning almost twice than me. All of the frustration came out on that harsh scolding. It scared the kid enough to run away. Naval didn't say a word and kept walking.
“We have never seen beggars at this place, I just hate them.”

Naval just nodded and went to the patties shop. We had our patties and went back. Three more days have passed and we would always find someone begging. A lady with a small child, a small boy with a half pant and green dirty t-shirt. A girl in a pink frock holding a doll with a missing eye. They generally catch couples or elderly because they are more generous. However, we were always approached but never followed. Guys are emotionless, is a universal accepted phenomenon.

It had been a bad day for me. My friend gave me the good news of his new job, I congratulated him and felt disappointed. While I was still busy mourning, my manager came and ask about the work. I was late on schedule so he took out all his frustration on me. The laughter therapy was also not making me smile. The kid came and asked us for money, he had no hope of getting it so was already searching for a potential target. Naval took out a small box of biscuit and gave him. He ran away almost snatching it.

“You shouldn't promote begging.” I was not angry but disappointed, and he was even challenging my beliefs.

“They are kids, it’s not their fault. It’s their parent’s fault, why to hate them for it. I never give them money but biscuits or chocolates. Just look at them.”

I turned and searched for him. He was right there beneath the banyan tree with his sister. He was pointing at us and trying hard to open the biscuit wrapper. He used his teeth to open it. They both were more excited than what I would have been on getting a salary hike. Yes, it was worth it. I knew naval very well, we would now be having veg patties than cheese patties to compensate it.

I walked back home and I was happy. May be money is important but being happy with yourself and sharing happiness is even more important. I have always kept few toffees in my pocket since that day.

Housing.com shares this spirit of optimism and being together.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Start a new Life

Almost 99% who are reading it would have just taken out time to remove the stress from hiding behind the laptop screen or resting after the household work. The life follows a routine and you open and close your eyes on the basis of clock. For a person, who love meeting new people, exploring new places, learning something new on every opportunity, this seems to be the very hell.

Friends who live even 5km far from you, can’t meet you because they have to do laundry or some office work on weekends. Every weekday it’s impossible to plan anything except a dinner because someone can’t make before it. The worst part is that everyone complains but have surrendered to this life. We just woo remembering the college/school days.

It had been just 6 months for me to enter the professional life style and it had scared me horrifically. I tried hard to get out of the trap but it was a closed net. You can’t just get out of it. I pushed, fumbled, got up, fought and then gave up. Gave up the idea of going out because my expenses depended on it. It was serving me with basic necessities and I just needed one more element, fun. I gave up because I got the idea that the net is not bad until you can modify it to your requirements. It is expandable and very comfortable, you just need to change your perspective.

I started saving and my roommate often complained about me being miserly. In three months, I had saved enough to add to my previous savings and buy a bike. Now, the confusion still prevailed, go on looks, mileage or comfort. Looks is needed for sure, I need to keep the style. Now mileage dominated a lot because of the long term price factor. I thought long and came to a simple conclusion. I would not buy a bike again so buy a bike which I would love to drive.

I bought a red Avenger. Its name is Raj. Every weekend we go on a ride. Sometime out of the city to a tourist spot or sometimes just on the outskirt highway enjoying the cool breeze. We are often joined by friends but doesn’t matter if we are alone.

How has it helped bring a change in my life? At least Monday and Tuesdays I am happy working at the office. I get to roam around and visit places which is everyone’s wish. It didn’t even bring much cost difference in my living style. The tour cost almost the same as I would spend on going to a restaurant on those days.
Raj and I are the best buddies now and life is beautiful.

A good change is what we all need. Make the change and START A NEW LIFE .

Monday, 9 March 2015

Look up

I am an aspiring writer. Have got a small collection of short stories, poems and good ideas. If none in your family has been a part of a profession not being very common then it’s tough for you to convince them. Sadly, asking a favor, even from my close friends is not easy for me. I knew some people in my college who had contacts but I didn't wish to be in debt of their kindness. Worked hard and applied and sent work to various places. Theater scripts, poetry jobs, short story groups and everywhere I could. Most of them never read and replied.

I always kept asking myself, was I good? Of course I was, my very few consistent reader often connect with my stories. Then why is my talent getting wasted or may be no one thinks it of some worth. They all asked to show some published or recognizable work but none of them would give me the start. It’s sad when you have a dream and work hard to fulfill it but it always keeps running at a faster pace. Luckily, I was in an engineering college with computer science branch which meant that even if I fail to achieve my dream I can earn enough to survive.

This dream didn't just arrive all of sudden. I never thought of doing anything else than a safe job for I had never seen one doing it in my family. My friends would read my compositions and would ask me to be a full time writer. That was the first time I got a boost for it. I participated in some of the small competitions and even won them. This was one of the happiest moment of my life. But you don’t earn enough, actually if you are an aspiring writer then you just don’t earn. Money was needed to be able to survive.

After getting rejections from everywhere I had tried my luck, I was dejected and disappointed. I kept on writing something new and different always. But, the time had come to break my spirit. I was almost ready to give my dream when I was called by one of my college senior. He called and told that he read my recent blog post and is very impressed. He asked me if I would like to work on a project him and some his friends are working on. He was an aspiring director and had been working with various deli theater groups. They were making a movie and needed a screenplay writer. They had an interesting idea and needed it to be presented in a more interesting manner just the way they thought. I didn't say a word, just presented my hand to accept me come overboard.

I have been looking up my life as a writer since then. Similarly like Housing.com - Look Up gives hope to people to own one of theirs.