Monday, 23 June 2014

An act, an Actor

He had been waiting for the lead actor to arrive. It had been 2 hours and everybody was silently cursing the star. He wished he had been at his place.

He came to Mumbai with a dream. The dream which brings thousands of people here every year. He was the star of the theatre circle at the Delhi. His average looks and simple physique never let him dream of stardom but he knew he could do great in supporting roles. He didn’t lack in talent to shake his belief.

Three years had passed and he was yet to get a decent role. He got in some films but he had to point out his presence in them. He couldn’t go back, he had already brought enough shame on his family.

The spot boy called him. The director was set for the scene.

“Cut”, the director shouted.

Everybody started praising his acting. The emotions, the expressions were just excellent.

He looked at them and smiled within. He went and took the small amount for the small role. He came out and started laughing. He didn’t act for them. They were praising his acting but he hadn’t given them anything. 
He was doing the role of a beggar not eaten anything for many days. 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


The meeting had been over. The flight from bangalore to Delhi was in 2 hours so he rushed to the Airport. Raj quickly made with the check-in and the security, once again troubled him asking to open his small suitcase. The branded stationary these days can be used as dangerous instruments with slight modification, given the metal content in them. He took a light snack and waited for the boarding to start.

He took out his i-pad and checked for mails and sent his reports. The important works need to be completed on the journey to save him some time for his family dinner. Life goes hard as you keep climbing the stairs of success. The flight attendant announced for the passengers to board and he made his move.

He took his seat in the Aisle. Family and kids often ask him to exchange a window seat so he hated it. He kept doing his work until the pretty air hostess forcefully closed it. He wished to reach home sooner. His son graduated today and would have been home by now with his degree. He so wanted to attend it but couldn’t.

A sudden jolt and the i-pad fell down. The oxygen mask dropped down before the announcement could even start after the beeping noise. The jolts continued. The airhostess was terrified and didn’t know how to react. The thud and the plane started losing altitude. Everything happened in an instant. The mind was still working but it had accepted a very hard reality. Raj knew his life was important but he didn’t even try to save it. He started viewing everything in slow motion. The havoc and the screams just deluded away. He could see the every strand of hair of the lady sitting next to her flowing slowly and effortlessly. He for the first time realized that there were co-passengers in the plane who were just like him. Liquid coffee was floating in air and made shapes like he used to make in clouds. The plane in which he had travelled for infinite number of times now attracted him with its architecture. The shape of dome and the yellow lines everything seemed to be new for him. Unlike others he didn’t had even a single wrinkle on his forehead.

He saw a young girl sitting in the seat infront shouting his name. He could see his daughter trying to hold him in his arm. His son just went on stage to get his degree and he was there sitting with his beautiful wife. His wife, the most beautiful women he had met in his life. He regret for the first time that he would not be able to tell them how much he loved them.

He extended his arm to console and comfort the girl infront. Something hit his palm and SMASH. Raj stood up and picked up the broken pieces of glass. He needs not to get so lost in the stories he is writing.

My Love

I don’t know what love is. Everytime I see a beautiful girl my heart starts beating. I am fascinated by her beauty, her features and her curves. There is a moment when she is the only important person around. Yes, it happens with me often.

If you ask me if I love you, I don’t know. I have no idea what love is about. If love is saying and believing that you are the most beautiful girl of this world, I wouldn’t like to answer. If love is being yours and having formal relationship with every opposite gender, I don’t like it. If love is changing myself to be the one every one in your society will be proud of, I can’t be it. If love is never hurt your feelings irrespective of burning inside, I won’t do it. If love is being possessive/ doubtful about your partner, I hate it.

I don’t know what love is and I don’t care. I wish to say a lot of things to you but I am not able to. I just wish to say I care for you. If you got cold, I will be there for you holding the pack of napkins every time you sneeze. You might not be the most beautiful girl but you are the perfect one for me. I might flirt with some people sometimes but they are nothing infront of you. I wish to make them realize the love we got and the love we have to share. I want to show them that our bond is strong and I am yours. I would break the skull of every person who talks ill about you. I would fight with you, irritate you and then ask you sorry for it. I would cuddle you, hug you, do whatever it takes to remove your fury and make you fall in love with me again. I would never doubt you because I know you trust me the same. I would do anything to make you feel like the princess of my castle. I would just tell you sometimes “I Love You”.