Monday, 23 June 2014

An act, an Actor

He had been waiting for the lead actor to arrive. It had been 2 hours and everybody was silently cursing the star. He wished he had been at his place.

He came to Mumbai with a dream. The dream which brings thousands of people here every year. He was the star of the theatre circle at the Delhi. His average looks and simple physique never let him dream of stardom but he knew he could do great in supporting roles. He didn’t lack in talent to shake his belief.

Three years had passed and he was yet to get a decent role. He got in some films but he had to point out his presence in them. He couldn’t go back, he had already brought enough shame on his family.

The spot boy called him. The director was set for the scene.

“Cut”, the director shouted.

Everybody started praising his acting. The emotions, the expressions were just excellent.

He looked at them and smiled within. He went and took the small amount for the small role. He came out and started laughing. He didn’t act for them. They were praising his acting but he hadn’t given them anything. 
He was doing the role of a beggar not eaten anything for many days. 

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