Friday, 1 August 2014

I wish it was mine

I wish it was mine.

The girl I had been in love with,
The dreams I had been waking with,
Stars lighting my path till now,
I wish I could get this all somehow…

I also wish for the pains to be mine,
Happiness will only, then look divine,
I think, what if I could fly like a bird,
My wishes I wish were not so absurd…

You know, once I got hold of some coal,
Tried for diamonds, just made some holes,
Am I now, just crying like a baby?
I wish I could, just maybe…

I cry in pain and laugh with joy,
Am I not being played like a toy?
Proud, I don’t have anything to be,
I wish atleast my freedom was free…

The sun is burning, deserts ain’t fertile,
I wish the truth was, I have a smile,
Things I lost, if I could re-define,
I just wish, I wish it was mine…


  1. So many wishes...
    Yes how we wish! But, we are 'played like toy'... Nice words.

    1. Thanks Anita.
      The crazier the wishes, the saddening the pain and lots of love....
      A writer needs just these things :)

  2. Amazing poem. I can't tell you how much volumes it speaks of.

    1. Thanks,
      Even i dont know about that part ;)