Saturday, 11 May 2013

Love and types

Love is something which is not so easy to define. And ofcourse there is no true or false love. Every person has got its own version of love. The only way possible to define love is to divide it in categories and let everyone choose their version. Here are the basic types of love.

Unconditional Love – A feeling of completeness when the other person is around. The world seems to be lonely and useless without them. You enjoy every short moment spent with them. The feeling of holding hands is more wonderful than one of your achievements. You could go to any extent to keep that person happy. It’s one of the endangered types of love.

Friend zoned love – It’s the most common type of love. A person loves the other one and they have a gala time together. Celebrate occasions, have parties, outings and do all kind of mischievous activities. You like the company of the person and the person resembles a lot like you. Once your love is put in this kind it’s always be gonna there the same way.

Status Love – This kind of love is just a metaphor for the easy way out to fame/success. People try to be with the person with a good amount of beauty, brain or money. They may find out a lot of fault in the person but still be with them to improve their social status. This kind of love is growing at an exponential rate. Doesn’t matter how much the two fight when they are talking on cellphone or when they are alone but in public they are very comfortable with each other. This kind of love doesn’t come with guarantee and has a good rating of expiring early.

Unexpressive love – This kind is restricted to a certain group of people. People who are not so expressive and generally restrict their interaction with opposite sex fall mainly in this kind of love. Whenever someone is very polite to them or tries to be friendly to bring them out of their small world, they fall in love with that person. For the first time someone was close to you and you fall for them irrespective of their qualities. However, it’s quite difficult for them to express it.

Stupid love – A kind of love which happens to me often. This is generally done by the celebrities for their good looks or talent. You find every detail about them and fantasize about them. It goes until some close substitute for them doesn't come up. 100% of people are affected by this love.

Tough love – This is faced by people in love with possessive people. They don’t feel comfortable with their partner being friendly to everyone and sets wall around them. The partner has to undergo a tough situation of either living behind the walls or take the partner out of the walls. This brings complications but if both of them understand each other well, the bond is quite strong.

Love for friends and family – The purest kind of love anyone can imagine. The bonds which can’t be broken and it’s always fun to have them around.

                            WHAT KIND OF LOVE YOU ARE IN?
Mention the type of love you are in and share your experiences. Help people find love and share love.

I don’t consider infatuation or lust as a form of love so they couldn’t make to the list. If someone wants to add another kind of love to the list, just comment it below.



  1. Nice list, I was in the tough love section unfortunately in the receiving end. Man my life was hell. Gladly i am out of it and my experience is pushing me for unconditional love. i hope i get it.