Monday, 15 September 2014

Love triangle - boy, girl and religion

“I love you Ankita.”

“Even I like you faraz but we are from different religions. We can’t be together. No-one will support us. It’s better not to start a relationship which is impossible to exist. ”

“What if I change my religion?”

She gave an irritated look and left.

Thousands of questions were going in her mind. What if he really does? Could they be together then? What if he just wishes to listen her answer and would not change his religion. Like flowcharts, If, Yes and No were making a lot of outcomes. Some would bring a smile and others would confuse her even more.

They met again tomorrow like every other day. But today, both were uncomfortable. He was the first to start the conversation.

“You didn’t reply to my question yesterday. What if..?"

Ankita stopped him in between, she was prepared for the answer. She had wasted whole night and was ready to give response to his any argument. She had already done this conversation hundreds of time playing both the roles.

“Firstly, I don’t want you to change your religion. You should not do that for anybody.”
She went on and on and he was calmly listening. She finished but unprepared for his reply.

“You know even if I had been of same religion and caste, you would not have fallen in love with me. The problem is not religion but you don’t want to fight the society. You are just too scared. You just needed to found out one reason not to fall in love.”

“Yes, I am. You should be too. You can’t survive being anti-social.”

There was a pause and they could each hear other’s breath. Ankita could feel the difference. He was still calm. She knew, he is neither stupid nor arrogant to understand her words. But yes, something else was driving him right now.

“How could you be so confident of us being together?”

Another pause. He kept staring at her.

“I would have to break my every relation to be with you. My family would abandon me for sure. Tell me why should I be with you then?”

Faraz smiled.

“LOVE. I would never leave you, no matter what.”


  1. Can relate :P :D

    1. i think i know who you are :P
      you must relate it... :D

  2. "Like flowcharts, If, Yes and No were making a lot of outcomes."

    Engineers in love?? :P

    1. yup, engineers make the best love stories...
      the frustation makes them value love even more... :P