Wednesday, 10 September 2014

With You

Ask for love, I would give it to you,
Try to smile, I would laugh with you,
Light a hope, I would shine for you,
Leave me later, why can’t I be with you.

Ask a shoulder, I would weep with you,
Be the weird, I would be crazier than you,
Say the words, I would sing for you,
My heart is with me, it looks better with you…

Try to sleep, there would be silence and you,
Walk the road, there would be shores for you,
Climb the hill, there would be stars by you,
Don’t give me hope, when I can’t be with you.

Listen to your heart, I am ready to follow you,
Come little closer, I just wanna hold you,
Have some faith, I still only love you,
Just answer with yes, Can I be with you?


  1. beutiful... very nicely written :)

    1. Love is so beautiful, it cant be expressed in words...
      i just try to be close...