Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Lovers

Let me tell you the tale of two,
The lovers , the friends who made through,
The cupid shot them , love just grew,
Most importantly , this story is true …

She ignored him , but he felt instead ,
The flower bloomed and fragrance spread ,
The romance let the silence bled ,
The girl proposed as the legacy said …

They fought , they laughed and they cried ,
Devils tried hard to keep them confide ,
They had left the whole world abide ,
They had someone to stay at their side …

They created memories and they lived them ,
The roots were wide, they showed the stem ,
The times were hard, people did condemn ,
All they did was to polish the gem …

They are together , will remain like that ,
Made for each other , simple and flat ,
Their love is the fogle in magician’s hat ,
They are the angels I wish I had …