Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Airtel App

I never used any app particular to a service provider as it would just add to the list of apps on my phone and consume space. I use web services available to recharge or pay bills. When the Airtel app started trending in the blogging world, I thought of downloading it.

The first thing they show you on downloading the app, is the tour of the app with its exciting features. The tour was nice and it told all the important features without me doing any hit and trial. This raised some curiosity and I thought of exploring it even more. I registered it with my number and it asked for a verification with one time password. This was good as only verified Airtel users can use this. This means that special benefit would be provided for some dedicated users. It is a good move to take care of the loyal customers and attract more with offers.

The first thing that came to my notice after the registration was the balance of my number. It displayed it right there. Due to my weak memory I had to always google out the code to get my balance. Now, tracking the balance was much easier. Just below it was the data usage and bill of my Internet connection. They kept circulating and I just loved it. I kept tab of both almost twice a week and it was troublesome. Both are now, just a click on the screen away. The app keep all the Airtel account at one place with the required information. When will the data plan finish. How much data is used. It just made my life easier.

I was overwhelmed with amazement and then I noticed the "shake your phone" in the green banner with a pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? That was a great advertisement to catch attention. Beneath it was "first recharge is on us". If you can get something for free and all you had to do is download an app, you keep enjoying it. The next moment I was shaked my phone. The tingling sound of the coins and "Rs25 off on recharge of Rs50" came on my screen. The tone was awesome. Another shake and full talk time offer. This is going to be good was all that went on my mind. Next shake and I landed on another offer. I then noticed that there were seventeen of them and due to the hard shake, I had landed to the fourth one. Free 250MB of data on internet pack of 1GB or above. I am sure this was a joke. I just kept shaking and reading all the offers. On the fourteenth one I noticed that there was also a swipe option so I spared my phone and stopped shaking. But the shaking was real cool, combined with the tone. I re-read all the offers and chose the ones I was going to use.

“I want to” was another interesting feature with all frequently used task at one place. You could recharge any Airtel number and even with Airtel money. Buying a new data connection or a postpaid sim was made much easier. Wynking is another good feature for music lovers.

It was a long time after which I had admired an app. I went to explore it more and clicked the menu button. “You are silver1 customer” was displayed below my name. I still don’t know what that means but it was nice. This menu is well designed and user friendly. You know which sub-menu to click for what options. Just then a notification pops asking my birthday and a special wished to be attached with it. I wish it had not passed a week ago. The settings sub-menu had an option to remove an account which was even better. Hide out the number you have for just one special person from everyone who has access to your phone. "Support" sub-menu and FAQ were helpful and very simple.

In all, this app is very user-friendly and has been made simple but very effective. I would rate it 5/5.

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I even visited the website to not miss any interesting feature and luckily I didn't. Everyone should try this app once and those who are not on Airtel network will curse themselves to not to be.