Saturday, 13 June 2015

Energize your life

My Cousin was studying in one of the reputed colleges of Hyderabad. I was then working at Bangalore which is an overnight journey from Hyderabad. He usually used to come once a month to Bangalore to roam around and have fun for I being the elder earning brother would take care of the expenses.
One night he called and asked if I would like to see Allu Arjun in person. I don’t know any of the four South Indian dialect but I do love their movies. I watch a lot of them with English subtitles. Allu Arjun was my favourite South Indian star and he knew it very well. They were having their annual cultural festival and Allu Arjun was coming. He being one of the heads of the organizing committee could get me an entry in the fest and also try his best to let me shake hands with Allu Arjun. I booked the tickets to Hyderabad for a night before the fest within 5 minutes after the call.
I also asked him about the other celebrities coming and e told Anushka Manchanda. I knew her to be the singer in few Hindi movie songs but didn’t knew that she had sung in so many South Indian movies as well. For the next few days, all songs in my playlist were of her. Her voice has got a strength and she modulates it quite well.

His college was bigger in area than mine. Everyone in the college was very excited for the arrival of these two. By evening, everyone was all dressed and ready for the party. Allu Arjun and Anushka had both come and were in the restricted area. He sked me to wait till one of them goes on stage and so the crowds lessens. Everyone was swarming around the restricted zone to get an autograph or a selfie if possible. The craze of both of them were much more than what I had expected.

Half an hour later I could hear her powerful voice raging with the crowds cheering. I wished to go and listen her but then this was the only chance to meet Allu Arjun too. My brother came soon and signaled me to follow him. I went inside the room and shook hands and got a selfie with Allu Arjun. I was not allowed there for long but I was even happy to now to go and enjoy the show of Anushka.

They both together made one of the best day of my life.

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My Nose Knows

When someone asks about body odour, I am always reminded of these two stories.

One of my friend had a date in the evening. They were to meet at the coffee shop at 6:00 pm at the mall behind our hostel. We found him entering his room at 6:30 with the gym bag.
Me: Hurry for your date. You are already very late.
Him: I just came back from it, dude. She had some work so she left early. She just came to inform it.
Me: (confused) The date was at 6 right?
Him: Yup, and she was on time.
Me: Then why did you come back from Gym so early?
Him: I did complete my Gym. Oh, I went to Gym before the date. Its nearby that only.
Me: You went just like that to meet her.
Him: it will affect my abs to take a day’s gap. I can’t miss the gym.
Me: You know why she really left, right?
Him: She had to go with her friends somewhere so she left.
We then all laughed and one of us even literally fell on floor. He kept saying that he had wiped off the sweat but even we could smell the odour. The discussion finally ended when he said that she wasn’t worth missing the gym. He next month switched to a bigger and costlier gym which had a shower. We still remember this incident and laugh in our group of friends.

There was a guy in our hostel who would love to do crazy things. Some of his tasks were just insane. He had been reading lots of memes and trolls with college students not taking bath for many days. He then decided to check the number of days he can go without taking a bath.
He went on to 27 days before his friends forced him to take bath. Last 7 days, his roommate didn’t sleep in his room. This incident happened on the 24th day.
We were having our 4th semester viva. The teacher was quite strict. He would ask two easy question in the beginning and 3 extremely tough one after it. The percent of questions you answer will be your score in the viva. Almost all of us would answer the first two and get 40/100. There was one who got 100/100 but that’s not important. This guy went inside on his turn. The teacher asked him to sit down and asked the easiest question possible. He answered it but the changes in the facial expression of the teacher made him doubt his answer. The teacher asked the second question and he almost stopped in between answering as the teacher was looking at him angrily. He asked him to leave after that. When the next guy went inside, the teacher was at the window inhaling fresh air. This guy got questioned just twice and answered both of them so got 80/100 in viva. Atleast it did benefit him to not take bath for 24 days.

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Fresh Moves

Weekends are a time to get away from your boring professional life. Generally the crowd goes to a mall with their friends and watch movies, do bowling or take a treat from someone. It has become so common that even this has turned boring. You know each and every shop and its location in a mall because you have already passed by each of them hundreds of time. You have tasted each and every dish at every restaurants. No new good movies have released this week.

You then move towards the open air theatre on the back side of the mall. Every evening some or the other show is going on there. The stage is there but no one performing today. May be it is because the shows generally start late in evening and its just 5. We sat there because a cool breeze was blowing and there was silence. It’s amazing that you often enjoy the silence when you have nothing else to do.

But soon even that got boring. We were frustrated and started scolding one of our friends who cancelled the weekend getaway plan and now the weekend is ruined.

Music started playing and the lights have been turned on. All of us turn towards the amphitheater. No boards are hung around so we have no clue who is going to perform.

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“Na Jaane Kahan se aaya hai” the strong voice just thrilled us and we were waiting for the singer to step on stage. Soon, Anushka Manchanda stepped on the stage and was greeted by the cheering crowd. She has got a powerful voice and amazing stage presence. The crowd had gone wild and seemed like everyone was waiting like us for someone to thrill us with such a power packed performance. The next song was “Dance basanti” and everyone was literally dancing and enjoying. It is strange to see the crowd actually enjoying than recording the artist with their mobiles. It was just the charisma of her. She sang two more songs and then came to another peppy number “Golmaal”.

A guy from the audience wearing a hoodie jumped on the stage in between the song. Yes, now everyone wanted to know about the identity of this mysterious man. To jump over a 2 feet stage and land perfectly is not a common man’s job. He started dancing and his moves were impeccable. When the song finished he removed his hood and there he was “Allu Arjun”. The girls went mad and a dance lover like me too. Everyone who would have watched his movies would surely be a great fan of his moves. He would be one of the best dancers of India.

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They both just rocked the day. They are indeed one of the most talented stars of the industry.

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Skin Treatment tips

Beauty is personified by the eyes of the viewer but we can never leave a stone unturned. Our skin tone is the first thing which gets noticed. With increasing pollution and irregular temperature most of the Indians have been having dark toned hands and faces. Extra care needs to be taken to protect ourselves from it.

Some of the tips which can be helpful in this regard would be:

  • Synthetic Beauty Products –

The market is full of beauty products these days with each having their own set of specialization end expertise solutions. Do remember to check the ingredients twice before buying it. Chemicals even if mixed with fruits or other natural ingredients will still stay chemicals will surely leave an adverse effect. Even if it is not harming your skin it lowers the natural recovery ability of your skin.

  • Drink lots of water –
These days the whole world is going dry and so is your skin. With enough intake of water it decreases the oil concentration in the skin. When the skin has been hydrated it looks plumper and reduces the signs of aging. Scientific research has proved that drinking enough water provides a supple glowing skin and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Pompeo recommends it.

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  • Skin brightening –
You will need lemon wedges and apple cider vinegar. Put few drops of apple cider vinegar on a lemon wedge and rub it all around the face. Do remember to avoid your eyes. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes and stay calm. Rinse it well with water for a brighter and tightened skin.

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  • Honey –
Honey tastes good and everyone loves it, so does our skin. It helps remove dead skin cells, making it appear brighter and fresher than before. Apply honey (pure form) to your skin and let it stay for few minutes. Rinse it well with lukewarm water to feel the difference.

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  • Milk –
The lactic acid in milk is said to lighten the skin. If there are dark patches in your skin, dip a cotton ball in milk and apply over it. Let it dry for some time and then rinse it. You may add two spoons of Honey to the milk to improvise it.

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  • Tea –
Tea is generally used as a refreshing drink and most of us are unaware of its other properties. It helps you deflate bags under the eyes while also treats the rest of the face. Brew a cup of white tea on medium heat. When the tea gets warm enough, soak a face cloth and place it over your eyes. Tea has got antioxidants and neutralizes free radicals.

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  • Sleep Well –

It may not seem that important but it is. Lack of sleep can be seen with adverse effect on skin. The skin undergoes repairing while you are sleeping. Fix your sleeping hours and make sure you have enough of it daily.

However, VICCO Turmeric Cream is one such product I can rely on. My mother has been using it for years and she still has got beautiful skin.