Thursday, 12 November 2015

A great Man

Great people aren't made or born. They just have dreams and believe in them. They are confident that they can achieve it and work tirelessly for it. Lucky to meet one such guy, Archit Jain. A college mate who inspired me and kept me motivated that there is good out there. 

When a college student dreams of grabbing a good job or fall in love, one of our colleague had real dreams. He wished to do something for the society. A 21 year old kid had decided to make the world a better place. He worked hard and lots of people joined him in the campaign. He was someone we all looked at with respect. 

It all started when he realized that blood availability was scarce than the number of accidents. He did research and found that it was beneficial to donate blood and helped various organizations to held camp in and around our campus. A lot of youth donated their blood for the first time in such camps. He would go to various hostels and motivate us all to come for the blood donation. 

This was working well when he realized that even after making donations it was not easily available to the poor section. One needs to replace blood at the blood bank for every bottle. If two members of family have come from 500kms away, it’s difficult to arrange 6 bottles of blood. He didn’t feel good about it. There were websites who had people registered who did voluntary donation on requirement. He then created a local database from college and asked more people to be a part of such groups. I have seen people going from my hostels at 11pm to 30km away, to a hospital to donate blood. We even did lots of rallies on the roads of Delhi-Ncr to promote Blood Donation. 

It initially started with common funds from friends and later took the shape of an NGO. He registered the NGO named “It’s your Earth.” He later launched a toll-free number for anyone who needed blood. A list of blood donors in the nearby area of the caller is provided.

It was something not easy to be done. Neither, I had known anybody working for this cause.  What he earned from this, happiness.

He just didn't worked for this cause but also was actively involved to various other things.
Celebrating Diwali with the slum kids. 

Painting the walls of local government school. Distributing books and stationary. Even taking classes there once a week. Celebrating republic day like we used to do in our school days. 

Doing Street Plays for social Awareness. 

He did all this without the limelight of any kind of Media. He was not known to more than our college community and other members of the NGO. He was delighted just by bringing a smile on the face of those who didn't expect it. 

Is he made of great? 

I don't know. For me, he will always be a person I will respect from core of my heart. 

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