Monday, 25 July 2016

Magical Story

The Colgate Strong Teeth packs came to my address two days after I applied for it. My nephew loves opening packages and it would be something he would love, so I took the envelope to my brother's home next day. Being a weekend, my brother had gone to the government office to submit some documents. My sister-in-law was busy with household chores so Amrit was little bored playing with his usual toys. A bell sound and he rushes to open the door and find his favorite uncle standing there. I am his favorite only because I always bring something for him and never scold him.

He is just 6 years old so his smile can easily be bribed for a big bar of chocolate. He started to snatch the bag from my hand for it was the only thing I was holding. It clearly meant that it was for him. I asked him to settle down and get a scissor to open the envelope. He ran to the room and meanwhile I was guessing what could be inside it. I knew it was something like jigsaw puzzles but had not much idea. I was afraid that he might destroy the sofa cover with the scissors so we settled on the carpet. (Yes, I am afraid of my brother). He opened it up and initially got sad seeing some paper covers of colgate. He looked at me both puzzled and disappointed. I laughed and then I cut one of the covers and showed him the inner contents. He didn't like it much and left for his room to get some other toy.

The kid inside me took control and it was one of my dearest thing to cut the cartoon characters from newspapers without leaving any traces of white paper at any edges. I had completely cut two covers and extracted some water creatures when he returned. He recognized the dolphin and octopus from some cartoon. I know I have grown for I hadn't heard their names before. (Sigh! planning to watch them all over again). He then took scissors from my hand and started to cut the star-fish, the easiest one. He was so excited that by the time he finished the star-fish had only three and two half legs. He started asking names and I quickly googled out the two fishes and couldn't find one. Being the smart one, I asked him to name them for they were our new buddies. He named them like sharkano, torty, octapy, barbie, crabbo and I helped him with one, Jack Sparrow.

We arranged them all together and he dragged her mother to show her the collection. He introduced her to everyone and also told her about the superpowers of everyone. I had only told him two, octopus has got magic box which is full of never ending gifts and Minnie holding the magical binocular to see behind walls. He made up all sort of funny powers which made us laugh out loud. It was probably our laughter that every time the powers got weirder. The best one was when he talked about Sher-khan(Lion-fish). He doesn't need a magical power for everyone is always scared of him. I got to know why he named him Sher-khan.

I asked him to make a story but he was in no mood and arranged them all on his bed shelf. When his father came back, he did tell him a nice story. He told him that I got him some nice fishes and tortoise and he has got some lovely pets. My brother looked at me angrily and politely said that they don't have an aquarium. Amrit, quickly responded that they have magical powers and they can stay with him on his bed. His mother asked with anger and amazement, if he had taken them out of the water bucket. Before she could complete her sentence my brother rushed to the room realizing his son's mistake only to find paper cutting beautifully arranged.

We all had a fun filled beautiful day because of colgate.

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