Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I saw u crying

It was maths lecture and I came 10 mins late for the class.
I went and sat at the last bench which had been surprisingly empty along with the row in-front of it.
2 mins later the most beautiful girl of our batch came to the class.
She took a seat in the row in-front of me and just diagonal to me.
It was hard paying attention to the complex equation which has always been Greek to me.
It was sometime later that I noticed something dreadful.
She was crying.
Yeah, indeed she was.
It amazed me that her silent tears could also cause pain in my heart.
After all she was in the heart of almost every single guy sitting there.
There was none by her side to see this or console her except me.
I raised my hand to give her a pat but it only raised few inches and couldn't move forward.
I couldnt say anything but drafted this on my notebook.

Today I saw u crying,
Something broke into my heart,
Tried but couldnt ask the reason,
I am not that smart....

I knew u will not tell me,
Dared not to even try,
Thats whats hurting me now,
But cant even cry.....

Even if get to know the reason,
Would you let me help you,
I wanna reduce this pain,
Afraid to talk to u.....

Now u are smiling,
You r luking very nice,
Tell before it kills me,
Its real or devise...


  1. Opening a person's new found interest in writing or rather showcasing his skills and got to read this - u bowled me over this time bro. Keep it up darling and u will rock . . .

  2. ur words made me skip a beat....gr8 words.

  3. thnks to both of u... its really encouraging... :)

  4. imagination or true feelings???????
    jo bhi h ...its really gud....:)

  5. @sr- true feelings, i tried to imagine n write smthng astonishing many times, but evrytime i compared it with wht i wrote with my heart, it was just negligible with respect to it....

  6. really nice attempt..as sweet as it cud b..

  7. gud attempt..you have portrayed a very sweet story with your lines...keep it up!!

  8. @swati - thanx, the story may be sweet to u, but it did hurt me really that time :)